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Starship Electronics Container YE38

Developed in YE 38, the Star ship Electronics Container houses the electronics and specialized equipment needed to operate a ship inside of a huge size SSC.

General Characteristics
Type Star ship Electronics Container
Size Huge SSC
Lifespan 15 Years
Power Source
Generator Hyperspace Taps x4
Battery Backup Super capacitor Power Storage
SP 2
Hull Armor Durandium Alloy
EW Hardening Hardened against EMP and Scalar attacks
Subspace Radio
Reaction Wheels
Consume Grade Datapad Clusters


The Star ship Electronics Container was developed as a modular system that can easily be swapped out if damaged. It contains, power generators, navigational computing power, and positioning equipment secure inside of a container well shielded against radiation and electromagnetism. There are exterior hook ups on the rear and underside of the container to hardwired data connections. Wireless control is also an option, though the wireless access points can't be shielded against EMP like the rest of the device. The corners of the container also have mounting points to securely fasten the container to an object. The equipment inside the container has multiple redundancies and is intended to last a few years without maintenance.

There is no room for maintenance personal inside, and refurbishing the unit requires the end capes be removed and the bundle of equipment inside to be slid out then disassembled.


While the containers do not have engines, they do have enormously powerful reaction wheels built in. This allows them to orient themselves (and any ship they are attached to) in any direction. If left on a planet, this system could be used to roll the container in any direction repeatedly but this is not a recommended use of the system.

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