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Yuki Watanabe

Yuki Watanabe is a player character played by SirSkully

Yuki Wantanabe
Species and Gender: NH-29M Female
Date of Birth: YE 38
Organisation: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: SAINT Intelligence Operative
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Placement: SINs Of Anisa: Idol Wars

Physical Description

Yuki stands at eight inches tall with measurements of 32c-23-25 on her lithe and semi-athletic hourglass frame that is often clad in a turtleneck sweater-dress, lightly toned in some places and slightly softer in others leave her with a rather womanly frame that is quite the contrast to her naïve and cutesy features.

A soft, heart-shaped face frames her pale features, a small nose with two with a large, round, pale blue eye on either side – Yuki’s hair is kept a little bit shorter than shoulder length and is a rather vibrant pink in colour, intensifying during anger, bouts of extreme happiness or other strong emotions and paling when she is sad, injured or otherwise feeling down.


Yuki is often regarded as the ‘cutesy’ one of most groups, with a positive outlook on life and a strong sense of loyalty to her team-mates even if they haven’t done anything deserving of it. She also has a certain child-like curiosity, liking things to be thoroughly explained to her but by no means is she air-headed or dumb.

Yuki is sometimes prone to letting actions speak louder than words, being a very physical person who won’t shy away from the opportunity to hug people – bit despite all this gentleness she displays, if somebody insults or otherwise seeks to harm a friend of hers then a certain fierceness shines through, although it should be said that there has never been a single validified account of her ever actually letting out a profanity nor a cuss word – using colourful alternatives instead.


Yuki was created in the second third of YE 38, there was a slight error in her creation involving her volumetrics system being partially wired up to the new mini Neko’s limbic system – although it was deemed not hazardous enough for a recall, so the kind-hearted soul was sent into training. During the start of her short military career, the mini Neko more than proved she was capable of keeping up with her more traditionally-proportioned counterparts in every way – it was just an added bonus that her rather unassuming outward nature meant she was perfect for covert operations and combined with being voted “most likely to be an Idol” from her nest it should come as no surprise how she ended up being a figure that the public adored.

Skills Learned

Star Army Common Skills

SAINT Training Activity

- Humanities: Yuki is quite a warm and loving person, as such she has a keen knack for knowing when somebody is down and has a few tricks up her sleeve to help try to pick them back up again. - Fighting: Despite her cutesy nature and the warmness in her hugs, Yuki is a very lethal individual when given a change to use her favourite weapon, a custom made polearm she rather fondly named “Mr Pokey”

Social Connections

(Insert Other Idols Here)

Inventory and Finance

Yuki Wantabe currently has:

Star Army Standard Issue Items

Mr Pokey

3,000 ks

OOC Information

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In the case sirskully becomes inactive:

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