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Ze'tan Operator O'Eytene Yuri'no Miseri'ko-ur'arachak Gisep'protiva

Yuri'no Miseri'ko-ur'arachak Gisep'protiva is a characters.status played by Thekrimsonwulf.

Yuri'no Miseri'ko-ur'arachak Gisep'protiva
Species & Gender: Male Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species)
Organization: Kingdom of Neshaten
Occupation: field Operator/agent
Rank: O'Eytene
Current Placement: Division 5 counter-terrorist operations

Physical Description

Height: 5'11 Weight:170 Eye color: white Fur: black Tail: orange with black top A well built Laibe,due to rigorous personal training.


Yuri'no is confident, to an almost arrogant point. Though conditioned to only be confident in his abilities rather than his perceived superiority over the β€œLesser” Species of his people.


Yuri'no Miseri'ko-ur'arachak Gisep'protiva was born 1ζ—₯ 8月 timeline:ye_02 in Nesha Prime (Planet). A lowborn Noble family, the Gisep'protiva family making a small name for themselves through, either military or law enforcement positions. Some even becoming Swordmasters. Yuri'no's family being firm in their belief of Laibe superiority, and sheer drive to gain power. From a young age it led him to first become a Marine, focusing his skills early on as a Swordmaster. Keeping in the tradition of his family, before continuing his training. His tasks mainly becoming Executive protection details. It caught the eye of many unsavory groups.ultimately leading him to a recruiter for the group Kingdom Fall. Using his sheer lust for power, as well as his elitist feelings. The Organization brought him in quickly adhering to his cutthroat Nature. Yuri'no was Made one of twelve Swords. Kidnapping him at first. Indoctrinating the young Yuri'no before making him a sleeper for their cause in the end. Soon after his return and subsequent testing. Both physical and psychological. Yuri'no wished for action. Opting to test for Division 5. Quickly taking the chance to be a field agent, hoping to put his blade to use. Until one day Kingdom Fall beckons.

Skills Learned

Fighting: advanced hand to hand techniques coupled with both single and double bladed tactics. Ranging from full length swords to knives and daggers. Depending on the mission. Though he is never seen without his family sword. Physical: due to the rigorous training refine a Swordmaster had to maintain, Yuri'no continued into Division 5.

Communication: utilizing communication systems both basic and military grade. Vehicle: Knowledge Humanities Demolition

Social Connections

Yuri'no Miseri'ko-ur'arachak Gisep'protiva is connected to:


Inventory & Finance

Yuri'no Miseri'ko-ur'arachak Gisep'protiva has the following:


Yuri'no Miseri'ko-ur'arachak Gisep'protiva currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by thekrimsonwulf on 12, 14 2020 at 04:23 using the Character Template Form.

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Character Data
Character StatusActive Player Character
Character OwnerThekrimsonwulf

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