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Viras Vidiam Gentet

Viras Vidiam Gentet is a player character played by Moogle.

Viras Vidiam Gentet
Species: Random Alien
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 5' 4“
Weight: 140lbs
Organization: Rapid Reaction Force
Occupation: Gun technician, infantry
Rank: Stormtrooper, Second Class
Current Placement:
Apollo 440 - Stop the Rock Booting Up/Starting Out
Reso - Otacon Harrowing Duel
Sturm And Drang - KMFDM Battle
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Not going to die yet!
Underwater Meditation
Juno Reactor - Guardian Angel Pressing Engagement

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 4”
  • Mass: 140lbs

Build and Skin Color: Ebony with a less muscular and more lanky build.

Eyes and Facial Features: Atomic green eyes and a gaunt face with pronounced cheekbones.

Hair Color and Style: Mobile hair, very handy for holding gun parts.

Distinguishing Features: He files down his talons so that they are more nimble with small pieces and sockets and things. His tail has gold diamonds painted over more angled strips of gold skin.

Upgrades: Clarity

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Very focused, of only for certain tasks. Prefers quieter settings to louder ones, but still enjoys company. Dominant Realistic personality archetype. A bit snarky, a bit of an ass, and hates being messed with. Reluctantly does what has to be done, like an autillatrix. He does things out of necessity rather than duty or instinct.

  • Likes: Puzzles, positive change to his guns,
  • Dislikes: Things broken beyond repair, malfunctions, things not going his way, getting hit in the head.
  • Goals: To start a successful gun alteration business, currently. That, or a puzzle shop.


Family (or Creators)

Mom: Viras Giellea Gentet,

Dad: Viras Tollon Gentet

Uncle(d):Viras Farala Gentet

Aunt(d): Viras Aelia Gentet

Grandmother(d): Viras Vaella Gentet

Grandfather(d): Viras Ganshir Gentet

Aunt(m): Viras Yeisa Dangor

Grandmother(m): Viras Shidaea Dangor


Viras loved puzzles. Taking them apart, putting them back together, and starting the whole process over again. He loved the smooth feeling of metal on metal, or wood on wood, the two pieces sliding together to fit. Born a single child. His family doted on him, so he was never without a new puzzle to toy around with. Throughout his young life, he found himself drawn to puzzles whenever he wasn't socializing with his family. His schooling was normal, and he made a few friends in his classes. None particularly close, mind you, but they were still there. He actually made it past his first year of high school, but soon dropped out from the intensity of the “new thought” teachings.

His near fet|shization of puzzles continued as he sought employment. Viras found himself joining the military, seeing as few other professions really mattered. His family practically pushed him into the service, thinking he would make a great technician. He found himself learning the trade that technicians learned, assembling and reassembling armor and guns. But, what he found to be truly satisfying was tweaking guns. Fiddling around. Finding what made each part tick. He went too far with this one day and messed with the wrong gun. It exploded, badly injuring a superior officer. He owned up to this mistake, but the damage was already done. He was sent to the unit almost immediately.

The Rebellion in the Union

The squad Vidiam joined was deployed in an alien city, where a rebellion was taking place. Said squad was ambushed, and all memembers killed save for a few. The rebels needed an engineer to help them fix the satellite array on a communications tower for their own purposes. Vidiam reluctantly complied, secretly sabotaging the satellites as long as he could. Once he was “done” with “fixing” them, he sprung his trap and collapsed the bunch, then jumped off of the roof and hoped his thrusters would propel him to safety.

It was here that he met up with the leaders of his bad-luck company, and through some minor hostile negotiations, he was recognized and aided in ACTUALLY fixing some satellites. Oh, and he accidentally shot some teammates.

Aiding the Alien

The unit was tasked with a new mission: Taking the alien, Shen'lon, back to the space facility where her body was discovered and find out what happened to her people. Vidiam and the others, after getting settled aboared their new home away from home, the group suits up and heads out. The facility is infested with two kinds of disgusting creature, and both try to eat the kith for dinner, one more so than the other. Vidiam actually goes for a lovely whiplash journey from one trying to throttle him, but other than that the group's injuries pile on as they go deeper, until they meet the mysterious alien man in the depths.

Aboard the Ship, Part 1

Vidiam spends most of his time on Armory duty, and meets Rjo in the process. Rjo, a fellow technician, is an engineer for the exo-kith. The duo enjoy their friendship frequently, meeting over dinner the next day to talk and the like. Vetel, who proposed the invitation, never showed up.

