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Yl’usmia is a player character played by Slaskia.

Character Profile
Name: Yl’usmia
Species: Meikin
Age: 20 (Se)
Gender: Female
Homeworld: ?
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Occupation Apprentice Carpenter/Inventor, Novice Explorer
Placement SNV Gam'trosha

Physical Description

Height: 5’3” with head raised, 3’ at (arm) shoulder
Length: 14’
Wing Span: 22.5’
Weight: ?
Build: Light
Primary Fur Color(s): Light grey with white underbelly/underwing
Secondary Fur Color(s): Light brown stripes with cream 'shadow' and black streaks in left side of mane
Eye Color: Emerald

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Yl’usmia is a very curious Meikin. New things excite her, which drives her to learn everything she can about it. This curiosity also makes her a bit of an explorer, which has gotten her into trouble more than once. She’s a ‘learning by doing’ type.

When it comes to conflict, she’s a bit of a coward. Thus, when she feels her life is threatened, she tends to run and hide at first opportunity. This is especially so in combat situations, of which she has practically no experience: hunting for food is one thing, but fighting another sapient is completely another.

Likes: Exploring and tinkering Dislikes: Being stuck in one place for an extended period of time. Trying to learn things by reading. Goals: To learn everything she can about the people and environment she now finds herself in, but also desires to eventually find her way back home.


The information below relates to the history of the character.


As a Yan, Yl’usmia was always poking and prodding everything, trying to figure out how everything worked and why. This made her a shoe in for an apprenticeship with the tribe’s carpenter, Nl’osur, whom was also a bit of an inventor and tinkerer. She took this apprenticeship with gusto, her drive to learn how things worked also being channeled into experimenting with new designs, though some members of the tribe didn’t appreciate her ‘wasting’ resources in such a way.

Aside from Nl’osur’s workshop, things in the tribe quickly got boring for her, so Yl’sumia started exploring further and further away from the tribe village. This got her into trouble a few times, but nothing she couldn’t figure her way out of, though Nl’osur did scold her repeatedly for her extended outings. That was until she found a metal object she had never seen before. When she brought it back, Nl’osur became excited: he told her it was evidence of a civilization that lived on their world before their time.

Encouraged, Yl’usmia started searching for more of similar objects, though other members of the tribe felt it was a waste of time. Unfortunately, as the land they were on had been inhabited by their people for a very long time, there was little else she could find. This disappointed her and she started to become depressed. When they got word that there were plans to expand their overall population to a new continent, she leapt at the chance and volunteered: Nl’osur did as well.

After they arrived at the chosen outpost location, Yl’usmia couldn’t wait to start exploring. Nl’osur forced her to wait, however, explaining that the needs of the group came first before curiosity: they had a lot of work to do before they could satisfy their itch to search for new discoveries. Yl’usmia begrudgingly went along with it, but it wasn’t long before she started sneaking out on her own.

She tried to keep her excursions short, but every time she was tempted to go further and further she did go. Until one day she found the most fascinating thing of all: ruins of the very civilization they only seen hints of until then. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t tell Nl’osur what she found, else she would like be put under guard for her impudence. So she kept it to herself, though she took plenty of notes of what she found, including sketches. As her notebook got larger, she feared Nl’osur (or anyone else) would get too curious on its contents, so she started keeping it at the ruins site.

One night, while enjoying the view on top of the highest of the ruined structures, she saw something even more fascinating. Something that would change her life forever….


She has some skill in carpentry, though not as much as she should. She also has limited knowledge of metal shaping, mostly with copper and other soft metals.

Her flying ability is average, though on higher gravity worlds she can only manage a glide, if that.

Yl'usmia's greatest asset is her intelligence, though its usefulness is currently limited due to her species technology level.

More about Meikin

- Meikin are a quadrupedal, sapient species. - Primarily carnivorous, but do supplement their diet with various fruits and nuts. - Technology level is roughly early iron (?) age. - Live in tribes, loosely connected by trade networks. Each tribe is overseen by council of elders. - Lifestages are referred to as follows: – Children are referred to as ‘Yans’ and unlike the adults, they are wingless and more bestial in appearance. – Adults are called ‘Se’. Becoming a Se is marked by a drastic, physical transformation when they hit puberty (at roughly 18 years old): new Se’s become larger, but more streamlined. Their front paws become proper hands and they grow a new set of limbs in the form of wings. – Kor’s are the Elders of the species. Meikin become elders either when they are done with child rearing, or have performed a significant act that greatly benefits the tribe. They serve as the leadership and teachers of the tribe. - Clothing is limited to belts, harnesses and other simple items that aid in transporting tools and goods. Any jewelry worn is meant to be symbolic of their deeds and/or occupation, not status. Traditionally such items are made of simple twine, wood, bone, stone and shells, but lately metal jewelry is becoming more popular. - They have both a written and spoken language, though the former is primarily used for recording information, not causal correspondence. - It's the lower gravity of their world that enables such a large creature to be able to fly at all. Still, most Meikin only use flight for travel.

Reference Art

Reference artwork for the character.


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