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Wyatt's Finances

Wyatt Alder is a Jôtô Hei in the SAoY with a current income of 3,600ks/month.

SAoY Payment Chart Here

Starting Funds +3,000ks Initial balance
Purchase -1,100 one(1) SiZi M38 SDR
Purchase -500 Purchase of one(1) Star Army Footlocker & one(1) type 31 exo-atmospheric survival kit
Payment +3,200ks Itto Hei payment for Ichigatsu
Purchase -500ks Purchase of one(1) GP-12B with a grey stock
Payment +3,200ks Itto Hei payment for Nigatsu
Payment +3,200ks Itto Hei payment for Sangatsu
Promotion to Joto Hei
Payment +3,600ks Joto Hei payment for Shigatsu
Purchase -3,375KS Purchase of one(1) custom melee weapon
Purchase -340ks Purchase of one(1) ARS one(1) set of tethers, one(1) poncho, one(1) leather jacket and one(1) scarf
Purchase -60ks Purchase of two(2) Star Army Jika-Tabi, Type 38
Purchase -50ks Purchase of one(1) Type 33 Star Army Datapad
Purchase -300ks Purchase of one(1) Type 40 Vest in midnight black with two(2) sets of six(6) durandium plates
Current Total: 10,375ks
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