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Matonaka Yumi

Yumi Matonaka is a player character played by Semjax.

Yumi Matonaka
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Gender: Female
Age: 5 Years
Height: 5'7“
Weight: 125lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Subterfuge Agent / Infantry Specialist (Sniper)
Current Placement: YSS Heartbreaker

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Heartbreaker

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'7
  • Mass: 125
  • Measurements: 36D-32-36

Build and Skin Color: Yumi has an hourglass like figure that most Neko's are known to have, she however has a more defined muscle structure. With her having an extremely athletic build, showing Abs and a little bit of arm muscle while keeping her femininity. Her skin color is a deep red color that allows her to blend easier into the darkness.

Eyes and Facial Features: Yumi has slightly curved and slanted eyes, the curvature is slightly upwards towards her forehead, while the slanted part of the inside are more towards the Glabella instead of the forehead. Her eye color is blue, almost Cyan. Her face is smooth, and decently soft with her nose slightly curved at the tip but otherwise normal. Her lips are rather thin, but slightly plump despite the thinness.

Ears: Her ears are curved so that they point upwards, and the tips of the ears are lightly flared outwards.

Hair Color and Style: Yumi has shoulder length dark brunette hair that is straight until the last three or so inches where they begin to curl lightly in a slight screw formation. She also has the middle of her hair tied into a ponytail, stopping about two inches above the end of her hair.

Distinguishing Features: She consistently has a neutral face that shows hardly any emotion, despite the neutrality however her eyes show a soft kindness.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: When Yumi is off duty and relaxing with her friends. She is open, and she is kind and gentle. She is open to having fun and enjoying herself and even drinking and engaging in sexual activity. When she is in the field or in briefing she suddenly shifts to a more strict personality, not willing to let any silliness go by or do anything that may jeopardize the mission, when on the mission she believes that the mission comes first and if you hinder the mission you should be left behind, or dealt with. Friend or Foe, the Mission always comes first. This can basically summed up to the fact that she has an extremely focused attitude to her missions.

  • Likes: Sushi, Her Squad, Her duty, Strong and Intelligent People.
  • Dislikes: Silliness during Missions, Hindering the Mission, Weak people.
  • Goals: To die an honorable death.


Family (or Creators)

  1. Matonaka Megami (Sister)
  2. Matonaka Yuri (Mother/Lead Scientist)



Created by Yuri Matonaka, a scientist who worked for Ketsurui Zaibatsu as an NH-27 Nekovalkyrja. She was made with the idea of making a specialized subterfuge agent, and as such she was trained as such through memory implant. During the transitional period and training periods she was introduced to her sister unit Matonaka Megami, who was created by the same scientist with the idea to make a unit that focused and mastered tactical leadership and strategy at a higher level and quicker then normal units.. Megami and Yumi got along really great and as such they were more then willing to call each other sisters, and stay close to each other.

From the beginning her training taught her to always put the mission first. The training program she was put through effectively turned her into a neko whom has extreme amounts of focus when on the battlefield. The final test was a simulation set up by Yuri, as Yumi was pit against her own sister in a battle that would show off their skills. Her mission was to assassinate a general that Megami was protecting, Megami was placed in charge of a small group of Militants and was ordered to command them to beat Yumi. Yumi showed excellent leadership towards the ones that she commanded, and though her strategies lost a few, she was able to beat her sister Megami and successfully kill her target.

Yuri decided that Megami still required more time to perfect her commanding ability, but gave Yumi the okay to become enlisted. Starting at Santo Hei she was enlisted around the time the Second Mishhuvurthyar War began. She was assigned to the YSS Starstorm where she successfully fulfilled any duties given to her by her commanding officers, She specialized in taking out NMX officers, and disrupting the enemies battle lines. While her accomplishments were nothing compared to those of the greats of the war, she earned her stripes and several promotions during the beginning events of the war bringing her to the Nitô Heisho rank. Despite all this where she really shined was Battle of Yamatai.

