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Yoshi Katai

Yoshi Katai is a player character played by Yoshi.

Yoshi Katai
Yoshi Katai
Species: NH-33
Gender: hermaphrodite considers self Female
Age: 6 (YE 29)
Height: 170cm (5' 6”)
Weight: 45kg (99lbs)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Starship Captain
Rank: Taii
Current Placement:

Name Means From Japanese 吉 “good luck”, 義 “righteous”, or 良 “good”. (Not the Dinosaur…)

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 170cm (5' 6”)
  • Mass: 45kg (99lbs)
  • Measurements: 36D-21-35

Build and Skin Color: She is a lathe marmoreal Neko. Her skin is gray marbled white, covering a muscles that look like a wound-up rubber band.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has a stern, hard-edged, freckled heart-shaped face with almond shaped golden eyes.

Ears: Neko ears that have light Grey fur covering.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair hang down to her waist in a braided pony tail. It starts dark emerald green and fades down to almost a neon light green at the end.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Fun loving and easy going, Yoshi is very serious when it comes to the job. She always moves with a feeling of ease, never one to look outwardly stressed, she never sweats the small things and she looks for best in a situation.

  • Likes: Marmalade on English muffins, Coffee, Pina Colatas, Hugs.
  • Dislikes: Morning reports, People in her chair, Bananas, insensitive jerks out just to hurt people.
  • Goals: To do right by her crew, and her Empire.



Yoshi was made by the Ketsurui Zaibatsu.


Yoshi Katai was created on Planet Yamatai, by a technician who had some screwed up uses for her. After Removing herself from his custody, ( he only now relearning how to walk.) She Entered herself into training. Where she underwent standard Star Army of Yamatai training without any issues. She started her career aboard an early Sakura class, stationed as the ships pilot. She never found any reason to be concerned with the fact that she was physically different form the rest of the nekos aboard the ship, it was just who she was. The ship served well, though was kept to the rear during the NMX war. Only engaging is a few small scale battles. Yoshi went up the ranks, showing that she was officer material, she under went officer training aboard and slowly work up the ranks until she was a first officer. When the orders came for her to be transferred to the tenth fleet to command a gunship, she was excited with the ideas of the possibilities.

"To The Stars"

After meeting her new crew and explaining she was here just for the ride to Leo Star Fortress, She relaxed in her cabin reading Through out the next few hours she had interacted with each of the crew members, each by themselves, allowing her to gain better understanding of each of them. When all of the other escorts exploded and a freighter took off trying to run away, Yoshi took command of the Sakishima and lead the crew to a successful operation to bring the stray freighter back to the fold.

"Leo Star Fortress"

Once arriving at Leo, Yoshi left to meet with her new commander. After leaving the offices she bought an air bike and met up with a few of the crew at a bar. after a few drinks she left with Asrid Torsson, drunk and zipping around on the bike they come to an understanding that they both want an relationship. Receiving an emergency notice form Jeeves the ship's AI they return to the bar to find Isa Momoka in a fight with most of the patrons. Making a few hasty plans, Yoshi was able to grab the mini-neko and with Asrid raze to a local Hotel. Before to long Goto met with them and started growing about the whole situation that was caused, Yoshi with Jeeves help solved the major problems. after every one else goes to bed Yoshi and Asrid talk about how to deal with their relationship.

The next morning Asrid and Yoshi were in the tub… ing and Goto stumbles in to take a morning piss. Which lead into a huge fight between Yoshi and Goto over what is appropriate. Yoshi Stormed out and wondered town until she met up with Asrid, after shopping for some cloths, they went to go and buy Condo's for the whole crew, giving them a place to live off ship. Plans for a fancy last night of leave dinner were, made. Yoshi and Goto go to a operations briefing. After Yoshi and Goto talk straightening out a good deal of the problems from that morning. She gave all the keys to Goto to hand out from himself.

Episode 2

Upon arriving at the scene, the YSS Magomi was drifting in space with a pirate boarding shuttle attached to the airlock. When the Sakishima was discovered by the pirates, most of the Magomi's crew was released into deep space and a skirmish ensued. Thankfully, a passenger infantry neko, Simo Anzu was aboard and helped prevent the fight from becoming too protracted while suffering some injury.

With the Magomi back in SAoY hands, her crew safe or recovering, and the dispatch of the pirates; Yoshi After being delayed in joining the Saki by a meeting with the Chusia, which concluded with the construction of the drone fleet. Jumping in to the area the Saki with the drone fleet to augment their forces. Morning came with Jeeves waking the Yoshi with findings of another pirate attack.

The crew woke up to two destroyed civilian ships for breakfast - one a tanker, and another a cruise ship. While half the crew went exploring, only for someone on the away team to locate a nuke. It was a race against time, but Sakishima made it through to a far enough point to handle the blast.

