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Wolf Green

Wolf Dom Green is a player character played by Ethereal.

  Wolf Green  
  Species & Gender:    Agarthan Male  
  Date of Birth:    Unknown  
  Organization:    Independent  
  Occupation:    Levy  
  Rank:    Levy  
  Current Placement:      

Physical Description

See picture. 5'9“, well muscled, anthropomorphic with lupine features, light skin, glowing cyan eyes with that animal oval, large wolven ears, messy black-grey hair, mouth full of canines, no molars or incisors. His voice is gruff, like an animal trying to speak.


Wolf is incredibly confused at the world around him, his first memory being a flash of light and the sprawling forests of Asteria. He is an adult yet has no memory of growing up and hence he's very uncertain of his body and abilities. Everything seems alien, like he wasn't meant for this world or it's people but he tries his best to muddle through it all. Who knows what type of person he is? Only time will tell.


Wolf only remembers the forest, the forest where he grew up. Who knows where he came from before then but his first memory if of a bright flash, then he was in the forest. For the weeks he was there he hunted by instinct, waiting for anyone who could help him to come by on that forest on Asteria.

As a chance encounter, Azalea Company led by Ser Creature happened to be marching through on the 22nd day. With little else better to do, he followed behind the army. He ate the scraps they left behind and tried to escape detection, but people had spotted him..

OOC Notes

First Agarthan, under Anthro rules he can be played with GM permission - which has been given by GM Ira - without setting submission as was done with the Vekimen.

In the case Ethereal becomes inactive:   * Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES   * Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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