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Vosem Pyatyy Litiy

Vosem Pyatyy Litiy is a player character played by Jayenfield.

Species: Biological AI
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 4'0โ€œ โ†โ†’ 1.2m
Weight: 70lb โ†โ†’ 32kg
Organization: Red bio-engineering firm
Occupation: Shipboard technician
Rank: n/a
Current Placement:


  1. Bounty Hunters

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4'0โ€ โ†โ†’ 1.2m
  • Mass: 70lb โ†โ†’ 32kg

Build and Skin Color: He resembles an anthro weasel, with short limbs and long necks. However, his feet are fully prehensile, being marginally less dextrous than hands. Both short and very thin by human standards, he is also coloured with black flesh and tan fur.

Eyes and Facial Features: His eyes appear to be a solid black, which does not look out of place on a mustelid. Vosem has a mask of dark fur on his face, but it is entirely absent under his left eye. This is probably the simplest way to tell him apart from his brother, who has a more complete mask.

Ears: The doukh ears are large and short, close to the head and very round.

Hair Color and Style: He has no hair beyond the fur that runs over the top of his head, which is the same tan colour as the rest of his body.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Given the number of compulsions that they're bound by, Vosem and his brother Devyat find freedom in being chatty, and sociable with the crew of their ship. Repeating or making up elaborate stories, for example, is a good means of relieving the tension of their dispositions against lying. They're bred for a keen sense of loyalty and tidyness, preferring things to operate smoothly and along schedules. When under stress, their default instincts are to increase orderliness in their immediate environment to relieve it. When in perceived danger, hiding in tight spaces is the preferred response, but they certainly aren't precluded from bravery. Vosem's peculiarities include neuroticism about parts such as bolts and screws being properly sorted at all times, and a closely-held and completely arbitrary belief that food should only be eaten as far forward in the ship as possible.

  • Likes: The hum of a healthy starship, making their race look good, efficient leadership that appreciates the value of keeping everything tip-top shape.
  • Dislikes: Anyone calling them or their species 'slaves', shoestring maintenance budgets, dour people.
  • Goals: Serve on starships for 10 more years, and then retire to a life of fathering and educating the next generation of doukhs, in accordance with the proper course set for their lifespan.


Family (or Creators)

New Omsk Corporation (Red-aligned bio-engineering firm)


Vosem Pyatyy Litiy (Nine Fifth Lithium), male Doukh 20

General description of Doukhs:

Vosem was born as the youngest of the 5-9 litter in the Litiy series of Doukhs. Along with his brothers and sisters, he grew rapidly through an adolescent period entirely geared towards providing them with education that would produce the best possible indentured shipboard technicians. Having the older doukhs to educate the younger ones ensures that the whole program is able to propagate at a low cost to the corporation. Vosem had a variety of tertiary skills to choose from to pursue, and chose to become proficient with the guitar, reasoning that the ability to entertain would be handy both in the depths of space AND after he returned home at the end of his contract. At exactly 10 years of age, Vosem and his brother Devyat were assigned to their first post, a mid-sized passenger ship. They enjoyed bonding with the large crew and the constant activity for 6 years. At this point, their contract was re-sold to a bulk transport, while the passenger liner underwent repairs and refitting. The bulk transport, while not as active, was a much more substantial challenge to keep operational, since to be entirely honest the ship was something of a lemon, and the owners didn't always have the ideal level of funding for proper repairs. They jury-rigged their way through 4 years of the bulk hauler until finally the owner went bankrupt on bad investments, and sold the ship for scrap. The doukhs went to a middle man who had a number of potential clients to resell their contracts to, and they await their new assignment with anticipation.


Maintenance and Repair

Vosem has been thoroughly trained in the maintenance of technological items, especially starship systems. Keeping all manner of likely shipboard systems and errata running smoothly is the focus of his life, and he derives great pleasure from doing this well, and dissatisfaction from any signs that he is neglecting these duties.


As part of his upbringing, the need to be able to fabricate and modify parts to solve shipboard problems necessitated education in the principles of engineering.


Vosem required advanced mathematical training in order to facilitate his main vocational skillsets.

Starship Operations

While not a primary focus of his training, Vosem has received rudimentary certification on the operation of most important ship systems and stations, so that he could stand in for crew members when necessary. He has proven to have a minor knack for navigation.


Vosem was bred and designed to have very good faculties in zero-gravity, able to keep orientations very well, and move very rapidly in null-G or low-G environments. He can get into very tight spaces to work, and can climb on or around complex structures. He is, however, not very good at running, and does not know how to swim.


While he and his brother by their nature are frequent storytellers, Vosem is a very skilled guitar player, able to play complex songs for extended periods. He does usually look ridiculous holding his guitar though, given his diminutive size.


Vosem speaks excellent Trade and Kuznyetski, the latter being taught to all doukhs because of the number of Kuznyetski working in the NOCH, in order to facilitate


Vosem has the following items:

  • 1 doukh-sized space-suit
  • 1 guitar and accessories
  • An assortment of clothing and basic personal effects


Devyat does not have any funds or credit to his name, nor any accounts with any banks.

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