Episode 2.5

However, it seemed the mine was not enough and the fleet ended up in a battle with pirates for brunch. The battle at first seemed overwhelming, but with Asrid's apt use of in combat fold and the weaponized drones things mostly went in the Sakishima's favour. After a long drawn out battle that nearly distroyed the ship, the Sakishima came away victorious.

Interlude 2

After quite the battle and limping the ship back home, The crew were given some much deserved leave. Yoshi took Asrid on a lovely dinner date. Unfortunately, the date was cut short by some problems at the condo complex that sporadically continued on through the next morning.

Interlude 2.5

After a significant refit and repair, the Sakishima is back in action; however it's first mission is a shake down cruise to the home world to deliver cargo and spend Yule “at home”. Asrid took this time to introduce Yoshi to her family. Unfortunately, with all the good intentions the home showed the fractures that had been growing over time, resulting in the couple having to leave early.

Before take-off however, Yoshi had decided to bring Asrid's younger brother, Lars, back with them to help him become a man. An education he could use in spades.

Episode 3 West world or how I decided that sand in my crack sucks.

As the ship traveled back to the Leo station after it's layover on Yamatai, it was attacked and board by cockroaches of doom like proportions. Next thing the crew knew they were in a old western world with wheel guns and screwed up love triangles. there were shooting, sand, and guns for hire that wouldn't hire. After a day or two of sand wars The computer systems went gunny bagged form a huge does of Ich, San, and Potato. Once back aboard the Saki the Cock-ship was destroyed and everyone took hour long showers… (Side note two months later Yoshi still can't get all the sand out of her panties.)

Episode 3.9

Continuing on the way back to Leo Star Fortress Yoshi Took a break from the bridge to go and discuss things with the Kodians medic, Zuyev Gorshkav, Asking him if she would be able to have a child with her special build. As she sat there waiting for the results Asrid came into the Med bay and Yoshi hid. She panicked when Asrid was asking the same question, but of her self. Yoshi didn't want Asrid to feel pressured into things so she panicked and bite her hand.

In her panicked mood Yoshi returned to her Cabin and started going over all of the reports and other things that needed her attention, hopeing to distract her self. That is when Asrid came in with a good mood, the young woman wanted to bring Yoshi a coffee while she did paper work. This pause at in the galley was enough for the captain to get to her quarters to do what she had originally said she was, but spent the time only worrying. When Asrid arrived, things went from happy, to frustrating, to angry as things turned into a fight about what could and could not be done. Eventually the decision was made to talk about it later, after shift, resulting in the pilot not so happily returning to the bridge.

Oddly enough, again without Asrid's knowledge, Yoshi asked the girl's father for permission to marry her, and began working on the paperwork for that. When the time for discussion came again, things eventually were straightened out and the young Minkan accepted her Neko lover's marriage proposal. She also ensured that they both had signed off on the SAOY paperwork required to get command approval for their union. And there Was much Rejoicing…

High from this advancement in their relationship, Asrid and Yoshi got around to talking to Lars about this. Due to some things that happened in the dream world, the boy was nervous about the whole thing, but congratulated them, glad that he hadn't put a wedge between the two of them. Soon, however, things turned to him having wanted to stay on, but his guilt would not allow it and the resulting discussion ended in a fight between him and the captain as well as a black eye for the teen.

Interlude 3

After the results of the previous week and the SAINT interrogation about their ordeal with the bugs, Asrid spent the morning with her guts in knots while she waited for the judgement of their freedom, permission to marry, and how things would continue with Lars. A gaming session did not seem to help much of anything, and seeing her brother's black eye helped even less. However when Yoshi returned from Squadron Command, the words of release were easing and she was at least a little happy about being promoted to Ittô Hei; but not easing enough as she continues to wait on the permission and word on her relationship with her brother.

The other two questions were soon answered. One took a forced conversation with her brother, which later allowed things to settle down between Lars and Yoshi as well. Then, another conversation with her lover about future plans brought about the answer that they truly did have permission to marry. With that, the day finished up with a grand shopping trip that saw Lars get a new gun, and the family a new car.

Episode 4

The leave time was short, but Misato's Passage never takes a day off and there were still pirates to be dealt with. The next morning saw the whole DESRON 2 squadron in a briefing room for their next mission - to take out the base the Sakishima had found last fall. It was time to take the fight to them and make them pay for their crimes.

The plan was to have the squadron's two cruisers take out the major defensive placements while Sakishima and two other Chiaki-class Escort Destroyers took out smaller placements and guided in the Legionaries to allow them to take the station. While this first part went off not too badly, many of the drop ships still got hit badly or destroyed. After dropping off her away team, even the Sakishima got banged up pretty good by a nuke while one of her sister ships was destroyed.

The bridge crew now needed to keep the ship running and fighting while the away team continues their takeover the pirate space station. They took their time to make sure they were alright and ready to go before doing anything suggesting life, then switched on full blast to take out their first target - the one that took out their sister ship. They then continued on to the next and the next, holding the line as the rest of the squadron arrived.

