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Winter Swifteyes

Winter Swifteyes is a Dy'Unnar and native of Damasica (Neo Kohana).

Species: Kohanian Dy'Unnar (cougar variant)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5'5β€œ (xxx.xx cm)
Weight: 150 lb (xx.xx kg)
Organization none
Rank Student
Occupation Alchemist
Current Placement n/a

Winter in Roleplay

Winter is played by MissingNo.



  • Father: Cold Paw
  • Mother: Lightstrider

Other People

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 5'5 (XXXcm)
  • Weight: 150lbs (XXkg)
  • Build: Stocky, but toned and still lithe like most of his particular breed.
  • Fur Color: Tawny brown, includes standard cougar markings.
  • Eye Color: Dark blue-gray eyes.
  • Hair color and style: Brown-black hair cut to shoulder-length and worn in a tight braid bound with a leather strip.
  • Distinguishing Features: Thin green stripes have been dyed into his wrists and forearms as a result of long-term copper exposure from the bracers he wears.

Psychological Profile

  • Personality: He is the type that knows when he is better than someone else, but doesn't consciously make a show of it. His rather intense schooling left him with few friends and little time to try to make friends so his mannerisms are rough around the edges, adhering strictly to what he was taught. Reclusive, he can be found either in his rooms or in the wilderness, practicing his art or meditating. His fellow students find his ability to appear without warning rather eerie, made even more disconcerting by his seemingly aloof manner.
  • Likes: Keeping to himself, playing with his copper golem, hunting, designing devices.
  • Dislikes: Large gatherings, pushing himself.
  • Goals: To get through school. He doesn't know what after that, but he has had offers of apprenticeship from the artisan guild in his town.


As a child Winter Swifteyes showed an early affinity for alchemy and excelled in metallurgy once his schooling began. His parents sent him to the Kee'Awloo temple at age four to receive his formal education and to tap his natural skill, so he has very faint memories of them.

In his fifth year of training, around age nine, he found a copper headdress that one of the other students had made in class. Winter remade it into a wire golem that he used to torment the poor student, something that the Kee'Awloo instructors quickly put a stop to by confiscating the little construct. Winter found a way to acquire more copper and recreated it, calling it β€œLeaf” because to him the copper was the color of dead leaves. Later, when the metal oxidized and became green, the name became more appropriate. Leaf has resided as a copper strand coiled around Winter's wrist ever since. As Winter was overheard saying once, β€œIt's my little non-friend.” Winter has become skilled enough at constructing it that he can transform it from coiled wire to a three-foot-tall golem in ten to fifteen seconds.



Winter is a practiced survivalist, able to stalk and bring down his own food and survive for weeks without aid. His stalking abilities are particularly well-practiced; he can follow nearly any creature for hours without them knowing of his presence, something he did even before he came of age.

Arts and Vocations

Winter's fascination with copper and other semi-precious metals earned him attention from the artisian guilds. They impressed in him the artistic merits of such materials and, as a result, most of his constructions have some stylization to them.

Fighting and Physical

He is a beginner in the martial arts, relying heavily on instinct and alchemy to augment his physical attributes.


His Kee'Awloo schooling has made him well-versed in Kohanian folklore, Dy'Unnar science, and alchemy lore.

Engineering & Construction

Once his alchemy talent was discovered, Winter received much instruction in materials and usage relevant to his field. Winter combines his knowledge of engineering with his construction skills to create metal golems (non-traditional androids and robot-like structures). He can also use a forge to make tools, weapons, and armor, and is experienced in the design and construction of buildings and other shelters. This skill does not rely on his alchemy, but can be enhanced by it.

Alchemic Nature Mastery

He is proficient in manipulating concrete, stone, metals, and earth. While things composed of living materials, such as earth and wood, were harder for him to control, he has found ways to manipulate those as well.

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