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The following article is about a character from a 'television show'


Yoshi is an NPC.

General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Yami Custom Cat Height: 5 inches (at the shoulder)
Gender: Female Weight: 4.7 lbs
Age: .4 years Eyes: Grey
Fur: Placeholder

Physical Characteristics

Description: Yoshi is a reasonably fit cat, not too fat nor to skinny; she's fun to pet and snuggle with! Fur Color and Style: She has pink, fluffy fur with dark pink stripes down her body. Distinguishing Features: Yoshi often has a pink flower in her hair, and a priceless mischief face, as seen above.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Like her friend Orie, Yoshi is Naive, but often pokes her nose into things, getting into all sorts of trouble! Likes: Fish, Canned Cat Food, Being Combed. Dislikes: Anything Mean, Being dirty and covered in stuff. Goals: Be best friends forever with Orie and find a nice family.


Yoshi is a character of the children's show Yami NekoNeko, which has recently become popular in Yamatai.

Yoshi was once owned by a mean owner who told her all the time not to do things, which she didn't like, so she sneaked out and ran away to do whatever she wants to!

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