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Wz-G3802 Small Optical Sensor

Just as it says on the label, the Wz-G3802 is a small, self contained, optical sensor designed for use on power armors and vehicles.


The Wz-G3802 was developed in YE 38 largely using off the shelf consumer designs that were tweaked, modified, and hardened for military use. Heram J. Wazu put the design together largely because of the need to start building up a reliable library of technology that could be widely distributed. The Wz-G3802 is the start of that new, reliable, library.


The sensor contains a software-stabilized optical camera that includes light amplification, thermal imaging, and 100x zoom into a single device. Mounted directly above this camera is a laser range finder and an infrared light. The sensor package can easily rotate 360 degrees in its mount, and raise lower +80 Degrees and -20 Degrees.

Internally, the device has a battery that can last for a day without needing to be recharged. It contains a short-range radio transmitter and a panel on the rear covers hook ups for power and data. The device is also able to wirelessly receive or transmit power as needed.

The broadcast features of the device can be turned off through the device's API while plugged in, as can the laser range finder. The intention is to reduce the device's electronic footprint in a combat situation.

The Sensor's core features are also semi-hardened against EMP and shock. Though transmission functions will get burned out during an EMP attack, the optical sensor and the physical data connections are well protected.

Sensors Include:

  • Optical, X100 Zoom
  • Thermal
  • Laser Range Finder


Height: 9in Width: 4in


The Wz-G3802 was released to the Polysentience as a public-domain design, and can be built by most fabricators.

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