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Volker Betruger

Volker Betruger
Species: ID-SOL
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 8' 3“ (2.3m)
Weight: 372 lbs. (168.7 kg)
Organization Independent
Rank N/A
Occupation Mercenary, criminal, prisoner
Current Placement Prison

Physical Characteristics

Height: 8’ 3” / 2.51 m Mass: 372 lbs. / 168.7 kg

Build and Skin color: Very tall, but has surprisingly little body mass to him. Most of his body is muscle and lacks any fat what so ever. His skin is a deeper tan, colored like someone who has seen prolonged exposure to sunlight. However his body is scarred all over from his dangerous work with the animals in the Colosseum. Even after his work there, Volker continued to hone his body through his violent work. Facial Features and Eye color: A very thin and pointed face. His eyes are dark hazel/green and are set far into the skull. Hair color and Style: The head is shaved completely save for a brilliant green mohawk down the center with a height of about 7 inches.

Distinguishing Features: Volker is a rather imposing individual. His height and lack of mass is the first of his noticeable traits. His numerous scars are crisscrossed with tattoos and piercings of dubious quality and scenes. His most conspicuous traits are in his face. He has a stud in his right nostril and a chain connecting that stud to a stud in his right ear. His tongue is also elongated with a large stud in its center and split at the end so that it mimics a forked tongue.

General Information

Family/Creators: Betruger Genetics line


Volker’s personality has massive mood swings. Most of the time he is a rather lazy, non-active character. He would spend most of his time sleeping and eating; spending only a few hours training and playing with the creatures put under his care. But there are times where he is a very agitated individual that is both energetic and quick to fight. This is partly due to his genetic makeup as an ID-SOL. At the end of the day Volker is content with earning peoples’ ire through either his inaction or his times of extreme duress.

Likes: Hardcore Punk music, meat (preferably raw), sleeping, animals, a “good time”. Dislikes: People interrupting his naps, people interrupting his meals, police and military members.


The Betruger genetics line is a collective of ID-SOLs linked back to a single creator, one Dr. Yazim Betruger. These test tube children were born exclusively to Dr. Betruger in his research facility on Kennewes. He gave all his “children” his last name but a first name of their own. Volker was the 32nd of the 100 odd ID-SOLs created by Betruger. He and his brothers were raised in strict military barracks, as the Nepleslian military (still under Star Army jurisdiction) began training Betruger’s creations as a new unit of frontline fighters and garrison troopers for the planet. The dense and mysterious marshlands and jungles along with their rich and dangerous lifeforms provided an excellent training ground for the young men.

Volker grew up fast on Kennewes and spent much of his life as a scout on the planet as well as a soldier tackling many rebel and insurgent threats. However he grew tired of the monotony of the military lifestyle and struck out on his own for several years, going AWOL and running from the military. His mercenary life was short-lived before he was picked up by an Underworld recruiting pool for his knack with animals. He was promptly offered a position as the animal trainer, where he has remained.

Unfortunately the underworld is a fickle place, Volker's employer soon fell into disfavor with many groups and was ousted. Out of a meal ticket Volker sold himself as mercenary once again, doing as he pleased along the way. Many of these included violent crime. After getting thoroughly wasted one night, Volker was apprehended by Star Army of Nepleslia forces. He was charged with 226 counts of murder, rape, arson, assault, kidnapping, extortion, and treason. Volker almost gleefully plead guilty to the charges. Somewhere within the Green's justice system, a stay of death was issued. Volker was sentanced to life in prison for each of his crimes. He is currently being prepped to be sent to a maximum security prison.

Current Assignment

Volker is currently serving over 200 consecutive life sentences for crimes he has committed.


Zoology (Biology)

Volker was taught briefly in his training about the various lifeforms on Kennewes. These lessons included biological and anatomical explanations. Volker took this knowledge and further studied animals and creatures in general. He attempted to use this knowledge on Kennewes to aid in understanding the land. He also applied this knowledge to his current career, using it to better train and breed dangerous creatures.

Animal Rearing/Breeding (Vocation)

While on Kennewes, Volker was trained in how to handle dangerous animals, mostly for his own defense against them. But he saw an opportunity in using these creatures as part of combat tactics. Eventually he would learn how to effectively train an animal from birth or a young age into an effective pet or sentry. But the breeding and training is not without its own pitfalls, as Volker carries the numerous scars to prove that.

Wilderness Survival

Kennewes is not a forgiving planet for those unprepared for its raw brutality. The Betruger genetics line was trained extensively in how to live off the land and just survive inhuman conditions. This includes building shelters, hunting and foraging for food, and discerning you direction of travel.

Acrobatics (Physical):

Thanks to his training and his physical attributes, Volker is able to easily and swiftly climb surfaces, tumble, and perform maneuvers many would consider awkward and bizarre. His flexibility and speed come mostly from this training. It proved useful on Kennewes, where he would be constantly climbing trees and jumping from ledges.


Being trained by the Nepleslian military, Volker has been a fighter throughout his life. His own genetic code has been modified to make him that way. Throughout his years on Kennewes he served as a forward scout, a sentry, and a frontline soldier. He is most skilled with hand-to-hand combat with submachine guns, knives, and pistols, using them to subdue and kill his opponent rather than render them helpless.


While in prison, Volker has lost all of his belongings. He has caches of located around the know underworld, but most have already been raided and robbed.

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