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Vipas is a player character played by Gernian.

Species & Gender: Elysian - Caelisolan Female
Date of Birth: Maimakterion 20th, YE 19
Organization: Freelancer
Occupation: Former Vanguard Alliance Security.
Rank: WO-1
Current Placement: Coming Soon

Preferred Plots

  1. Coming Soon

Physical Description

Blue eyes, black hair, and violet wings. Five feet, eleven inches. 110 Pounds. Average military muscle build. Hair is shoulder-length.


Out-going, sassy when engaging with those not of her race, but friendly when engaging with other Elysian. Energetic. Loud on the battlefield. Motivated and willing to help. Confident. Will be proper when she needs to be, and believes that the first impressions she leaves with others are always the strongest, however, she also knows to take first impressions from others with a grain of salt. If she feels comfortable enough, her normal self will begin to show. Vipas will refuse to be pushed around and has no problem administering justice, even in regards to higher-ups.


Vipas was born in Maimakterion 20th, YE 19.

Passing school with above average grades while her father was away as an officer in the Celestial Navy left her mother to man-up and show her the things a father normally would. Finishing school near the end was difficult with the loss of her father. After a delayed graduation, she sat herself underneath a tree and meditated on how exactly she should proceed with her life. It was then, she heard the voice of the Great Creator coming from within her very soul, yet heard as if it were right next to her. It told her to be the best she could be and do what would make her father happy and proud. A vague interaction, but Vipas immediately conjured an interpretation that made sense to her. She knew she had to serve in a manner deemed heroic, but without the extremely high chance of being vaporized when enlisting in the Celestial Navy.

She kissed her mother goodbye and set off for the small private security company known as the Vanguard Alliance. Performance and evaluations were off the charts, sky-rocketing the VA's disposition to the extent where they simply had to put her in officer school. With but a few months of officer training left, Vipas failed to complete a VIP escort mission by making the poor choice to sprint across an open desert field. The VIP was immediately greeted with a high-caliber round fired from a precision rifle, resulting with an ejection from the VA as a consequence. This event shall forever be on her record to be examined by any company or military for which she may or may not apply. Currently, Vipas is stuck in a 'Twilight Zone' as it were. She wanders around, freelance working until she can find a permanent job.

Social Connections

Vipas is connected to: None yet.

Skills Learned

Combat and Survival

Hand-to-hand and Tactical Universal Weapons Training: With her father being a naval officer in the Elysium Armed Forces during the Invasion of NMX, he helped trained her to the best of his abilities before she went to the Vanguard Alliance for basic training. Adores melee weapons of all types, going out of her way to request special training in such.

Leadership: Was training as an officer before ejection in the Vanguard Alliance.

Medical: Basic first-aid during basic training.

Mechanical: Vehicle Weapons, and Land-Based Military Vehicles.

Strategy: Basic high-tier NCO training in the VGA.

Demolitions: Vipas was mainly infantry for most of her life and mainly a Field Marshal in the VGA during her period training as and officer. While she wasn't supposed to be working with explosives or anti-vehicle assault weapons, the severity of the losses during the wars had her “training in multiple filed to become a more well-rounded individual”.

Communications: Can set basic and advanced communications relays.

-Great Memory

Physical: Repeats some basic training exercises she does by herself every day due to lack of a partner when she's not searching for jobs.


Lockpicking and Slight of Hand : Failing her mission by getting her VIP she was supposed to be protecting killed lead her to a forcible ejection from the VGA, causing her to be homeless. This, combined with a one-year extensive entry tactics training course required Vipas to be well-educated on how locks work, how to breach rooms….and how to avoid getting caught from doing anything considered “illegal”. She only takes from those who don't deserve what they have, and will be more than happy to share what she has with those she considers close to her.


Words of Hope and Faith: Her words on the battlefield have always been those of inspiration. Capable of rallying soldiers to victory or survival is one of Viper's natural talents, as well as raising morale for those nearby.

Welcoming Aura: An easy person to talk to passed the thin layer of sarcasm.

Inventory & Finance

Vipas has the following items:


  • Medical: IFAK, BRK, tourniquet, respiration restoration kit.
  • Food: Rejected military rations.
  • Camel pack, 4L
  • Gas Mask


  • Armor: Full body suit of Dragonskin armor, an armor made of silicon and ceramic disks. Lightweight, mobile, stops low to mid caliber rifles and projectile-based shotguns. Useless against energy weapons, and would probably fall apart if shot with such. Minimal protection from kinetic energy (About five percent).
  • Tactical vest: Six rifle mag pouches on the upper and lower torso to double-stack those babies for a total of twelve. Three on each side for a total of Six extra mags for both sidearms.
  • White leggings
  • White tactical robe: A robe made of a sterile-white kevlar.
  • Black T-Wick shirt


  • Lg-23p EMP Machine Pistol
  • NovaCorp Xaser Pistol
  • RKAR-1A (Vertical foregrip, 2.5 mag. scope, extendable stock, muzzle break, 50+1 mag cap, sling.)
  • Matter-dispersing straight-edged katana (Black, 1M blade, 10cm handle)

OOC Information

Tell me of any grammatical errors or spelling errors.

OOC Notes


Melee and hand-to-hand combat, competition, friendly sparring/duels, honor, success books, private drinking, exploration, experiencing different cultures, saving strayed souls in the name of The Great Creator.


Failure, the idea of being lost in a stream of useless statistics and data after death, feeling a lack of purpose, belonging nowhere, the thoughts of Atheism that will occasionally pop into her head, demons of all forms.

Neutral Effects

Enlightened: Vipas has a very modern and generous way of worshipping The Great Creator. She believes that every sentient biotic life form has some sort of soul, and that there is always the potential for the sins of others to be absolved. This has both the ability to make her easily approachable by some, and shunned by fellow Elysians.

Secluded: Her failure to do the only thing she knows how to do and her inability to re-enter the security workforce leaves her socially deprived. She is very well off on her own and enjoys the peace, but she finds the presence of others to be enjoyable as well to the extent where she is reluctant to disengage with another. If there is no reason to speak, she will remain silent. Otherwise, her opinion will be voiced should she see the opportunity.

In the case Gernian becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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