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Zerachael Valorum

Zerachael Valorum
Species: Elysian (Plebeian)
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5”11
Weight: 130 lbs
Organization: Elysian Celestial Navy
Occupation: Security Officer
Rank: Semeai
Current Placement: ECS Civetta di Cielo

Zerachael Valorum in Roleplay

Zerachael Valorum is a player character played by Eric R. Selvidge and is currently involved in the ECS Civetta di Cielo plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5”11 Mass: 130 lbs Measurements: Bra Size:

Build and Skin Colour: Like many Elysians, he is thin, however, due to his training in fighting abilities and pankration, Zerachael is a bit more muscled and physically stronger than is the norm. His skin tone is a somewhat pleasing flesh.

Zerachael's wings, though useless for flying, extend impressively, and naturally are not purely white. However, due somewhat at his vain attempts to be more than normal, he plucks the tainted colored feathers as often as he can, which is not as easily seen as colored feathers splashed on the otherwise white ones.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Zerachael is somewhat handsome, with a somewhat long, high cheek bones which give his cheeks a bit of a hollow look, and somewhat fair face. His nose is somewhat long, but not to the point where it is “obtrusive”.

The only really feature that stands out completely in his face is his somewhat rare eye color. They of a pale, almost ghostly, green hue, which seems to compliment his hair masterfully.

Hair Colour and Style: His hair is a somewhat dull silver-grey color, long enough to frame his face very well. Over the years he has changed his hair style a bit though, preferring his current look, he rarely lets it grow longer, however, he has on occasion cut it a bit shorter.

Distinguishing Features: As mentioned above, his pale green eyes are the only thing somewhat remarkable about him in terms of physical appearance.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Zerachael has a personality of many depths, much like any person that has any true self-meaning. On the exterior he is always cool, calm, and collected. Never showing too much confidence, hubris never was among his flaws, but also not showing an ineptitude either. His intellectuality, coupled with his somewhat callous nature, make it easy for him not to be arrogant. It's also what makes it somewhat easy for him to target flaws within himself and try to correct them to the best of his ability.

Unlike some, he was not considered a prodigy, though he was smart, everything didn't just come easy to him. Though during his years of education he learned that all one had to do was try, and they could become the best. Because of this, he has a very high regard for created ability, rather than what just seems to come naturally. Though really, this is more of a delusion, because of the envy he had for those who seemed to be able to do everything with little effort.

Living in a religious society, the Elysian is a believer, and though not as devout as others, he acknowledges the existence of gods, and pays proper homage, and regards what divine laws have been passed down with the utmost respect. Though he likes to say he is moral, Zerachael is not afraid to get blood on his hands, and do what it takes to be successful. The moral grey does not frighten him as it may frighten others. He is not without restraint, and knows just how far over the line he can go without endangering himself. This apparent ambition and hope to be a powerful leader, however, does not mean he has ever been opposed to gaining power through influencing others in a advisory way, et cetera.

Though as worldly and balanced he seems to be, Zerachael can be angered. His hatred of even being born a plebeian causes him to have to exercise a lot of restraint when it is thrown in his face. A good example of this would be being called a “helot”.

Likes: Playing scacco, studying/learning, reading, networking, intellectual debate and discussion Dislikes: Idiots, weak-willed individuals (though that doesn't mean he wouldn't manipulate them), haughty and useless Patricians Goals: To become a Patrician. Though his great ambition doesn't end there, he hopes to go even farther on to make his mark on Elysian history and elevate his family to an envious position.


Family (or Creators)

Uriel Valorum (Father)

Loraenia Valorum (Mother)

Cecilia Valorum (Wife)

Alexandra Valorum (Daughter - twin of Phineas)

Phineas Valorum (Son - twin of Alexandra)

Loraenius Valorum (Son)


Zerachael was born to a middle class Plebeian citizens Uriel and Loraenia. Zerachael was what one might call a “miracle baby”, which Loraenia had prayed for and prayed for. The woman had had a lot of trouble conceiving, and just when she was about to give up on the hope that she might one day be a mother, she and Uriel conceived their beautiful son. The young boy was not from the wealthiest plebeian family, but they were not exactly “poor” either. Loraenia was a teacher, and Uriel, a member of the Elysian Celestial Army. Their finances were always stable, though they fluctuated in the wars.

Zerachael had always been odd, in the fact that he didn’t like being a Plebeian, and didn’t want to accept this as God’s plan for his life. He always had dreams of grandeur, which his father tried to dampen, but his mother encouraged. This would play a big part in how his relationship with his parents was to develop. There was Loraenia, compassionate and encouraging, always boosting her son’s confidence and wanting him to succeed in everything he desired. Then of course, there was Uriel, who believed they were in their place for a reason, and often tried to discourage Zerachael and make him see “reality”.

