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Yitih Flushcrux

Yitih is a player character played by Lijosu.

Species & Gender: Deceiver Female
Date of Birth: YE 14
Organization: None (Once was a member of The Flushcrux)
Occupation: None (Former Escort)
Rank: None
Current Placement: None

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

Yitih is a typical size for her age, clocking in at 175.26 cm tall (last time she measured). She has a slim body shape with a small waist and relatively large hips. She has a bit of a barrel chest, cementing her as having an hourglass figure. Her former coworkers used to praise her for her naturally feminine physique, these qualities being highly sort after in her line of work. Many would tell you that if it weren't for her… Irksome attitude, she would had effortlessly become a high ranking member of the clan.

Her defining characteristics are her crest, which only raises slightly in the center and has two slight dips on the far ends, and her scanty canine teeth. Although deceivers can produce any voice with enough practice, Yitih is most comfortable using a taut, tremulous voice with a slight Yamataian accent.


The first words someone might use to describe Yitih are accusatory, contradictory, rebellious and high headed. If someone were to get to know her, they may say she is sly, socially conversant or even clever. If someone knew her well they would assure you that despite her initial appearance, she is quite determined but often too mentally conflicted and perhaps too aware to follow through.

One of Yitih's most undying passions is the pursuit of other professions, yet despite this she has shown a consistent unwillingness to change jobs. She often over reacts to sexually orientated jokes and innuendos despite sometimes implying them herself. There is a passionate side of Yitih despite all this, one that gets anxious and enjoys company where she can get it. A particularly noticeable, yet uncommon quirk of hers is wringing her tentacles when she's nervous.

The most blatant attribute of Yitih's personality is her streetwise and overall skill and understanding of social manipulation. Somewhat contrarily, as well. Someone may be tempted to think that if she were truly skilled in these areas, it wouldn't be nearly as obvious. Regardless, many people feel naturally drawn into her shenanigans and it is often far more difficult to win in civil stand off against her than it at first seems. It goes without saying that even still, her brashness does adversely affect her talent.


Although she isn't a good actor, Yitih has a number of identities and disguises she uses in her day to day life and exploits in her work.

Panya Flushcrux

  • Species: Nekovalkyrja
  • Appearance: As Panya, Yitih resembles a Nekovalkyrja with pale violet skin and straight, silky black hair but no tail. Yitih typically wears a wig and fake ears to acheive this.
  • Personality: Panya is intended to be energetic and optimistic. It isn't uncommon for Yitih to completely butcher this and snap back into her regular self when disguised as this identity, especially if she's provoked.

Skyla Flushcrux

  • Species: Minkan
  • Appearance: Pale, freckled skin and short, orange hair. Moderate bust (using fake breasts), though Yitih will make do with covering her chest to give the illusion of having any breast at all if need be. Yitih typically wears fake ears when disguised as Skyla. Skyla also has a larger fringe than her sides and her hair is wavy.
  • Personality: No one really knows if Skyla is meant to be any different to Yitih at all, but there isn't any discernible difference.

Vivaan Flushcrux

  • Species: Iromakuanhe
  • Appearance: Dark skinned with brown hair, Vivaan most closely resembles a Sund Wakir. Yitih normally uses an entire headpiece including horns, ears and hair when disguised as Vivaan. The exoskeletal plates of Iroma mean that Yitih has to inflate her joints to make it appear as though she is a real Iromakuanhe.
  • Personality: Vivaan is intentionally work orientated and straight to the point. Interestingly, Yitih doesn't seem to have much trouble conveying this and doesn't come out of character often when disguised as Vivaan.

Yitih Flushcrux

Despite it being a bit unusual for her kind, Yitih isn't that bothered by just being herself and will happily walk about in her own skin rather than someone else's.


Yitih was born in YE 14 in Khipai of The Slant and inside The Palisade. At the age of 13 she and her family moved to Zhilijija of The Tenet and began her apprenticeship once she turned 15. She became a member of The Flushcrux at the typical age of 25 and began work immediately. After many years as an escort for The Flushcrux she unexpectedly woke up on an alien planet and found herself having to survive on her own, making the assumption that someone had kidnapped her and left her there to die.

Skills Learned

She has the following notable skills:

  • Entertainment: Dancing, Sexual Techniques, [REDACTED].
  • Communications: Fast-talking, Social Manipulation.
  • Domestic: Basic life in The Tenet.
  • Language: Knows Khatohmai (all forms), Elysian, Yamataigo, Saalsari and Trade.
  • Rogue: Streetwise, Seduction, Bribery, Trade, Salesmanship, Disguise/Cosplay.

Social Connections

Yitih was once close to a few of her coworkers and at the throats of others. She had a close connection with her family despite most of her brothers, sisters and her parents going separate ways.

Inventory & Finance

She woke up on Sirris VI without any of her possessions, clearing her of any inventory or finance she once had.

OOC Information

In the case lijosu becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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