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Aunsla M'iusht Vishta

Aunsla M'iusht Vishta
Species: Random Alien
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5'1β€œ
Weight: 102 lb
Organization The Union
Rank Empress
Occupation Head of State
Current Placement FM-PC

Vishta in Roleplay

Vishta's family has held power in the Union for nearly 200 years. Her father being the previous ruler lost his life during an insurrection on an alien world in the Imperial city during an insurrection, along with most of Vishta's immediate family. Vishta has since been elevated to Empress due to right of succession. She is tempered and wise beyond her years, but at the same time is rather inexperienced. Vishta is intended to be an FM-PC character played by Ira.

Current Events

Currently, Vishta is consolidating her power in an alien system. In the wake of an insurrection, much of her family was killed while she was attending the International Relation's Conference of YE 34.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'1”
  • Weight: 102 lb
  • Build and Skin color: Vishta is of Pygrin lineage, giving her a soft blue skin tone. Physically she is slender and athletically built.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Her eyes are blue, matching her skin color. Her face could best be described as regal, with her having a dominant noze and well chisled facial features.
  • Hair color and Style: Vishta keeps her hair mid length, and sports a set of rather thick tendrils from her skull.
  • Distinguishing Features:Unlike most random aliens, Vishta sports no piercings or Tattoos.

Family and Friends

Vishta's Immediate Family was killed in YE 34

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Vishta is rather young, but was groomed from an early age to rule. She is educated, well bred and well read which shapes her way of thinking greatly. Vishta is patient and tends to look at all the angles before coming to a conclusion. She is an expert at controlling her temper, and knows how to read others. In arguments she will resort to logic and reason rather then opinion and conjecture. On a personal level she comes across as being spoiled and snotty, as befits a female of her station. But when one gets to know her, they will find Vishta to be empathetic and caring about others.

  • Likes: Romance, fantasy, researching history, quoting philosophy, social activities.
  • Dislikes: Crooked politicians, violence, bigotry, excuses.
  • Goals: Advancement of her species in known space.



Vishta was born along side three other pouch mates in YE 17. Her Father being the ruler of the Union and her mother right next to him. This status afforded the Young Vishta with many advantages a common Random Alien would not normally have. This included a wide array of private tutors in terms of education, as well as protection from the CORE program due to her exceptional intelligence.

Vishta had a very close relationship with her parents and her numerous siblings, ensuring she came from a loving home. On her 14th birthday she was presented to the public as a national treasure, and took up a government position as a diplomat.

Current Events

Vishta attended the International Relation's Convention of YE 34 and surprised her self by holding her own against alien dignitaries. She regarded the negotiations as some what of a farce, but it gave her much valuable insight into how the other nations and species thought, and functioned enabling her to be much more prepared in the future.

During the convention a group of houses organized and initiated an insurrection, which resulted in the death's of hundreds including her own family. Vishta was devastated by the attack but remained at the convention non the less. On returning home she show compassion to the murderers of her family, by not fueling the fire and showing mercy. Since then Vishta has reacted to the insurrection by being progressive. Many changes allowing more personal and political freedoms are being allowed. Her most dynamic change has been her rather unique approach to the β€œPirate” problem that was discussed in the International Relation's Convention of YE 34….(More to come)



Vishta is affluent, and thus is an expert speech giver. She can convey her ideas onto others and even convince them that her ideas are the correct choice.


Vishta has been groomed from birth to be a leader among her people. She is good at giving directions to others, as well as inspiring members of her race and out side of it to great acts. She has an extensive knowledge of her government's social structure, military, and laws as well as economy.


Vishta studies the politics of other races, and is constantly expanding her knowledge on the culture of neighboring species. She is also trained at the skill of negotiating, and interacting with other governments.


If necessary Vishta is a shrewd tactician, and can conduct was military operation with some skill if the need ever arises. This skill also filters into her profession as a politician and diplomat.

Technology Operations

Vishta can operate most computers and advanced systems that are used by the Union. She can access data from computer terminals.


Vishta has good orating skills, and is very practices at speaking in code, and at learning new exotic languages.


Expected to attend social gatherings, Vishta is a very well accomplished dancer, and is capable of preforming and learning complex dance numbers of all types.


Vishta is a Philanthropist. She studies other societies, including her own in order to better find ways to improve the life of all sentient beings

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