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Ver'rada " Rampage " Rilad Lmanel

Ver'rada “ Rampage ” Rilad Lmanel is a player character played by Shammy.

Ver'rada “ Rampage ” Rilad Lmanel
Species: Lorath (Lmanel)
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 6' 4“ or 193.04 cm
Weight: 261 lbs or 118.38 kg
Organization: None
Occupation: Mercenary
Rank: Intern
Current Placement:
Birthday June 10th

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6' 4” or 193.04 cm
  • Mass: 261 lbs or 118.38 kg
  • Measurements: N/A

Build and Skin Color: Ver'rada is a large, well-muscled Lorath. His build is partially due to his bonding with a Radaw. His skin is a grayish color, slightly thicker, and rougher than normal skin. This is due to the fact that he unconsciously wills these aspects from his bond animal, though the skin can be made tougher when consciously willed.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ver'rada has dark brown eyes and a strong face.

Ears: Ver'rada shares the same ears as many of his house. They are long and beast-like, ending in a point. He also shares the three spikes on the top of his ear.

Hair Color and Style: Ver'rada has dyed black hair. His hair is relatively coarse and thick.

He has it styled much like a lions mane, short on the sides, and long in the back. The 'mane' reaches the base of his neck, where Ver'rada keeps it cut.

Distinguishing Features: Ver'rada bears a few scars, most of which reside on the area around his fists.

However, he does bear a large burn scar on his back, stretching almost shoulder to shoulder, reaching around the mid-section of his torso. This is a result from second-degree burns during a brawl gone terribly wrong. His jet-black wings are somewhat ragged as well, where feathers just didn't grow back.

He has a tattoo of a Radaw on his left shoulder.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Ver'rada is enthusiastic and full of bravado. When he's not maintaining his fitness or practicing his Radaw 'shapeshifting', he likes to be out and about. He can be found where people usually are or where food and drink can be found. He welcomes everyone with open arms, but is just as quick to punch them in the face.

He can also be described as cocky and arrogant by those who don't like him around. Ver'rada doesn't really care if someone dislikes him however and he won't go out of his way to please them.

When he has a job, he fully intends to finish it, though he usually inserts some sort of a 'flourish' into the completion of his task. He does, after all, love showing off.

  • Likes: Alcohol and Food, Fighting, The thrill of a “treasure” hunt, Maintaining peak physical fitness, Music, Radaw and similar animals, Women
  • Dislikes: Inactivity / Laziness, The Weak / Helpless, Government, Books, Dark Corners, Beeping Noises
  • Goals: Simply stated, Ver'rada wants to make money and keep fighting till his last fight. What goes on in between doesn't really concern him. Though he has an itch in the back of his mind, a call that yearns to be answered.


Family (or Creators)

  • Rai'yas “ Reaver ” Rilad Lmanel - Father - Deceased
  • Cina'thas “ Spirit Mender ” Rilad Lmanel - Mother - Deceased

Both were killed during the moon-fall, which Ver'rada blames governments for causing, and it wouldn't have been so without them.


Ver'rada was born on the Lorath homeworld, Lor, into the Lmanel house. From birth, he was larger and taller than many of his fellows and was sometimes poked at for this, though this didn't last long. Especially when Ver'rada turned his size into his strength.

His dad supported his resolve for strength and mother did not, and instead opened the door to nature. Ver'rada was enthralled by the complexity, yet simplicity of it all. Survival of the Fittest, be that the strongest, the fastest, the smartest, or any mix, would outlive all others, was an ideal he approved of greatly. As he was interested in strength, he began observing one of the strongest animals native to Lor, the Radaw. The Radaw is a quadrupedal animal akin to what Nepleslians would refer to as a Rhino.

Ver'rada began his bonding training at fourteen with the chosen bond animal as the Radaw. He was similar to the Radaw already, large, strong, and tough, making the bond easier for him to obtain.

