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Violet Foreman

Violet Foreman is a player character played by dragon_god.

Violet Foreman
Species & Gender: Female Human
Date of Birth: 14日 1月 YE 24
Organization: monarchy_of_dovania
Occupation: Dovanian Diplomat
Rank: Diplomat
Current Placement: Negotiations

Physical Description

Violet is 5’4 and weighs 84 lbs. She has a 32 bust, 24 waist, and a 32 hip. Her eyes are a deep purple and her hair is long and silky, going all the way down to her rump. Her skin is fair and smooth, having a very pale complexion close to snow. On her back, there are scars from lashings from whips.


Violet is an energetic girl that is very nice and loves to meet people and explore. She is quick to problems and is extremely emotional to sad or cute things. She can be quick to temper as well if someone pushes her far enough.


Violet Foreman, the daughter of William Forman. The Emperor of the Empire of Ichiko. On the planet of Xuno. She was kept as a prize possession by her father. Always getting the best of anything. Although, she didn’t want any of that. She always wanted to explore the world and travel. Violet was getting bored of sitting around the palace and snuck out often when she was a young child at the age of 5. She continued to sneak out until she was discovered when she was 6 and was sent to the Reeves National Military Academy. She would there be trained on how to be a soldier and to become a proper leader. As her father wanted her to be a suitable successor to the throne after he passes.

She would attend the school, going to the most advanced classes and being trained how to be a soldier as well. She was also followed by 2 body guards, whom also scared off anyone trying to become friends with her that were not girls. Even after all of the training and attempted brainwashing, Violet kept her happy childish attitude and still wants to travel the world and see new things. She learned how to operate a tank and drive at the age of 10 when they started to teach them how to use mobilized infantry and armored equipment. Violet, while still passing classes, never showed interest in learning anything from school. Though she did pay attention during the military part of the academy.

At the age of 14, she was selected to be the representative of the Ichiko Empire. She would be sent to the peace summits and diplomatic meetings. Even though she was a female, many feared her for her father. Whom she had no true feelings for other than seeing him as an overprotective father. Until she found out the state of the country and the others while attending those meetings she was always sent to. Violet started to see the large amount of corruption that had been happening.

When she turned 15 she started to take note of everything that has been going on during ever meeting that she attended. Violet then comprised 3 boxes worth of evidence of corruption for the Ichiko Empire alone. There were more for every other country. However, instead of rewarding Violet. He locked her away into the prison for treason. She would be beaten there for weeks and then released. She would then be submitted to brainwashing for weeks on end. She finally caved in and convinced them that she was on their side. Though she would keep this a secret to contain her individuality.

Skills Learned


Violet understands Trade however doesn’t know how to read it, only the Xuno symbol text.


Violet has been trained on how to drive and operate armored vehicles, including tanks.


Violet has been trained in several martial arts and knows how to to use firearms and melee weapons. She is proficient at any range, being extremely accurate and precise.


When she was younger, at the age of 9. She was the leader of her platoon in the Reeves Military Academy. She understands how to give progress reports.


Even when Violet was a young girl. She has been exceptional at stealth. Able to blend into crowds and sneak in and out of buildings without being caught. She also knows how to deceive and persuade individuals to gain her way.


Being the daughter of the Emperor of Ichiko, she was assigned to be their lead diplomat. She has been extremely well informed and very proficient in diplomacy ever since she was 14.

Military and Survival

In the Reeves Military Academy, they taught her how to be a proficient and effective soldier and leader. A part of the training is surviving with limited resources and alone in any situation. Everyone she has passed without failure. Except for when she was younger and didn’t understand it.

Social Connections

Violet Foreman is connected to:

Father- William Foreman (Emperor of Ichiko) [Alive]

Mother- Suzana Foreman (Empress of Ichiko) [Alive]

Prime Minister of DRF- Yui Mai [Alive]

Inventory & Finance

Violet Foreman has the following:

x1-Ichiko Royal Pendant (Golden) x1-Ichiko Empire Diplomatic Uniform (Green and Brown) x1-Royal Ichiko Dress (Green and Gold) x1-Semi-Automatic 10mm Pistol x1-Rapier

Violet Foreman currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by dragon_god on 06, 14 2018 at 16:02.

In the case dragon_god becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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