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Zahir Haidar

Zahir Haidar
Species: Iromakhuane
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Family (or Creators): Born to Shadid Haidar, a Sund Wakir, and Kadri Haidar, an Eyr Ranr in YE 11.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170 lbs
Organization: Astral Vanguard
Occupation: Mechanist
Rank: Vayshirin
Current Placement:

Zahir Haidar in Roleplay

Zahir Haidar is a Player Character played by Durruti and is currently involved in the plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'1 Mass: 170 lbs

Build and Skin Colour: Zahir's build is slender and athletic, though leaning slightly toward the scrawny side. His skin is lightly tanned.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: His face is framed by prominent blond sideburns, but otherwise absent of notable physical features, excepting his eternally contemplative expression. His eyes are a deep, golden yellow, emitting a slight glow of the same color.

Hair Colour and Style: His wavy blond hair falls a few inches above his shoulders. Zahir generally pushes it backward to keep it from hanging in front of his eyes.

Distinguishing Features: Of immediate notice are the bony crests jutting from his temples. Once roughly the same color as his skin, they have been tattooed with small, simplistic yet intricate designs of the skies over Maekardan and its airborne inhabitants. His style of dress tends toward bright colors reminiscent of sunsets; deep reds and yellows with slight accents of gray or purple, always in the form of light, somewhat revealing clothing.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Zahir is the individualistic type, possessing endless determination to forge his own path in life. He wishes greatly to bring happiness and equality to all people (thus fueling his drive to see every end of the universe), but this lofty goal sometimes backlashes in the forms of self-doubt over his own methods and intentions and his ability to make his ideals a reality. Although he attempts to hold a cheerfully optimistic demeanor, when the stress of his life gets to him he becomes very quiet and reserved. Even normally, he has a tendency towards bouts of contemplative silence, often staring into the middle distance in deep thought and self-reflection. He is at his best when flying in the open skies or space, surrounded by close comrades.

Likes: Freedom, equality, open-minded people, discussion, learning, helping others, piloting, books, games of skill, nature, flora, fauna, other random eclectic interests that come and go. Dislikes: Inequality, oppression, ignorance, the complete absense of nature, swimming, many insects. Goals: To bring happiness to all people, and see the unknown reaches of space in the process.



Zahir was brought up in a Sund Wakir home on the outskirts of the Nuocr Expanse. Between his spiritual, brooding father and his adventurous, passionate mother (herself a member of the Astral Vanguard, a high-ranking enlistee of the Graiv Haidan), Zahir acquired an odd upbringing encouraging a sort of civic hedonism; honor the Makuori, find and strive toward perfection, and serve one's self, one's people, and one's world. In childhood he developed an intense desire to discover the inner workings of the world, drawing him into both a constant analysis of his own thoughts and of the gears that keep the world ticking, literally and figuratively. Zahir's adolescent years were spent mainly on tinkering with any mechanical scrap his mother brought home or his father happened across in the desert. An impassioned mechanic, scholar and would-be explorer, Zahir joined the Astral Vanguard's Traveler Corps as a mechanist soon after his 18th birthday, eager to learn the ways behind the Vanguard's Organoid technology and, better yet, to set out into the strange and unknown vastness of space.



Due to his basic training (and occasionally his mother's influence), Zahir is capable of using all standard communications found in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth, in particular those employed by the Astral Vanguard. This includes laser, radio and MASC-enhanced variations in various formats and media. He is fluent in Saalsari and Haidasari, and can speak, read and write it correctly. He can communicate clearly even while under fire or in other unnerving situations.


Zahir can devise new ways of implementing old technologies to suit the current needs both before missions and in combat. He can also retrofit older equipment with newer or more appropriate hardware should the situation demand it.


Zahir has had basic training in both defensive and offensive hand-to-hand techniques as well as the use of several hand weapons, including knives, pistols, rifles and light explosives such as grenades. Although Zahir was somewhat lax in his physical training, he still possesses enough endurance to survive situations such as elevated G-forces.


An amateur philosopher, Zahir's personal study and meditation have gained him some insight into the workings of Iroma minds. His empathy and understanding toward his fellows is such that he can often be called upon as a calm source of wisdom and reason.

Maintenance and Repair

Zahir has an understanding of the technologies employed by the Astral Vanguard, and is well versed in the techniques behind their repairs. He understands the separate methods behind doing those repairs on both organoid and conventional technologies. He can spot certain obvious weaknesses on most craft, and find some others with a proper blueprint and time to study it. In addition to military technology, Zahir has had experience in maintaining, repairing, and altering civilian Iroma technology as well.


Zahir is trained in basic medical techniques, including everything up to first aid, emergency care such as CPR or the Heimlich maneuver and the administering of preprepared medicine, such as painkillers or stimulants.

Technology Operation

Zahir has had extensive courses in the use of NI systems aboard the Organoid craft employed by the Astral Vanguard, and understands how to properly utilize his own entry ports to interface with compatible systems. The use of standard-issue electronic devices and conventional computers have also been a part of his education.


Pending Astral Vanguard standard equipment list and more available Iroma equipment.


Zahir Haidar is currently a Vayshirin in the Astral Vanguard. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Notes

Zahir's name is a combination of Arabic and Muslim words, meaning, roughly, โ€œshining lionโ€.

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