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Yngvildr Ratatöskr

Yngvildr Ratatöskr is a player character played by Yngvildr.

Yngvildr Ratatöskr
Species: Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Age: 188 Days
Height: 146 cm
Weight: 27 kg
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Infantry
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Oorchi Squadron
  2. YSS Aeon

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 146 cm
  • Mass: 27 kg
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Slender build, small bust, pink skin

Eyes and Facial Features: Roundish face; Round, red eyes

Ears: Neko ears, black fured

Hair Color and Style: Black hair, cut to shoulder lenght

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Yngvildr tries to be friendly and outgoing, but most of the persons she has met in her short life have considered here more or less annoying. When faced with this critique, she usually just crumbles or goes away silently, she is to nice to confront such problems. When she notices others fighting she usually tries to calm them down, acting as a diplomat, too.

This general “Diplomacyness” of her has also come down in her fighting style: She doesn´t brutally kill her enemies, but rather tries to take them down with one deadly shot. In CQC, she will usually incapacitate enemies and capture them.

  • Likes: Harmony, Marching Music, Military strategy (Mostly to compensate for her dislike of actual fighting)
  • Dislikes: Brutalities, “Assholes”
  • Goals: Advancing in rank, preferably into an officer´s position


Family (or Creators)

Star Army of Yamatai


Underwent Standard Training for newly created Nekovalkyrians for 98 Days, followed by 3 Months of specialized Infantry Training



Yngvildr Ratatöskr has the following items:


Yngvildr Ratatöskr is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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