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Walter Hyde

Walter Hyde is a player character played by Burgmond.

Walter Hyde
Species: Minkan
Gender: Male
Year of Birth: YE 18
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Technician/Engineer
Rank: Nitô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō

Physical Description

Sitting at 6'4“, Walter Hyde felt awkward with getting along with comrades that are noticeably shorter than himself most of the time. Like other Minkans, his body is strong and nimble, however, Walter walks, talks, sits, and stands in a relaxed manner. His voice, on top of it being relaxed, is also confident and baritone.

He has black hair that reaches down to neck length, and keeps his clothes neat and clean. His round, lively, orange eyes are no brighter nor dimmer than sunsets themselves, beating his pearly white teeth by narrow margin in terms of color pop. However, aside from such attract characteristics the engineer doesn't take to caring for his body; the skin in his palms, in fact, is rather rough, and his hair is somewhat messy in spite of the minimum effort Walter takes to care for it.

Walter's face and nose are sharp, with his chin having a slight cleft within.


Being a engineer is a rather thankless job with a very high priority in keeping the ship in working order, and keep it from exploding into pieces no larger than a Hydrogen atom; one could go bald when going through the stress of it all.

Fortunately, this is not the case for Walter Hyde, whom is seemingly always easy-going, calm, and adaptive around others. He is a trusting and very willing team player, too, and has learned to be patient with others during training. Noise puts his mind at ease whilst he keeps to his maintenance duties, be it that it's the humming of generators, the cluster of voices, or just music on a radio. The engineer, while having a firm grasp on the reality around him, has a profound imagination, and puts ideas into his journal in hopes of writing his own book. This same creativity is also used in the Minkan's job as an engineer, whom takes priority on out-of-the-box thinking, even to a fault.

Although, his physical characteristics, swaying moods, and generally reserved nature, paint the young Hyde as a mysterious engineer. While trusting in others, he has had some history of being untrustworthy from his shifting nature (and physical appearance). Walter is normally not motivated to fix those issues, seeing the futility in going against especially stubborn people.


Walter Hyde was born in YE 18, a dawn of peace for the Yamatai Empire.

His father, a Human named Edward Hyde, had grown intimately close with another Geshrin, Belle Mortimer, following the Great Plague of YE 08. The two have dated for years; even during the second and third Elysian wars, the lovestruck soldiers remained strong and devoted to one another, and thus that enduring romance resulted in the birth of Walter Hyde.

Following the Plague, Edward Hyde was punctual with keeping the family up-to-date with body types; the family was the first among of tens of thousands to obtain a Minkan body of their own.

For the most part, the humble family led a normal civilian life, the parents encouraging Walter to live the life he wants. The boy occasionally asked his parents to tell him their war stories, to which they did so with some reluctance, the both of them afraid to give Walter ideas on enlisting. In their little peacetime, the three have partaken in little family adventures, sightseeing, installing furniture, celebrations, and generally spending lots of family time with each other.

Overtime, it became prevalent that Walter has quite the imagination, and a intellect to support it as well. In YE 38, Walter decided that he needed a change of scenery, to see what lies beyond Planet Yamatai, he wants something new to inspire and motivate him. After a great deal discussing with his parents, Walter Hyde enlists to be an Engineer for Star Army. He managed to pass Basic Training with good scores all around, despite showing a lack of motivation at first.

He enlisted to serve on the YSS Kaiyō II in YE 39, upon hearing that they could use another engineer. After his first mission on Komorebi, the lack of motivation that had surfaced in his first months in Basic Training had taken hold, finding that the L'Kor weren't even threats despite their intent to kill. He had saved a drone, named Chlorate, from certain death as well, getting the robot a new body.

On his second mission, he had participated in the invasion of a L'Kor Station, which had been rather successful on his end, albeit too successful as it didn't provide him much challenge.

In the interlude between the ninth and tenth mission of the Kaiyo crew's career, Walter Hyde had vanished without saying goodbyes…

Skills Learned

Walter Hyde has the following notable skills:

  • Communications: Walter only learned the Trade language, since it was a very common language. Aside from learning Trade, he picked up pretty quickly on how to use various communicators.
  • Fighting: Preferring to not have to shed blood himself, he has learned various defensive non-lethal techniques. Although even he knows well enough that he may need to kill in defense, so he took up training with pistols, knives, and power armor.
  • Technology Operation: One cannot be a engineer if he can't even use a computer, can he? Walter knows how to utilize Yamatai-standard computation technology, as well as getting around on the internet. In fact, he knows a few tricks to browse through in a timely manner.
  • Engineering: With the tools of intellect, imagination, and patience in the palm of his hand, Walter is equipped to solve whatever practical problem gets thrown at his feet. He also utilizes his acquired knowledge in this field to properly diagnose issues and problems with machines, and fix them promptly. However, he does have a preference for aerospace engineering.
  • Mathematics: A good indicator on whether or not one can be a good engineer is the capacity in which they can do mental maths, as well as their ability to comprehend advanced mathematics that are the foundations of science and engineering. Thankfully Walter passed those checks during training, otherwise he wouldn't be here at all.
  • Art and Vocations: Walter would normally not tell anyone this, but he has written some bad fanfiction in his childhood. Really bad literature. Nowadays, he has greatly improved on his abilities to write, and has been jotting ideas in his journal, often in great detail. He dreams of writing his own book someday.

Social Connections

CHARACTER name is connected to:

  • Edward Hyde (Father)
  • Belle Hyde (Mother)

Inventory & Finance

Walter Hyde has the Star Army Standard Issue Items, a well-used journal & pen, and 3000 KS to his name.

OOC Information

Walter's Theme:

In the case Burgmond becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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