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Zamir Tabet

Zamir Tabet is a player character played by Pancakei.

Zamir Tabet
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe Male
Date of Birth: AR 913
Occupation: Member of the Conclave
Rank: Member
Current Placement: Kyopelinvuori

Physical Description

Zamir Tabet is a rather tall and somewhat muscular Mazerinii Iromakuanhe with pale white skin, standing at 6' 8β€œ. Crowning his head is a crop of dark red hair, cut short and slicked to the sides. His horns are a dark brown, almost black color, that strangely enough bend sharply backwards, almost like antennas. His sharp facial features are accented by two piercing yellow eyes. While not particularly strong apart from lifting, Zamir is very agile.

An admirer of Eclectic clothing, Zamir is most often seen wearing a dark red robe of sorts, with gray frilly trim, as well as dark brown pants and a collection of various scarves. On his nightly criminal business, Zamir dons a different attire, composed of a dark burnt orange cloak with wire trim, a hood, intractablely designed tan scarves, and a black stealth suit underneath. In addition, he wears a fully metal mask with an industrial black and bronze structure, complete with a pair of orange optical lenses and a voice manipulating device built into the mouth grate.


Zamir has a rather deceptive personality. Smart, charasmatic, handsome, and power-hungry, Zamir is a natural politician. He is willing to put in more than enough work to get what he believes is best for his people, by any means necessary. He is described as a cutthroat politician, if appearing sincere on the surface. Unlike other Mazerinii, Zamir is chivalric towards women, particularly those who he has a use for.

While a devout politician by day, Zamir becomes a different person in his off time. He drops his sincere two-faced personality and picks up his night job: organized crime. Together with a small group of extremist followers and superiors, Zamir is more than willing to get his hands dirty, or bloody, for his cause. With his deep connections into the Iromakuanhe government, as well as his two-faced nature, Zamir has earned the title of the Lynx within the cult.


Zamir Tabet was born in AR 913. The direct child of a bloodline of notorious high class thieves, Zamir grew up learning all the wonderful ways to manipulate and exploit security, as well as others. As he grew older, Zamir drifted away from his destined career as a thief was dashed, setting his goals higher than petty theft. He educated himself in government, using his learnings of manipulation and strategy to boost himself to the top of the food chain in his classes.

Zamir's chances at government fame were brought off course in his early adulthood, where he fell under the spell of a particularly lady known as Aliyya Zabbad. The two hit it off in quiet, forming a loving relation. Only a week before Zamir's planned marriage proposal. Aliyya was found dead, murdered by an unknown cult of religious extremists, who directly opposed Zamir's expansive claims. Aliyya's death left Zamir shattered, causing him to withdraw from society for months, resigning from his office position.

Four months later, Zamir reemerged a different man. Colder and more serious, Zamir began his climb again. He never let himself make the same mistake again, and keeps all he meets no closer than β€œfriends”. He had a new agenda on his mind: military and cultural expansion of he Iromakuanhe. In his adulthood, Zamir was elected into place in the Iromakuanhe Conclave, and has been serving ever since.

In his goal for Government control, Zamir crossed paths with a certain group of thieves and cultists. Seeing an opportunity, he slipped into their ranks, using them as a leverage for his dirty work with those who don't agree with his ideas. To this day he is still a part of this cult, which is kept well under wraps and away from the public eye.

Social Connections

Zamir Tabet is connected to:

  • Aaki Loleth (Fellow Conclave Member, friend)
  • Aliyya Zabbad (Deceased lover)
  • Maddar Eb-Tabetar (Father)
  • Zakkilec Eb-Tabetar (Mother)

Skills Learned

  • Communications
  • Political Strategy
  • Manipulation
  • Knowledge
  • Technology
  • Close-Quarters Combat
  • Fashion

Inventory & Finance

Zamir Tabet has the following items:

OOC Notes

In the case Pancakei becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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