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Yuki Kenichi

Status: Active

Faction: Civilian, ex-GSA/YSA

Species: Geshrin


Age: 24

At six-foot-four, Yuki Kenichi's Nepleslian nature shows through crystal clear. Brown hair, emerald green eyes, and a square jaw all show a strength, but also a restraint uncommon in a wartime Heisho.

Dress: Blue jeans, white shirt, brown hiking boots, large yellow scarf

Personality: Kenichi is normally a strong individual, though his tenure aboard the Yamataibare has left him a bit shaken. His time, however, has also taught him to live life to the fullest, be it hiking on a rocky mountainous world, exploring the stars, or bedding a particularly attractive woman.

He still has very high morals, but chastity is not among them, coming from a highly gender-imbalanced culture. War and seclusion has taught him how fragile life is, from the smallest to largest scales, and the horror of war. While he has an optimism for the universe, like his younger sibling Yuki Toshiro, it is tempered by realism and experience.


3000 KS + 41,600 KS (4 years backpay, Nito Heisho)

44,600 KS

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