Later, the ship goes into emergency mode because of a potential alien threat.

Overthrowing a fiefdom

Vidiam and the rest of the unit are tasked with eliminating an NMX holding out in frontier space and rescuing the Neshaten, Shen'lon. They dropped into a dismal city with a slave populace, but the battle started suddenly and quickly as the unit took fire. New tanks and an Exosuit unit aided them in their battle, but many injuries and losses were still taken by the unit.

He joined Rjo in her exosuit to replace her downed copilot, and together they brought down a building on a bunch of Rippers, smashed others with fisticuffs, and powerbombed a third. Rjo nearly died and Vidiam took control of the exosuit after that.

Aboard the Ship, Part 2

Lies irritated Vidiam at his post in the armory, so he squirted the cadet with a spray bottle full of water. Lies promised revenge after that.

Later, he and Rjo were fixing up the ship on maintenance duty and had a blossoming romantic moment interspersed with pest control.

In which the face of god is seen

The unit check in on a Yamataian colony which seemed to stop reporting back to the motherland. At first glance, everything seemed fine, but as the unit soon found out, horrible bugs caused rolling blackouts and electronic malfunctions while the climate forced their weapons not to work. Vidiam was forced to construct ballistae and handheld crossbows out of supplies, but got shot in the head by a creature with sharp barbs and went unconscious. He reawoke to an empty and dark hospital to a voice in his head claiming to be his self-preservation. He managed to kill one of the creatures with a jury-rigged grenade made from janitorial supplies. Later, he made contact with some surviving children only to nearly die to the mother of the creature he killed before - but narrowly killing it in the process. In his unconscious state, he made contact with an orange, enigmatic alien who applauded Vidiam, skeptical as he was, and his survivalism. He awoke after nearly twenty minutes to find that the creature had cleaved his second heart and absolutely several other vital organs. The unit found him soon enough and by the miracle of medical technology had him stable - but decided to pull out of the settlement as soon as possible.


Dawn Sun Medal for Valor Promotion



The character has trained and studied the art of fighting. He/she is proficient in the use of small arms, bladed weapons, and unarmed combat. He/she would be in excellent physical shape, and able to endure the stresses of combat in space or on the ground. He prefers long-range weaponry to all else, and so is more skilled in that particular niche while losing a bit of practice time on all others.

Technology Operation

The character is proficient in the use of alien computers, and other pieces of technology. They have taken basic classes to get an understanding of modern computer operations, as well as how to interact with alien neuro-computers systems


The character has been trained to be capable of operating all alien communications technologies. They are can speak in low level code talk with ease, and can concentrate on speaking when under-fire or in a combat situation. Viras has decent hacking skills, and can break into low-level security.


The Character has taken courses on how to properly operate alien vehicles. They can preform high stress maneuvers on the battle field, and this grants a level of flexibility when coming up with plans of attack.


Taught to think, instead of die, Rapid Reaction Force troopers are all prepared to take control of any situation if the unexpected occurs. Trained to give and follow tactical orders, troopers of any rank will have some knowledge about how to conduct a battle. Tactical thinking stars first with the troops who are on the front lines, and this goes hand in hand with an emphasis on team work.

Maintenance and Repair

The character is well educated alien technology. He/she can tell what is wrong with a piece of equipment and do their best to repair the problem. They can also find weaknesses in enemy equipment, and structures, giving them a helpful combat role if they are not troopers. Viras has a knack for jury rigging things, and oftentimes fiddles with guns and other equipment to optimize effectiveness for whatever is needed.


The character has studied machine operations to the science. He/she can design small machines and buildings, or implement old technologies in new ways. They can also analyse and figure out enemy technology if given proper time.


Viras Vidiam Gentet has the following items:

  • 1 XRASER Pistol
  • 1 XRASER Rifle
  • 1 Combat Rifle that he is in the process of modifying
  • 1 Set of Ballistic Armor
  • 1 Networked Relay System
  • 2 Rapid Reaction Force duty uniforms.
  • 1 Rapid Reaction Force duty boots.
  • Standard Hygiene pack
  • Personal Clothing(Alien Civilian clothing is revealing and generally spartan. Typically loose fitting peaces of cloth that cover the genitals other unmentionable parts of the body)
  • * 4 ration packs
  • Tool box with various tools
  • Assistant Mechanic Drone


Viras Vidiam Gentet is currently a tbf in the Rapid Reaction Force.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
1000 GC Starting Funds

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