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Ventriss is a player character played by SirSkully

Species & Gender: Minkan Female
Year of Birth: YE 10
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: Salvage Crew
Rank: Contractor
Plot: OIF Reaper

Physical description

Ventriss stands at 5’6” with bodily measurements of 32c-26-37 on her streamlined, highly athletic body which is a mix of lean muscles and feminine curves. Her mostly red hair flares out to the sides and has an undertone of black, making it look like her hair has been dyed when it is in fact her natural colour. Ventriss’ porcelain face has soft features and peachy lips, with cheekbones that are smoothed over - pronounced but not too exaggerated. Icy blue eyes stare out from under thin eyebrows and seem to constantly be observing those around her while elven-style points sit on her ears.


Ventriss can come off as a bit of a spitfire and a wildcard, unwilling to take shit from anyone but not disrespectful. This isn’t to say she is completely reckless just that she jumps into situations sooner than most folks are comfortable with but surprisingly she is quite a people person, able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone. Insults are taken very personally by her, and she spits back just as much poison as she is given.


A Minkan female was scooped out of space by a salvage crew in YE 35 amidst the aftermath of Battle of Yamatai, SOmehow her body had gone undetected by other search-parties and perhaps it was due to the very weak vital signs she had. The piece of shrapnel that threatened her life had also prolonged it, blood congealed around the metal shard and sealed the hole it had created in her suit – keeping the redhead alive long enough for life saving surgery to take place.

She woke up just over two weeks later in frontier space, with a severe case of memory loss and a new synthetic heart in her chest. Unfortunately, it was an alarm that had caused her to wake, pirates were boarding the ship and cutting a swathe through the crew of wreck-hoppers so she had to act fast.

Specific memories of her family, if she even had one, may have been missing but she retained her knowledge of mechanical systems, physics and combat so dragged her hurting body towards the room’s cheap-and-nasty-but-reliable CT scanner.

The pirates were dealt their hand in the form of an improvised railgun that flung a volley of scalpels and other small metal objects into their bodies with lethal force. The redhead collapsed from strain and woke up a few hours later, being told the only thing they could pull from her suit’s corrupted data was her name: Ventriss.

Ventriss ran with this crew for some time until they parted ways at the end of YE 39, she sought new work and hired herself out as a contractor Mechanic/Merc for some time.

Skills Learned

Combat: Ventriss isn’t 100% sure where she was taught how to kill, only that she is really good at it – throw her a weapon and it will be utilized to its full potential.

Engineering: Ventriss has this unspoken connection to all things technological and mechanical, ideas can often spark to life in her head just from looking at a pile of scrap parts. Anything built by her is high quality and sure to work, even if it has been jury-rigged together.

Physical: After recovering from her near-death experience, Venriss pushed herself physically until her body was back to peak-performance and capable of carrying out the muscle-memories stored within it. She is a highly athletic and speedy individual when she needs to be.

Communications: Ventriss is fluent in Yamataian and Trade, with a somewhat in-depth level of knowledge pertaining the infrastructure used to communicate long-range.

Vehicles: Ventriss may not be a master pilot but she is at least a better pilot/driver of ships than most, including mecha and ground vehicles if the need arises.

Social Connections


Inventory & Finance

GP1 Custom Hybrid Assault Rifle

- 4x 30 round magazines and a collection of 7.62kz ammunition to go with it

- 9x Replacement Rechargeable Batteries

FourSight Helm

Survival Knife, Type 22

Origin Items




  • 1x Hygiene kit
    • 1x toothbrush
    • 1x tube of toothpaste
    • 1x bar of soap
    • 1x bottle of shampoo
  • 2x white towel with OI logo
  • 1x bathrobe or Yukata, white or black, with OI logo.


OOC Information

In the case sirskully becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
1) , 2)
Female only
In Origin Colors, with OriSec logo

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