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Wz-M1 Series "Sendy" Armor

Somewhat based on the "Mindy" series, the 'Sendy' armor is an automated support concept designed in YE 39 to assist 'Mindy' power armors during operations.

About the Armor

The Sendy was designed shortly after the Eucharis' Attack on the Kuvexian base at the end of YE 38 by Heram Wazu. It is designed specifically to keep pace with Mindy power armors and provide them with additional non-combat capabilities such as prisoner retrieval, object-teleportation, emergency resupply, Triage, and barricade deployment.

The armor itself is made from a supportive 4 legged frame with open spaces to plug in KFY components. This table-like structure supports a pod that is just barely larger than a person which can open up to safely hold one individual. The inside of the pod contains a small medical device on a remotely operated arm that can inject hemosynth fluid or sedative to render the person in the pod unconscious and keep them alive until they can be brought to the medbay or brig. The Sendy can also carry supplies in this pod, teleport nearby objects, or simply be used to block passage by extending its shields.

The Sendy was originally designed as a starting point for KFY, and the original design has lots of 'fill in the blank' areas where Wazu could guess the size and power requirements for KFY technology but couldn't actually include them in the design himself for security reasons. This makes the Sendy a bit of a custom mish-mash of parts which complicates logistics.


Much like the Mindy, Sendy armors use a Combined Field System that serves as propulsion and defense by distorting and compressing gravitational fields. They are also equipped with four Turbo Aether Plasma engines in the legs and a space to attach a Mindy teleporation module. The Sendy is designed to match the Mindy in terms of speed and teleportation capability.

  • Turbo aether plasma:
    • Maximum atmospheric speed (For earth-like worlds): 2092 kph (1300 mph), Mach 1.69 at sea level
    • Maximum space speed: .38c - Software-limited to 10 G acceleration
  • Combined Field:
    • Max STL in atmosphere: 200 kph (124 mph)
    • Max STL in space: 0.38c
    • Max FTL in space: 10c
  • Teleportation module:
    • Effectively instant point-to-point travel
    • Charge time: 15 seconds
    • Range: 100 kilometers

Damage Capacity Stats

See Damage Rating (Version 2) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Body: 8 SP (Armor scale)
  • Combined Field Shield System: 8 SP (Threshold 2)

see Damage Rating (Version 3)

  • Tier 4 light armor
  • Bubble shield type

Price & Ownership Restrictions

The Sendy is a custom built device, that requires KFY to finish the design. As such it isn't available for sale.


The Sendy is not intended to be piloted by whomever ends up inside of it. Instead it is designed to be remote piloted from a starship or tasked to be remote piloted from a Mindy power armor. The intended use is for the starship operator to give destination and basic mission information to the Sendy prior to deployment, allowing the Sendy to teleport itself to its target and make contact with the power armor squad it is intended to support. The Sendy is semi-automated and will attempted to follow the nearest friendly power armor if its target is unable to take remote control of the mecha.

At this point it can be commanded to unpack so that it can fulfill its mission, either by a prisoner being loaded in the armor for extraction, a wounded individual being put in the armor for triage, or weapons and ammo being removed from the Sendy to resupply a friendly squad.

The armor's combined field system helps nullify acceleration on the individual inside. Inbuilt padding, restraints, and simple lack of space further prevent the individual inside of the armor from moving around. The armor is capable of administering hemosynth fluid to its passenger as well as a basic sedative to help prolong their life in a triage situation. Its life support system is also capable of keeping a healthy passenger alive for almost 3 days.


The sub-components in this armor include:


The Sendy is mostly made from Durandium Alloy as it is not intended to be used for heavy frontline combat.


A scale datapad cluster is used to control the Sendy armor. This is built into the spine below the cargo pod of the armor and gives the Sendy basic enough intelligence to carry out simple commands.

Cargo Area

The Sendy's cargo area is very small, enough for a normal sized human or neko to fit in its cramped space. Larger ID-Sols and generally anyone above 6 foot tall will have a difficult time fitting into the coffin like area. This space can be re-purposed with the padding and pillow replaced with foam inserts so that weapons or ammunition can be easily stored.

Life Support

The interior of the Sendy is very cramped, and the basic life support systems of the armor are intigrated into the inside facings of the doors. Unlike the Mindy Armor, the Sendy only has the capability to purify oxygen and maintain basic life support. Though a hemosynth fluid injection can be used to keep an occupant alive, there is no allocation of space for water treatment, waste disposal, or filtering outside air. Though the armor can filter the interior air for months, reasonably a passenger can only be expected to live about 3 days without food, water, or being able to move about.

Sensors and Communications

A pair of small optical sensors are positioned on the front and rear of the Sendy to allow it basic situational awareness of its surroundings. The Sendy is also equipped with a basic subspace radar for tracking.

The armor also includes

  • Subspace Radio
  • Laser based communication

Teleportation Module

The Sendy is intended to keep pace with the Mindy 4 armor, and has a spot to include a KE-M2-P3802 teleportation module. The module has a range of 100 kilometer and a refresh time of 15 seconds. It is the same module that is included on the Mindy 4

OOC Notes

This article was approved by FM Wes and mod Ametheliana here on 2017/05/18.

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