The Battle of Yamatai

Here she and her squad were given the order to aid in the protection of a civilian city, a small basic city by the name of Osaki. While their stay there was boring, eventually the squadron of twenty noticed a NMX Raiding Party which was aiming for that weak little town. It was a small invasion force, for a small town, they probably didn't even expect resistance, one-hundred NMX would besiege the town. Before they could reach the town itself though they had noticed that there were quite a number of loud sounds that seemed to indicate that there were more people here who could fight then they originally thought. This gave the Mishhu officer a moment of pause and that pause gave him caution, so he hesitated and the NMX decided not to enter the town just yet, confirming and vying a new strategy.

Little did they know that was actually a ploy set in motion by Yumi. The plan was something she had learned from books she had read over the course of her life span. The NMX had no idea how many soldiers were located in the small city, there for using that to her advantage she gathered a few of the well off men and women and set them up in squadrons around the town. When she gave the signal they immediately began yelling and hollering to intimidate the NMX into holding back in fear that they might run into an ambush or be annihilated by a large force. This, however, was only stage one of her strategy to protect the town, next Yumi turned to her second Himiko Motonori, who went off and gathered a few of their most stealthy soldiers in the squad..

They left the city that night, Yumi took post up ontop of one of the nearby buildings that was tall enough that she could scope out the situation of the camp with a pair of binocs. Himiko and her handful of squad members snuck into the NMX camp and with Yumi directing them avoided detection. They disabled their communication devices so that they couldn't call up to the main fleet for reinforcements. Himiko and her squadron then retreated, however before they could leave one of her squad-mates accidentally tripped a trap as they were about to exit the encampment. This brought the NMX to attention and they began to pursue Himiko and her squad. Himiko was able to escape and out of the five people she brought with her, only two of those five made it back.

The squad of twenty was now down to seventeen. Yumi took some time to think, and thanks to her tactics of making the NMX think that there were more soldiers encamped in the city then there actually were, and the destruction of their communication equipment Yumi was capable of holding off the NMX from actually invading for three whole days. Those days were used to set traps around the town and secretly evacuate the people from the city through a secret route. Yumi then called everyone together for a strategy meeting, together they discussed a way to optimize their combat ability inside the city and decided on a battle plan. Himiko also at this time called in for support from the legions that were finished fighting in the battle of Kyoto, asking for a small amount of forces to come to Osaki where they would surround a NMX force. Once the plan was set into place they dispersed and waited out the last day, Yumi used this time to use her sniping skills to pick off members of the NMX, which lead to the NMX rushing their attack..

On the fourth day of the siege the NMX decided they had had enough, they bum rushed the town. Luckily, Yumi and her squadron of seventeen saw them coming and set their battle plan into motion having people take cover in houses and Yumi on-top of a nearby Orimart with Himiko. Silence hit the air as the NMX began to flood the town, triggering the explosives and traps that they had set before hand. This took out the initial NMX who flooded the town. Phase two activated when they entered the middle of town. The squadron of eighteen open fired and began shooting down the remaining NMX. However, the NMX still had a majority of numbers allowing them to overpower the eighteen and despite the damages to the NMX numbers one by one the squad began to fall. With only four members left, including Yumi and Himiko, Yumi prepared to accept her fate. However, as luck would have it one of the small legions from Kyoto arrived and swarmed the city…together with the remaining squad members they slaughtered the last bit of the NMX forces successfully protecting the town. For the reward of going above and beyond duty even at the risk of death she was awarded with a promotion to Jôtô Heisho.

After the Battle of Yamatai

Unfortunately during the battle of Yamatai the YSS Starstorm was obliterated and she now had nowhere to go. The end of the war came, and she took the chance to begin training new recruits that wanted to become snipers. It was during this time that she fell in love with another Neko by the name of Minagi Hoshimoru, a young neko who was barely two years old. The two began to date and eventually became even more intimate. Minagi was a logistics expert, and as such she was away on her ship a lot of the times. But as luck would have it Minagi survived for many years following their getting together. Two years passed and Minagi wanted to wed Yumi, despite grievances she decided to go for it… However before she could get things set up Minagi was called up to go back onto her ship and help with Logistics. She was gone for six months, and at the end of the six months Yumi received the words she hoped she never would've received…Minagi had been killed by a rouge bullet when pirates tried to assault their ship. Yumi attempted to appeal to get her lover back from the government by doing a soul swap, unfortunately she was incapable of reviving her love. The archive seemed to have lost her mental back up for some odd reason. She was unable to cope with this extreme loss, and eventually stepped down from her position as a instructor to Nekos.

