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Xavier Armstrong

Xavier Armstrong is a player character played by Demibear.

Xavier Armstrong
Species & Gender: Minkan
Date of Birth: YE 02
Organization: Ryu Keiretsu
Occupation: Xenobiologist/Geneticst
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Xavier is a tall, dark-skinned, and muscular man. He often keeps his black curly hair cut short to keep it tidy.

  • Height: 6'1โ€œ
  • Weight: 210 lbs


Xavier is an individual that can be best described as highly focus. While he does his best to be moral, he is not above dropping it if it benefits a greater good. Life is sacred to him, but individuals are expendable if it preserves life.

He is not known to be quick to temper, bearing with the tempers and advances of his NMX nekos. Though when he does or is pushed too far he will rage like an ancient berserker.



Born as a Geshrin in YE 2, the unlucky soul that is Xavier Armstrong is the son of a pair of PNUgen geneticists. As a result, his parent's work has cemented in him a sense of superiority over all other humans that were not bioengineered. He immediately upgraded to the NH-22C when given the chance and enlisted into the SAoY as a Sciene Officer. But when it was rescinded a year later, it was the first blow in his loyalty to the Yamatai Star Empire.

Though despite that, he had a growing resentment for the new Empire he was within, suffering from a bit cognitive dissonance. On one hand he was subjected to the other side of supremacist thoughts but he still believed he was superior to other suviving humans. In YE 35 he was kidnapped by the NMX (reported simply as disappearing) when in route to give a lecture on Hanako's World. That version of himself would eventually turn into the individual now known as Masamune Armstrong after the merger of his mind with a Parasite-Type Mishhuvurthyar and live an entirely different life with the remains of the NMX.

For Xavier, he would be given another chance at life. Finally declared dead in YE 42, Xavier's sister followed his will and revived him from an old ST backup. Losing 7 years of his life, he opted to take a new job as a chief scientist in a Ryu Keiretsu biotech corporation.

Social Connections

Xavier Armstrong is connected to:

  • Father: Michael Armstrong
  • Mother: Suzuki Makoto
  • Sister: Athena Armstrong

Skills Learned


Xavier is educated in the anatomy and biological processes of Humans, Nekovalkyrja, and Mishhuvurthyar. He can easily dissect a corpse and understands, more or less, what functions each organ in the body performs. Skilled in surgery, Xavier can manipulate the genetics or molecular structure of a subject to achieve most effects (and more) achievable by surgical means.

Because he understands how a body, and more importantly nerve tissue, reacts to certain chemicals; Xavier can manipulate the body and mind of a subject by administering chemical or nanomachine doses. He works with biological materials and is familiar with the tolerances and operational limits of most organic tissues as a design material.


Xavier understands how elements combine and interact and uses this knowledge to construct better, stronger materials and more effective chemicals for Mishhuvurthyar biotechnology (experiments), nanomachines, medical applications, and for his genetic engineering work.


Xavier is fluent in Trade and Yamataian.


Xavier can examine and design items on the molecular scale and is proficient in operating the technology used to manipulate atoms and molecules. He is capable of designing and constructing nanoscale devices of considerable complexity and he understands how a nanomachine should work by analyzing its structure and materials.


Xavier has always been interested in martial arts and weapons as a hobby. He is proficient in the use of common weapons available to Yamataians and learned SAINT CRIED fighting style from a retired intel operative that taught it on Yamatai.


Xavier is educated in advanced mathematics and is proficient in the basics as well. His studies focus primarily on mathematical chemistry and atomic physics.

Technology Operations

Xavier is familiar with the structure and operation of neural nets and computers built to run like them. He is also trained in using the Kessaku OS on any PANTHEON equipped computer system and NMX computer systems.

Inventory & Finance

Xavier Armstrong has the following items:

Newly revived, has nothing.

OOC Notes

This character article was generated using the PHP template form. Skill descriptions were adapted from the character named Nashin.

In the case Demibear becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character StatusActive Player Character
Character OwnerDemibear
Current LocationUkmirt

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