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Yui Ee'ith

Yui Ee'ith is a player character played by Littlewasp.

Yui Ee'ith
Species: I'ee
Gender: Sterile Female (Worker)
Age: 19
Height: 4 feet, 20 inches
Weight: TBD
Organization: The Ee'ith Family
Occupation: Guardian

Preferred Plots

  1. N/A as of yet

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5 feet, 1 inch
  • Mass: TBD

Build and Skin Color: Yellow/black Carapace

Eyes and Facial Features: Black Compound eyes.

Hair Color and Style: Black Fuzz

Distinguishing Features: Both wings have been clipped and fashioned into elaborate, skeletal designs tipped with golden jewellery.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: With an inexhaustible protective drive, Yui was destined to become a warrior, having proven herself a capable hunter in her youth. With her family's growing focus towards alien relations, Yui has found herself protecting her ambassador sisters on their long, lonely voyages. Having seen these expeditions end in disaster more than once, her outlook on alien species is less than optimistic. To an outsider, she is distrustful, disrespectful and belligerent, but to her sisters, she is caring, almost motherly. Despite being less than enthusiastic about picking an alien name for herself, at the encouraging of her sister Sally, she picked the name Yui, after Yamatai Fleet Admiral Ketsurui Yui. While her sister is eager to proclaim this decision as a display of respect towards the distinguished Admiral, Yui primarily chose this name due to it being pronounceable in her native dialect.

  • Likes: Hunting, quiet time.
  • Dislikes: Alien species, being alone.
  • Goals: To protect Sally from any threat.


Family (or Creators)

The Ee'ith family


As soon as Yui took her first flight out from the hive to hunt, she out-performed herself, having dragged home several kills over the course of a day, defending each corpse from encroaching scavengers until she was close enough to get help from her sisters. Killing was never enjoyable in itself, but the rush of excitement and emotion that resulted still made her lust for her next hunt; without the needs of her family to drive her, killing would mean nothing to her. When Yui eventually matured, she immediately leapt at the opportunity to become a warrior, fascinated by the thought of defending her family as a career. Years of fighting encroaching alien pirates and defending gullible ambassador sisters have left her cynical of her family's political efforts, but the fire of loyalty and love for her sisters has not faltered in the slightest.

Current History

Since Sally and Yui's current mission ties them together plot-wise, refer to Sally's profile for current events: Link



Like all I'ee, Yui is more than capable of killing, but there is great difference between warfare and hunting. Yui was trained by Thi-thi, the I'ee warrior family, which she still holds in high regards. While she will always prefer biting, clawing and stabbing her enemies to death with implements both natural and artificial, she has also been trained in the use of ranged weaponry.

Alien Politics and Culture

Due to her task as a guardian of ambassadors, and the speciality of her family, Yui has received training in the ways of alien peoples. While she doesn't pretend to understand a bit of it, she knows enough to not offend or confuse aliens.

Starship Operations

Both Yui and her sister Sally are trained in piloting their ambassador space craft. While not well equipped for combat, they are knowledgeable of effective evasive maneuvers and ramming trajectories. Compared to Sally, Yui has greater experience with space combat, particularly with alien craft.


Yui Ee'ith has the following items:

  1. I'ee 'Brawler' Combat Armour: The protective gear of a close-combat specialist, consisting of a spined helmet, thorax and abdomen armour, as well as greaves for each individual leg. In addition, Yui also carries a pair of curved, rectangular shields, similar in shape to an ancient Roman Scutum, albeit much smaller.
  2. Combat Grafts: Similar to medical prosthesis, I'ee warriors utilise metal grafts to augment their existing, natural weaponry. Razor-sharp mandible attachments and sharp, saw-shaped stinger augmentations are possessed by Yui.
  3. Translator Implant: A brass-coloured socket implanted in the back of the skull. When connected to an appropriate speaker system, it can translate thought into speech in any language the user knows.

OOC Discussion

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