Zerachael came to resent his father, and always darkly assumed it was a cosmic joke that his mother died in the wars, rather than his soldiering father. He associated her death with a loss of hope, though very uncharacteristically, his father made no opposition in his desire to continue an education, after the exodus of course. He had always been a very smart boy, even if not naturally gifted at anything else; he was reassured in the fact that he could learn anything.

Before his educational career gave way though, he met who would become his future wife, in Cecilia Paenia. Cecilia was a strikingly beautiful Plebeian her, even if status quo, full golden hair and mystical blue eyes. It was almost as if they were made with each other, as they shared some of the same ideals, even if in different manners. The only flaw that he has ever seen in her that was dangerous to him was her perspective on religion. In fact, he would later realize, if Cecilia had not already entranced him and made him love her, he would not have entered a relationship with her once he found out. Cecilia was oddly uncaring and agnostic about the Elysian God. Zerachael’s only consolation was that she knew herself how dangerous that attitude was, and thusly, kept it to herself.

At the college and academy, Zerachael excelled, and tried to learn as much as was possible. Wondering what he really wanted to do with life, however, he focused his studies on things that would increase his knowledge of history, politics, and things of a liberal sort. He knew that he needed to gain a great bank of knowledge so that he would be well prepared the world he would enter after gaining the status of a Patrician, which had been his goal since he was a boy.

His academic life, did not take away from his marriage however, as throughout it thus far they have given birth to three children. Cecilia had been studying at the college as well, though after giving birth to the twins she decided to try and educate herself at home while taking care of them, as they didn’t have the funds for a caretaker. The twins, Alexandra and Phineas, were very different even from a young age. Zerachael has always studied them with interest, trying to steer them how he has always thought best. Alexandra, he has observed, is a lot like himself, ambitious, intelligent. Phineas does not lack the intelligent stock, however there is a deep sense of spirituality about him, even at a young age, and a desire to do nothing more than the will of God.

Zerachael went on to graduate as one of the highest ranking members in his class, and at the age of twenty one performed various research jobs for one of his professors at the academy. However, after a while he finally realized one of the paths he could take to gain the power he sought, and at the age of twenty three he joined the military. He was found to be a great tactical mind, which he attributed to all those days of playing scacco (chess) when he was younger. Though he also received the run of the mill training, as is custom.

Now, Zerachael has just received his most recent assignment, as Security officer on the ECS Civetta di Cielo.



Zerachael is a very smart and scholarly individual. He is a lover of history, and has a great bank of knowledge in that regard. Though that is not his only interest in things that might be considered “academic”, the government and political structure of the Empire was also a thing of great interest to him in his free time at Empyrean Academy. Even now that he is out and in the military, he still likes to research when he is able, and gain even more knowledge. One might say he is a true believer in the power that knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge holds.


He has also shown leadership qualities throughout his life. Though he's rarely practiced public speaking, he has a somewhat motivational way of speaking, in a somewhat cold, professorial manner. Zerachael likes believe that he is also built for command, even though he's not had as much experience with it as of yet. Intellectually he has come to the conclusion that he has what it takes to be a good leader, and he feels now he simply needs to put his ability out there to be recognized, so that he can test himself, and therefore, his future.


Zerachael is in superb physical condition, not as malnourished as other plebeians. Due to his training in the military he is very well muscled and is exceptionally strong. Unlike many of his race he can boast being able to do a great many things that might be considered strenuous without harming himself as badly as others might be.


Zerachael is fluent and literate in Seraphim, English, and Japanese. He can effectively operate and communicate with radio equipment common to the Elysian military. He is telepathic and mildly in its use, capable of communicating within 1 kilometers.


Zerachael has undergone basic training with the Elysian Celestial Army, and is proficient in the use of xiphos, aspis, phaelaes, pistols, rifles, flamethrowers, and other infantry weapons used by Elysia. He is also skilled in unarmed combat due to the Elysian love of Pankration, and he is trained in Zero-Gravity fighting. When he transferred to the ECN, Zerachael underwent training in the flying and operation of the Hikael power armor, though not being a Patrician he was incapable of learning others.


Zerachael has a sufficient background in mathematics to account for his starship operations capability. He is capable of everything from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and is fairly familiar with quantum mechanics and dimensional theories.

Technology Operation

Zerachael is trained in the use of all common Elysian computer systems. He can search for and enter information and has a working knowledge of the source code as well.



Zerachael Valorum is currently a Semeai in the Elysian Celestial Navy . He receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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