Yumi left the service after that and went into seclusion for a whole year until YE37. Between YE36 and YE37. She was mentally unstable after losing Minagi, here she met her first friend outside of the Military, a Geshrin by the name of Claire_Winters. She was looking for a way to make some extra cash and Claire offered her a job modeling, when they met Claire immediately noticed that Yumi was down on herself, so instead of modeling a nudie shoot, she offered her a job helping around the studio. Over time they became rather close friends, with Claire's help she became more confident in herself again, and worked out her problems and that brought her the desire to re-enter her passion, the Star Army. She was reintroduced into the Military and was reassigned to a new ship. She was given her old rank of Jôtô Heisho. Yumi decided that she would travel the stars with the military, the only thing she had ever known, and maybe she could find some peace.



She was trained to be a Subterfuge Agent by her creator Yuri Matonaka, as such she has had consistent updates to learn new languages to interrogate people to ensure that she would be able to converse with different people of different races should she need to.

  1. Yamataigo
  2. Nepleslian Trade
  3. Lorath
  4. Sharan Basic
  5. Seraphim


Due to being a Subterfuge Agent and really great at sniping, Yumi has mastered mathematics to a critical level allowing her to number crunch in her head involving distances and other key elements involving movement and the likes. She can solve equations with relative ease as well.


Yumi is exceptionally well off physically, she has the ability to do Acrobatic stunts with extreme ease from jumping high, to running across walls and swimming far distances. If it is physically possible Yumi is capable of successfully doing them.


Naturally being a sniper and subterfuge agent of the killing variety, she has become exceptionally talented in doing rogue like things such as picking locks, hiding in plain site or darkness, and other roguish like talents that include and are not limited to Sleight of Hand, Pick Pocketing, ways around the street, and especially Seduction when needed.


While being a subterfuge agent and sniper, that doesn't mean that Yumi can not hold her own in combat. Like with every other Neko she has been trained and armed to the teeth in infantry combat, and is especially good at PA piloting and using infantry based weapons, and swords. She is most talented with her Sniper Rifle however.


Being a Subterfuge Agent at times means you need to deploy diplomacy or interrogation techniques that require you to know humanities such as Psychology, Sociology, or diplomatic experiences. As such Yumi has had such things drilled into her brains to make her exceptionally capable of dealing with peoples mentalities to get information that she needs.


Yumi for as long as she has been alive has been exceptionally strategic and a role-model of leadership. She has studied strategy and tactics, ways to improve morale through public speaking, Setting up and Recognizing Ambush type locations, as well as using her intelligence to command her unit and squad members to the best of their abilities. She is extremely charismatic, and dedicated to the mission.


Yumi Matonaka has the following items:

Main Infantry Weapon

    • Special Notes: The color on the Sniper is blood red with black splotches, on the butt on the right side is a Neko Skull which was the service emblem of her squad.
    • 3 Battery Packs
    • 3 Battery Chargers

Standard Star Army issue

* M6-1A "Daisy" Infantry Power Armor

Custom Weapons

  • Minagi's Revenge (Long Sword) (1000 KS)
    • Yamataium (x3 to the Price)
      • Molecular Knit (50 KS)
      • Monomolecular Edge (100 KS)
      • Shock Modification (150 KS)
      • Poison Reservoir (50 KS)
  • Minagi's Sorrow (Short Sword) (650 KS)
    • Durandium (x2 to the Price)
      • Molecular Knit (50 KS)
      • Monomolecular Edge (100 KS)
      • Retractable (50 KS)
      • Poison Reservoir (50 KS)
  • Minagi's Envy (Blades - Katar) (1140 KS) x2
    • Yamataium (x3 to the Price)
    • Massive (x2 to the Price)
      • Vibro Blade (150 KS)
      • Heat Blade (200 KS)
      • Molecular Knit (50 KS)
      • Monomolecular Edge (100 KS)


Yumi Matonaka is currently a Jôtô Heisho in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS 0 KS 0 KS Starting Funds
3210 KS 210 KS 0 KS Sold Panties to an Anonymous Person (OOC Agreement)
0 KS 0 3210 KS Custom Weapons

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