Of course, with all the damage taken, the Sakishima, again, needed repairs and refit resulting in yet another break. Only this time leave was not on Leo station. the Sakishima's crew got dumped off at the last imaginable place in the galaxy for where they were based - Hanako's World.


Beyond the Standard skills that all Star army Solders are trained to have, (Star Army Common Skills) She has also developed other skills holding her above the basic trooper.

  • Starship Operations: Having her first duty assignment as a small warship pilot, Yoshi extended her proficiency to piloting larger cruisers. Her constant presence aboard a bridge (when not called to occasionally fight in a MINDY) helped her learn the practical flow of operations. Her high echelon studies and practical training came at the Kyoto War college, where the Neko learned the finer points of starship operations from the command seat.
  • Entertainment: Having fun is definitely upon the many priorities in which she possesses. However with a social life bordering on social adventure her flirtatious interactions, natural ability to belly dance and a hunger for sexual encounter has her true playful nature at heart. Fairly good at mixing a drink, mostly for herself however.
  • Humanities: Yoshi is an eloquent speaker, and keeps her appearance sharp at all times. She knows how to host functions of all types, and is well-versed in etiquette. She can negotiate political actions and treaties and serve as a dignitary and liaison. She knows how to behave across multi-cultural barriers and in the political houses of foreign powers. Yoshi knows how to use a sword for ceremonial purposes.
  • Star Army history (Knowledge): She has studied form the founding to the current date the events that have created and drive the Military and the Empire as a whole.
  • Law in the Yamatai Star Empire (Knowledge): Yoshi took a crash coarse in Law when she became an office, though deemed proficient she feels that her knowledge is lacking in this field and tries to study it when ever she gets a chance.
  • Public speaking (Leadership) She has no problem speaking before large audiences. Yoshi knows the ins and outs of various honor systems, and is familiar with their workings (consequences of breaking them, etc).
  • Leadership: Yoshi has developed a command disposition, over the years she have served. She is respectful of those who serve under her command and is not afraid to make decisions. Her problem solving abilities and strategies proving her capable of leadership have been proven on several occasions throughout her career. She is an articulate, charismatic individual, who ties to have the adoration, and respect of those who serve beneath her.


Yoshi Katai has the following items:

  • Second Change Salvage's Annual Trick-or-Treat (YE 36)
    • Baggy Nepleslian pants
    • Pack of misc. data & power cables
    • Box of garden vegetable seeds
    • Barrel of Motor Oil
    • Meat grinder and sausage making kit
  • HSC First Trick or Treat Event YE 36 / CY 755 (2014):
    • An Umatli (kilt) in the person's size in dark blue with silver trim
    • 1 box of Yâty Iko (Red tea) 24 individual bags, apple cinnamon flavor
    • Candy Qaktoro, chocolate with blood (cherry syrup) feeling.
    • Plastic Gatargen skull, eyes light up when something gets within 3 feet and a cackling sound comes out.


She also has bought a Type 30 Space Yacht as a wedding gift for Asrid, it was damaged and is undergoing refurbishing and repairs.


Yoshi Katai is currently a Taii in the Star Army of Yamatai. All In KS

YE 36

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 Starting Funds
5,214 2,214 Jan
7,428 2,214 Feb
9,232 2,214 Mar
12,553 3,321 Apr
15,874 3,321 May
19,195 3,321 Jun
22,516 3,321 July
25,837 3,321 Aug
29,158 3,321 Sept
32,479 3,321 Oct
35,800 3,321 Nov
36,121 3,321 Dec

YE 37

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
39,442 3,321 Jan
42,763 3,321 Feb
46,084 3,321 Mar
49,405 3,321 Apr
58,505 9,100 May
67,605 9,100 Jun
69,331 9,100 July
76,705 9,100 Aug
85,805 9,100 Sept
94,905 9,100 Oct
104,005 9,100 Nov
122,205 9,100 Dec

YE 38

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
131,305 9,100 Jan
140,405 9,100 Feb
149,505 9,100 Mar
158,605 9,100 Apr
167,705 9,100 May
117,705 50,000 Purchase from SCSC
126,805 9,100 Jun
135,905 9,100 July
145,005 9,100 Aug
154,105 9,100 Sept
163,205 9,100 Oct
172,305 9,100 Nov
181,405 9,100 Dec

YE 39

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
190,505 9,100 Jan
5,815,505 5,625,000 Lean on the Combat Carrier
190,505 5,625,000 Purchase of weapon from the Vek
199,605 9,100 Feb
208,705 9,100 Mar
217,805 9,100 Apr
226,905 9,100 May
236,005 9,100 Jun
245,105 9,100 July
254,205 9,100 Aug
263,305 9,100 Sept
272,405 9,100 Oct
281,505 9,100 Nov
290,605 9,100 Dec

YE 40

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
299,705 9,100 Jan

OOC Notes

Do Not Allow to be adopted out… rather the character is killed off.

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