However, during the moonfall over Lor, Ver'rada discovered his parents were killed as they were on a nature expedition, on the side of the planet where the moon had fallen. This threw him into misery accompanied by rage, though he blamed the government, who he held responsible for the destruction. He couldn't focus on his training for much longer and left Lor a few years later, turning his eye to the skies.

Afterwards he just roamed around, traveling around, taking odd jobs, and eventually just becoming a mercenary. He wanted to fight just for fighting's sake, not really striving for anything. While he adventured and traveled, drowning out his inner pain, he has slowly become aware that this sort of life is not one to live forever.

Currently he continues to roam, searching for his next job and a purpose…


Communication / Language

Ver'rada is fluent in the Lorath language due to his upbringing on Lor. He has also picked up Nepleslian (Trade) upon his travels.

He is able to use communications devices such as phones, radios, and other every-day equipment.

Fighting / Unarmed Combat - Let the Fists do the Talking

Ver'rada prefers using his fists to resolve “problems”, as unarmed combat makes full use of his strength. Through “practice” on the streets, in bars, on the job, and one time inside the ladies restroom, (He doesn't like talking about it) he is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and fist weapons.

Ver'rada knows how to fire some firearms, but he isn't well practiced with anything but his trusty sidearm and even then, he rarely uses it.

Physical - Physique Perfected

Ver'rada is fierce advocate of maintaining the perfect physical form, though most of his strengths, lie in strength.

He can easily lift anyone or anything, under 100lbs, and doesn't have to put TOO much effort into anything under 200lbs. As for his maximum lift, it depends whether he is enhancing his strength with Radaw shifting. Without enhancing his strength, he can lift nearly twice his weight (About 500lbs). With enhancing, he can go almost five times his own weight. (Though this cannot be done on a dime, he has to have complete focus on shapeshifting to enhance it so.)

Ver'rada also possesses very good stamina, allowing him to fight long and fight hard. He isn't very adept at climbing, though he can swim quite well.

In layman's terms, Ver'rada is a strong son-of-a-gun. Attribute that to his bond animal.

Lmanel "Shapeshifting" - Form of the Radaw

Ver'rada is a Lmanel and undertook the training to bond with a single animal, on a spiritual level. Through the rigorous and lengthy training and rituals presented to him, Ver'rada is able to shift his body to match physiological characteristics of his chosen bond animal, the Radaw.

The Radaw is a quadrupedal animal with similar aspects to a Rhino. It has extremely tough skin, amazing strength, stamina, surprising speed while charging, and sports a large horn. Ver'rada is able to utilize the Radaw's characteristics for himself, such as increasing his strength or toughening his skin.

Survival - Mother Nature's Friend

Another part of his training required him to be able to survive without supplies in the wilderness, without assistance. Ver'rada is able to make shelter, locate water, find safe fruit and plants to eat, and make fire, all without manufactured materials.

Also helps that Ver'rada is an academic in all things biology.

Biology - Nature's Know-It-All

As it was his duty as a Lmanel, when he cared what his duty was to his government and people, Ver'rada had to know all about nature. How it all works, how it all comes together, and where everything connects.

Though Ver'rada is no longer bound to remember it all, he still does and is an expert in nature's wonders and secrets. Though in space, it serves little space barring entertaining fellows with odd facts.

Speech - Art of Persuasion and Intimidation

Ver'rada is a big, tough guy and he knows it. If he's looking to get somewhere where he isn't supposed to be without a fight, he knows how to use his body and unspoken language to intimidate anyone who might stand in his way, to get out of his way.


Ver'rada “ Rampage ” Rilad Lmanel has the following items:



  • Black Leather Jacket
  • 3 blue cargo pants
  • 5 white short sleeve shirts
  • 2 khaki cargo shorts
  • Workout Clothes
  • Black Backpack

Gadgets / Other


Ver'rada “ Rampage ” Rilad Lmanel is currently a N/A in the None.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
3500 DA 2500 DA Starting Equipment

Under no Circumstances is this character allowed to be 'adopted' or otherwise controlled without my permission, Sham

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