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Ya'rani Kishi'ko

Ya'rani Kishi'ko is a player character played by Kylindra.

Ya'rani Kishi'ko
Species & Gender: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) Female
Date of Birth: ER755v (23 in YE40)
Organization: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Occupation: Neshaten Engineer
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement: SNV Cercatore Di Stella

Preferred Plots

  1. SNV Cercatore Di Stella

Physical Description

Kishi'ko stands 4' 7โ€œ, and is surprisingly slender, albeit with surprisingly strong wiry arms, for someone who works with machinery all day, and has been doing labor for most of her life. Often dressed in either her work uniform, or a very basic jacket - tshirt- foot length skirts, the reasonably endowed (for a Daur anyway) woman is quiet over excitable. Often, she can be seen with her black furred sharp tilted ears are tilted forward as she works, and her white furred tail swishes around her as the delicate-looking daur repairs some bit, the black tip breaking the color. Her long white hair brackets a very angular face and angled yellow eyes, a probable remanent of her ancestry in the more polar regions of her homeworld. Like some Daurs, Kishi'ko's sense of smell is weaker than normal, something she often wears a gauge or probe for when she needs to work in areas where it's a warning sign.

Her voice is fairly light, and often she has to lower it a bit when she increases the volume to be properly heard. It took her multiple years to manage her volume properly, and occasionally she backslides into being too quiet. Even if she looks too quiet, her face often is expressive of her actual thoughts.


Kishi'ko is quiet, and has spent most of her life in work since she was a young kit. This is the result of teaching herself restraint in a military environment after school, and it has made her prone to prudence over rash actions, but her certainty can lead her into actions both brave and foolish. Of course, she has a rather hidden streak of impishness that she sometimes indulges in, when she can think of a harmless prank.

Kishi'ko's ambitions are to command a ship of her own one day, and she is a reasonably social fox because of it. Also, she likes to talk to people who share her love of building and repairing things. Polite unless angered, Kishi'ko has made a new reputation for herself as a very level headed, calm woman.


Ya'rani Kishi'ko was born in ER755v.

Born on the homeworld in ER 755v, Kishi'ko's parents were somewhat unusual for the polar regions, but not unknown - her father was a Myleke, and her mother a Daur. This made her very unusual, as typically such pairings produce Myleke.

Mechanically inclined, Kishi'ko enjoyed her schooling, and would have likely joined her family business had her parents not split over worries in early ER763. While it took some time to resolve, by the time she was 12, the family tension meant that Kishi'ko would have to look elsewhere for a job. While her older sister was able to land on her paws, Kishi'ko eventually chose the Youth Corps. When she was old enough to leave it, she wanted to enlist in the Shukara Volunteer Navy, but was faced to take some time off to deal with her mother remarrying, and then spent a few years on higher education while the family businesses were in turmoil due to some complicated drama between her mother and father

As Kishi'ko shows more signs of her father, her presence was a rather awkward reminder, and she rather suspected her step-father and mother didn't like her - and certainly, some of her siblings don't either. Still, having been in the Youth Corps, she kept herself polite, if for her mother's sake if anything, and then joined the Navy after helping her family keep things in order.

With the strained relationship with many of her siblings, and her parents, she volunteered for any long distance assignment as a new officer in the Navy.

Social Connections

Ya'rani Kishi'ko is connected to:

  • Ya'rani Sa'kro'zai (Myleke male, father)
  • Ka'reni Tsushi'ko (Daur female, mother)
  • Ya'rani Nashi'ko'ra (Myleke female, sister)
  • Ya'rani Izu'ka (Myleke female, sister)
  • Ya'rani T'os'ah (Myleke male, brother)
  • Ka'reni Tasa'ke (Daur male, step-father)
  • Ka'reni Sate'cha (Daur male, younger step-brother)
  • Ka'reni Aki'ro (Daur female, younger step-sister)
  • Ka'reni Taka'rida (Daur female, older step-sister)
  • Ka'reni Nami'ko (Daur female, older step-sister)

Skills Learned


Kishi'ko speaks Tinacen fluently, and generally can speak and understand Seraphim at a low level, but is not proficient in any other major galactic language. Part of that is lack of material, a lot of it is that she is often busy learning other things and hasn't the time or drive to major a second, let alone a third language.


Kishi'ko has a deep interest in law and history.


Kishi'ko has specialized in this for years, first as a young kit who liked repairing things, and later to compensate for a weak sense of smell. But some of it is that she finds a lot of joy of repairing and building small tools for herself, and it led her into specializing in engineering as a part of the Navy.


Kishi'ko specializes in both the sword and energy bow, but routinely keeps her proficiencies in ranged weapons up to date.

Technology Operation

Kishi'ko learned a lot from her father, even after the divorce, and..well. a well rounded engineer can also repair and operate technology

Starship Operations

Kishi'ko has the basic knowledge of this skill as she is training to be an officer and eventual shipmaster while serving as an engineer.

Survival and Military

Like most Youth Corps graduates, Kishi'ko is proficient in most survival skills, and keeps up with her skills. Unlike the others, which she uses often in day to day life, this is kept up out of a desire to not let any skill she has learnt to atrophy.

Inventory & Finance

Ya'rani Kishi'ko has the following items:

OOC Notes

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In the case Kylindra becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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