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High Priest Velor Tomoe Tur’lista

Not Available For Adoption :!:

General Information

Species: Lorath Gender: Male Age: 50 (Equivalent to the age of 25 in human terms)

Family: Mother: Shim' Tal' Riknu Father: Rikna’Delor Sister: Harr'Ikke Destiny Tur’lista

Employer: N/A Occupation: High Priest Of The Lorath Rank: High Priest Current Assignment: Lor, Palace Of Tur’lista Physical Characteristics

Height: 6ft, 1.82 Meters Mass: 175lbs, 79.37Kg Measurements: 40, 28, 34 / 101, 70, 85.

Build and Skin Color: Medium build, Very pale. Facial Features and Eye Color: Pale complexion, currently no facial hair, Yellow eyes. Hair color and Style: Natural color of hair, white. Most of the hair is kept short and parted to the side, the hair of the back of the neck and head is kept long and in a single braid.

Distinguishing Features: He often tends to dye his hair if he is expected to be in an audience with a specific group of the people he rules over. The color is intended to correspond with the color that represents the given group. The main feature that is easily noticed is the wings upon his back that are completely functional and allow for flight. His ears have an appearance that is like that of a member of the Lorath Psionics house. Cybernetics: currently he has had a series of cybernetic implants placed into his person at his own request. These implants include an interface for the “Neural Interface System” technology; the ports for the interface are located on the back of his neck and his wrists. He also has a Neural Stimulant pack located on the back of his neck. He has also had a strengthening of his bones completed through a process of adding metallic non-magnetic reinforcement to his bone structure.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: With the passing of his sister, and the sweeping changes which had taken place around him, Velor's personality has managed to endure, save for his inability to retain a degree of objective focus. With the loss of his sister, Velor has fallen into what could only be described as a state of mourning, bordering upon depression. Somber moods dominate his day to day life, only broken by occasions in which he has the good fortune to spend time with his children, or to take on work which is demanding enough to hold his focus, at such times he finds the capacity to regain a sense of normality.

Likes: His sister, science, philosophy, indulgence, practicality, obedience. Dislikes: Idiots, impracticality, insubordination, challenges to his authority except for from his sister. Goals: To maintain the quality of life for the Lorath people, learning as much as possible, keeping his sister happy, bearing a heir to the throne, and maintaining balance and peace.


History: He is the older brother of his sister Destiny, only himself and his sister remained after the death of the ruling family in an accident. After the death of his parents he and his sister became the rulers of the Lorath. After taking the throne he went about maintaining the peace between the three houses that are below his own. He has also been known to devise many new pieces of technology to aid in the growth and prosperity of his people, and allow them to maintain a high quality of life. His efforts to maintain the luxurious lifestyle of his people are due to him viewing their current prosperity as a reward to compensate for the centuries that his ancestors were imprisoned below the ground of Lor.

Velor’s efforts to maintain his people’s quality of life were thwarted upon the arrival of Yamataian forces to the Lor system. Shortly after their arrival, a forced treaty was signed, which resulted in Lor being marked by the Mishhu as a target. Due to this, during Velor’s leadership, Lor had endured a catastrophic assault which left half of the planet dead or dying, this was not all however, the Mishhu seemed to hold a desire to deal more misery to the Lorath people. Due to this, Velor and his sister Harr’Ikke gave the order to evacuate Lor. With the aid of the 5th XF, the Lorath were able to evacuate Lor and settle on a new world.

After the evacuation, the Lorath settled in the Nyli and Hici'emi systems. Selecting Nyli III as the location of their primary colony. The Lorath quickly went about rebuilding their civilization upon colonizing Nyli. During this, Velor took a strong lead in promoting the development of the Lorath civilization into a galactic power. However, during this development, an attempt was made upon his sister's life, the attack was carried out by an Occhestian. Due to the attack, Velor found himself in a situation of directing his people and family at a time of war.

Unfortunately, the streak of near-miss luck which the Lorath had found themselves in had collapsed, along with the United Outer Colonies which the Lorath were allies and neighbors to. With the collapse of the United Outer Colonies, his people were confronted directly with two evils, the first of which was the most crippling, as the NMX pressed their attack upon the United Outer Colonies, their assault resulted in a confrontation, led by the Lorath Xiaah, Velor's Sister, Harr'ikke. While the Lorath forces were successful in routing the NMX assault group which they had targeted, the cost was severe, with the death of the Lorath queen. Upon Harr'ikke's death, Velor ascended to a provisional position of leadership, until a suitable Tur'listian female could be raised, or produced, to take his place.

Beyond the matter of the NMX, came the issue of the vacuum which was left by the absence of the United Outer Colonies, and what filled that vacuum, came in the form of the Yamatai Empire, in which the High Priest is confronted with while leading his people to endure the troubled times in which they had found themselves.


Biology: He has gone about study into the field of biology. The extent of his knowledge continues to grow as his people learn more about the biology of life forms on his own planet, and any other places that they discover. He learns more of the subject as his race learns more about new life and new forms of the science he also goes about his own studies in an attempt to aid his people in learning more. The focus of his interest is cellular biology and pathogen research.

Chemistry: His study into chemistry is extensive, he has gone about learning as much about chemistry in all of its forms as his race’s current scientific knowledge allows, he is known to pursue his own research in attempts to widen his people’s knowledge.

Construction: While ruling over his people he has learned about various forms of construction while overseeing the growth of his race’s cities, to allow for greater management of his resources he has gone about learning as much as possible about practical construction methods, he is also researching new forms of construction to be applied to his race’s development.

Engineering: He has studied his race’s full knowledge of engineering principles and often he goes about researching any new methods that may be in the process of investigation. His ability to apply his knowledge is quite excellent, but he is known to make mistakes from time to time when his goals are too extensive.

Humanities: Due to his position of power he has gone about extensive research into psychology, sociology, anthropology, diplomacy, philosophy, and group management skills.

Technology Operation: He is currently skilled in the operations of all electronic equipment his race is currently in possession of, thus allowing him to be able to operate any device he comes across on his home world. His ability to learn new technology is rather astounding, he is able to use newly discovered devices shortly after reading a manual or being instructed of the device’s operation. Also given enough time he is able to learn how to use new technology on his own.

Medical and Science: He is currently able to perform many levels of medical work. From a basic check-up to massive surgery. Also he is able to install cybernetic components into individuals and perform maintenance upon these components. Also if locally sedated he is able to work on his own injuries… with a great amount of effort.

Leadership: Developed over the years of his service as a Tur'listian, and through the observation of his sister, Velor has developed the capacity for leadership through a combination of doctrine, charisma, and dogma. While still distinctively male in a matriarchal culture, his capability of leadership has notably presented itself as fully capable, allowing Velor to lead his people in problems domestic and foreign, for peace or for war.

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