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Kinsaka Yukiharo

Yukiharo Kinsaka is a NPC controlled by GM Kyle.

Yukiharo Kinsaka
Species: NH-33 (Eihei)
Gender: Female
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Command
Rank: Taisho
Current Placement: Ninth Fleet

Character Description

Kinsaka has a youthful appearance, largely attributed to her being in a Eihei body but also because of her own preferences of wanting to look cheerful and welcoming to those around her. She has Neko-like ears with round eyes and the default style of a hand, her weight and height are slightly than those of a typical neko.

Kinsaka has a demanding personality in that she wants people to always be their best and not to shirk their duties, she doesn't take kindly to finding soldiers who are lazing around and doing nothing; although she also has a motherly side to her thanks to her marriage - this side tends to show through more with younger soldiers than with the older, whom she treats differently.

Although Kinsaka gives the same kind of respect and humility she would want in return, she isn't above chewing someone out if they cause problems or make such a critical mistake as to cost crew and ships.

History and Relationship Notes

Kinsaka Yukiharo was born on Planet Yamatai in YE 06, originally to a Human body. She grew up as a bit of a wild child, giving her parents quite a few gray hairs as she grew up and went through school. When she graduated in YE 24, she entered the Star Army as a Starship Operator where - during basic training - she was responsible for saving the lives of twenty one recruits when the troops transport suffered a serious malfunction that left the ships bridge incapacitated. Kinsaka, along with another recruit, were able to not only bring the transport down safely but had also been able to call for medical support.

After training, she was assigned to a squadron that patrolled between Yamatai and two of its sister star systems. This assignment was originally unproductive and not very interesting to the young Kinsaka, but that changed when the first First Mishhuvurthyar War began.

When the war began, Kinsaka's squadron was located near the front lines and was one of the first groups to fall under attack by the Mishhuvurthyar. Kinsaka's squadron was almost entirely annihilated in the opening days of the war, when the squad was caught off-guard by an advancing SMX taskforce; only the ship she served on - the YSS Shinla - survived the initial assault by hiding itself an uninhabited planet just long enough for the SMX to leave but not without consequences. The Shinla lost nearly 81% of its crew and 78% of the ship was completely uninhabitable.

It took the ship almost a month to return to its port of call, but by the time it arrived the war was in full swing. The ship, due to its severe damage, could not be restored or even repaired to fighting condition and was instead scrapped. Kinsaka, because she was one of a small number to survive, was reassigned to another squadron due to her combat experience; but the events of the attack on her fellow countrymen and the lose of so many had already steeled her resolve to not only protect her nation but also to continue pressing forward.

Because of her occupation as a starship operator, she was assigned to a battlegroup that later took the battle to the SMX. This is where she stayed for the remainder of the war and also until YE 33, when she was made an officer and given control of her squadron of four Plumeria Class Gunships where she demonstrated the ability to use tactics and strategy to not only overwhelm but also outwit Mishhu forces, but this always led to the loss of at least one ship.

During a short prelude between the first and second war, Kinsaka meet and married a civilian technician by the name of Jusaha Nimane, who had caught her eye during a shore-leave, this marriage resulted in her feeling even closer to her country and to her own crew. A short while after they married they adopted two young twins who go by the names of Hikaru and Hikari. This was also around the same time that Kinsaka choose to move herself into an NH-29H.

During the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, she demonstrated great tactical and strategic knowledge when she managed to save her squadron from being destroyed during the Battle of Yamatai, although her squadron did suffer in terms of crew casualties including one ship losing most of its bridge crew. Shortly after the Battle of Yamatai, her squad was assigned to help with the retaking of colonies taken by the NMX during the war. Unfortunately, the war has costed this young Neko more than just members of her crew, as her husband had been killed on Yamatai during a brief invasion of the surface; although her two children survived the battle, they were left with permanent scares.

In YE 36, she was promoted to Taisho and given command of the 9th, her old squadron was assimilated into the 9th and serves as her primary means of moving about; she rarely stays in one place for very long as she has learned long ago that being on the front lines with her soldiers inspires them. In the same year, she choose to undergo the upgrade to the NH-33 Eihei so that she could perform her duties better than before.

She treats all of her subordinates with the kind of respect and humility she would want in return, and never raises her voice in anger unless a soldier makes a mistake that can lead to death.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Yamataian
  • Engineering
  • Leadership
  • Survival and Military
  • Starship Operations
  • Knowledge
  • Fighting


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