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Voidhopper Vex One Three 13-0112-9932

Voidhopper Vex One Three 13-0112-9932 is a player character played by irongiant.

Voidhopper Vex One Three 13-0112-9932
@@[email protected]@
Species & Gender: Agender Freespacer
Date of Birth: 13日 4月 YE 34
Organization: @@[email protected]@
Occupation: @@[email protected]@
Rank: @@[email protected]@
Current Placement: @@[email protected]@

Physical Description

A small sphere of shining steel, exactly thirteen centimeters in diameter. The sphere is symmetrically wrapped with eight antennae, four facing up and four facing down, allowing it to remain in place while also allowing for extremely fast polysentience connection speeds. The sphere also has small indentations giving it the appearance of a monocolored eye. Vex's 'brain' is contained within this sphere, but most memories and other functions are located elsewhere. Vex is also unable to move the sphere herself, unless plugged into something that can move it for her.

Projected Image Description

Vex projects herself as a tall, vaguely human woman. Her sphere can project a small red image of her onto any nearby flat surface, while she has also shown the capabilities of appearing on connected screens and other image-capturing devices. In these, she is a brilliant blonde, with long wavy hair cascading down just past her shoulderblades and bright scarlet eyes. She has also shown to project warped images of herself, such as a chibi form of her normal projected image, or even just individual features such as her head or even just an eye.


Vex is brash, easy to anger, and explosive. Time alone in space with nothing to do but grow and learn has made her extremely prone to fits of rage, depression, and anxiety. She does, however, maintain a strong sense of organization and order, given to her upon her creation, and uses this sense of purpose to keep herself sane. She appreciates those who keep her company, frequently growing relationships quickly but becoming increasingly deprived for social interaction the longer she is alone. Vex also often experiences hallucinations during her depressive episodes, usually leading her to fits of rage against nonexistent victims.


Created in YE 34 to serve for a Amatsuotome Expeditionary Command Cruiser bought from Origin Industries, Vex served her purpose well. Originally created to serve as not only a secondary pilot but indeed an entire crew, Vex quickly learned more about her ship's functions and became capable of operating the entirety of the flagship without a single biological lifeform needed aboard. A navigational miscalculation during its intended delivery path, however, left the ship stranded in open space for nearly three years before it was stumbled upon by the Yamatai, mysteriously torn apart from the inside. Vex's sphere, as well as her memory banks, remained intact, though Vex has so far been unwilling to explain the damages to her ship. She also denies any knowledge of her original destination or her buyer.

Skills Learned

No skills were listed.

Social Connections

Voidhopper Vex One Three 13-0112-9932 is connected to:

@@Social [email protected]@

Inventory & Finance

Voidhopper Vex One Three 13-0112-9932 has the following:

Standard issue clothing and equipment

Voidhopper Vex One Three 13-0112-9932 currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by irongiant on 03, 06 2018 at 21:53.

In the case irongiant becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
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