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Yaradu Vinkner


A player character used by that Primitive Polygon thing.

Species: Alien Amphibian Worm Thing
Gender: ???
Age: ???
Height: 9'2“ ft
Weight: 183 lb
Organization: Space Pirate
Occupation: Attack Dog
Current Placement: ISS-Brimstone

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Visually a mad hybrid of sea snake, alligator and axolotl, Yaradu is a long, pale-green alien creature with an elongated body and neck. Clearly not well adapted for movement on land, they have short retrograde legs, as well as webbed hands and feet; But are possessed of a very strong fan-like tail and a thin body structure, quite flexible and agile despite the drawbacks.

The head is a dopey large-mouthed thing with large teeth, a long tongue, and goggling, sky blue eyes. Triangular orange frills on the head suggest long elven ears or even draconian horns, though the body language of the creature is more often floppy and ridiculous.

A flexible translation collar with a built-in speaker is generally around their neck, not removed unless sleeping. Standard clothes tend to be little but swimsuits and webbing, with the creature becoming uncomfortable in anything baggy (Which is most things, as they are quite lithe). They also have a peculiar fascination with fish hooks, often used as jewellery, and bear what can only be assumed are pirate organisation tattoos an both arms. Small and glyph-like, Yaradu doesn't know what they mean either.


Pros; Amphibian by nature, Yaradu has all the hallmarks of breathing underwater and the ability to regrow limbs (though only at a standard organic rate). Far more disturbing is the acid spray glands in their cheeks, normally used to assist chewing through wood decking and the occasional piece of metal, but also usable as a spray attack.

They are also very heavy and strong, capable of crushing a man like dry spaghetti if somehow enticed to do so. Fitting through vents is too a natural ability, despite their overall length.

Cons; Hopping is one thing, but they are a poor runner. They will also dry out if going for long periods without water, which means sleeping in a bathtub in most starship environments. It's also worth mentioning that standard body armour types aren't exactly designed for them, making a flak vest pretty much the best one can hope for.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Squeeky and absurd, Yaradu is, to put it nicely… Probably not possessing of an IQ much above 70. They are very easily excitable and naive in almost every aspect, with very little middle ground between mind-explodingly happy and lethargic, sinking depression.

They can be easily fooled with trades for trinkets and toys. The only thing that doesn't work on them is food, as the creature eats almost exclusively on dry fibrous objects like wood, bones, sea shells, or the occasional slice of very burnt toast.

The collar gives them the voice of a child, which is frankly very disturbing when combined with a nine-foot tall creature capable of chewing through metal given enough time and effort. Indeed, they have almost no moral compass, and are quite capable of killing a man without really thinking about any higher implications.

There is a lifetime of bad influences behind them, and getting any hidden skeletons out of their closet has generally not been considered worth the effort in the past.

  • Likes: Running water, playfighting, people talking to them like a child, eating the furniture, knives, shinny objects.
  • Dislikes: People yelling at them, jokes they don't understand, being shot at, small rooms.
  • Goals: Meet some friendly friends and get them to give Yara some chewy stuff.



Possibily from a distant alien planet who's inhabitants were used as a servant cast, or possibly an outright uplifted animal… It's difficult to tell exactly where Yaradu is from, because they are basically the last person who remembers anything about that far back. All that is clear is that they are in this area of the galaxy alone, and at some point about ten years ago became attached to a space pirate named Abbram Vinker operating out of the Nepleslian Black Hole Cluster.

Turned out that having a huge exotic semi-sentient animal around was helpful for intimidating both enemies and prisoners, especially when said-animal has acid breath. His shtick was a collection of exotic and dangerous alien animals, beings that could also be used for unique pit fights and other events of debased gambling.

Soft spoken and innately emphatic, but also furious and temperamental when his money turned out to be ill-spent, Yaradu grew to look upon to Abbram Vinker as basically a father figure; With both fear and respect. Even through they weren't technically a slave, they still got dragged along with him when the man's luck was down, jumping from the Red Eagle to the Bloody Cerberus to the Violent Inchor over the space of a decade. They once even spent three summers laying low near the beaches of Sargasso, where Yaradu was frequently mistaken for a cryptid.

It was one last trick, however, promising to be delivered to a 'place with endless oceans of water', that finally broke Yaradu's faith in him. This place was the city of 'Faith' on the planet Vice, a fishing port by construction, but also essentially a den of human trafficking.

Being asked to perform increasingly cruel acts, and witnessing some of the worst the human race has to offer, Yaradu decided to slink off in the night, before their 'father' inevitably became bored with them, too…

A chance encounter, and a hair brained scheme to steal things, then lead to the giant fish encountering the Brimstone crew whilst they were in the middle of a mission. This probably wasn't going to end well…





Yaradu Vinkner currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case primitive_polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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