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Jonathan Weber

Jonathan Weber
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 5'8โ€œ
Weight: 179 lbs
Organization: SAoY/Civilian
Occupation: Ship Captain/Honorary Nito Hei
Rank: Captain
Current Placement: Fort Ready Training Facility

Jonathan Weber in Roleplay

Jonathan Weber is a non-player character played by Aendri and is currently involved on the Fort Ready Training Facility.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8โ€ Mass: 179 lbs

Build and Skin Color: Short, sturdy build, with a little bit of a paunch. Has just a hint too much of darkness in his skin to be Caucasian.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Has a rough, square face, with strong cheekbones, and dark green eyes.

Hair Color and Style: Has shaggy black hair, worn decently short.

Distinguishing Features: Has small hands, but long fingers.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Jon is a quiet man, but one who definitely has a few rough edges. While he may not be loud about it, he is definitely an opinionated man. He's never married, though there have been very few women whom he can tolerate for any length of time. He's very protective of any crew he is a part of, feeling that it's his job to kill you, not anyone else's. He drinks and eats chocolate regularly, but not quite to the point of it being a health issue.

Likes: Drinking, flying, solitude, sweets. Dislikes: Stupid people, large groups of people, indecisiveness. Goals: Earn enough money to open his own business, preferably something small and simple.


Jon got lucky growing up, getting a job at 14 in a 'shipping' company. Luckily, he managed to transition that into actual shipping, working on a ship transporting goods for a smaller company. He moved his way up the corporate ladder over time, finally getting to the point where he was piloting a transport at about 29. By the time Origin started up, he had a few years of piloting under his belt, and the pay was better with Origin, so the decision wasn't all that hard, especially when he managed to get his co-pilot of 3 years along with him. After a harrowing run through a Mishhu blockade, he decided that the combat life was not for him, and looked for another job. After a little bit, he decided to work as a teacher with the military, reasoning that would keep him away from the fighting as much as possible. When he heard they were looking for other teachers still on the more technical side of things, he recommend Itsuki, who took the job readily.


Starship Operations

Jon is capable of flying just about any civilian ship at this point, provided the controls aren't anything too complicated. He hasn't tried anything from the Iromakuanhe or the Abwehrans yet, but generally anything from Nepleslia or Yamatai should be within his reach. He can perform most of the general operations of the ship with ease, since he has experience flying ships solo. This includes sensor systems, navigation, flight, and communications systems. He has experience with weaponry, but prefers to let another handle that if possible.

Technology Operation

He is also capable of operating a standard starship OS, to the extent of keeping a log, entering and extracting data, and searching for any information he might deem necessary. Though he is knowledgeable about the subject of hacking, he has no skill whatsoever, or desire to learn.


Jon is definitely capable of using any of the more basic handheld communication devices, as well as some of the more advanced starships systems. He can do so under any conditions he has found so far, though he is not eager to repeat some of those. He is multilingual, having learned the languages necessary to work alone, said languages being Trade, Yamataian, and Elysian. He is able to quickly and accurately write out flight plans and reports, as well as reproduce them to a reasonably accurate extent.


Though not a stereo-typically fighting loving man, he is a decent hand in a fist fight (Or used to be.), and is able to accurately fire a handgun with consistency. He doesn't have any experience fighting in zero-gee conditions, but he could most likely hold his own if he needed to. He has no power-armor training or experience at all.


Jon is well studied in the international laws and regulations on a space-faring company, more specifically a transport and mercantile company. He has looked into the different locations for a company to possibly star in, and has looked into the local laws pertaining to business in those areas (Mainstream planets of Nepleslia and Yamatai).

Maintenance and Repair

He is practiced at repairing anything decently small, from shuttles to a decently small starship. Nothing overly complicated, like engine system replacement. All he is capable of is basic maintenance and repairs, just enough to keep a ship running over time, barring any major accidents or mishaps. He is also capable of repairing a simple land vehicle, such as a truck or motorcycle, even of putting one together, so long as he has all of the parts and equipment to do so.


Jon learned how to drive early on in his life, even if he hasn't had a chance to practice much in recent years. He can't race them or anything, but he can get around at a good clip in one, without causing any major accidents. His favorite would be a motorcycle, and that is what he is best at driving.


Though he is by no means an expert accountant, he is still learning the tricks to managing a business. At the moment, he is capable of discerning whether a business is making a profit, and balancing the books of a simple business venture.


This character is not available for adoption.

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