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Vayne Astrilyn


Name: Vayne Astrilyn Species: Nepleslian Occupation: Apprentice Huntsman Primary Area of Study: Weapons/Fighting Faction / Clan: Tikbalang / To’Yaree Magic School and Style: N/A


Height: 6’ Mass: 179 lbs Build: Vayne has a solid build for his height and doesn’t have an ounce of unneeded body fat. Like other Tikbalang, he has a body of hard muscles through years of intense and rigorous physical training. But to compensate for not actually being as strong as others, Vayne’s muscles have grown to be quicker in reaction and longer for a bit extra speed. His skintone is a light brown or caramel colored. Pelt Color: Black (In the form of a black bear skin vest/tunic) Markings Color: No Distinguishing Eye Color: Dark Blue Hair Color: Black Markings and Distinguishing Features: The fact he’s nepleslian born compared to the other Kohanians is enough of a distinguishing feature.


Personality: Vayne is emotional and honest in what he does, but is prone to fits of apostolic anger when pushed too far. A believer in “finishing what one starts”, he does his best at all times and tries to earn his place. But confronted by family and friends, Vayne is a kind enough person, having no issue keeping an eye on those younger than he is, nor does he have a problem pulling his weight when the group decides to move again. Likes: red meat (he’s developed an iron stomach, quite literally and only needs to cook things just enough to kill any nasty parasites it might have), full moons, fishing, exercising. Dislikes: lethargy, his nepleslian parents (he hates them for abandoning him), overly complicated things, being sick (it’s happened) Fears: Being abandoned again, minor claustrophobia Goals: to earn a true place amongst his clan Weapon of Choice: Reaver claws



Vayne was originally born on a Nepleslian starship to two military officers, but immediately upon birth: his mother rejected him. He never did learn why but he just remembered that she’d always look at him with scorn and dismissed him when he didn’t need her for some reason. His mother would care sure, but never loved; she never displayed him any form of affection, mental or physical. When he was four years old, he irritated his XO father to the point he was crammed into an uncomfortable escape pod and “accidentally” jettisoned while they were near Fenyar (Kohana). After drifting for two nepleslian days, his escape pod would drift into the planet’s gravity and pulled down. He’d crash land in a dense forest, near the Tikbalang campsite, in terms of miles.

While initially suspicious of the much more advanced device and its occupant, one of the members of the clan would take pity on the child contained therein after a couple days. By the time Vayne’s supplies expired they’d pretty much made the decision he was harmless and posed no threat them, but understood that he was a child and would die without someone to care for him. Forced by their principles, the Tikbalang clan grudgingly adopted the young boy to grow up as one of them. Vayne would grow into a healthy, strong young man that could compete with the other “children” his own age through use of cunning and reflexes.


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