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Zeta Five

Zeta Five
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 184 cm (6,0)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lb.)
Bra Size: C
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Driver/Soldier
Rank: 5 spades
Current Placement: ISC Phoenix
Theme song: Another one bites the dust - Queen

Zeta Five in Roleplay

Zeta Five is a player character played by ShotJon and is currently involved in the ISC Phoenix plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 184 cm (6,0) Mass: 75 kg (165 lb.) Measurements: Bra Size: C

Build and Skin Color: Zeta is quite tall, with athletic body build. She has well built muscles but she is no culturist. She is Caucasian.

Facial Features and Eye Color: She has green evenly spaced eyes; since her eyebrows are blonde in color it is hard to see them.

Hair Color and Style: She is natural blond. She currently wears her haid combed back and gelled.

Distinguishing Features: Right cybernetic arm which has enhanced strength and grip. Tattoo with number 5 on her left shoulder. Because she had to live few years with only her left hand she became somewhat ambidextrous.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Zeta is very calm person. She has sense of humour. She calls herself realistic optimist. Zeta is also quite curious but she approaches her interest slowly with care. She knows that she shouldn't rush to find out what is that, because the experience wouldn't last that long.

Likes: Cars! Athletics, Small cute animals, Good food, Job well done, finding out new things. Dislikes: boredom, loud people. Goals: Look around the world, See other places, Meet new people.


Family (or Creators)

Joseph Miller


Joseph Miller was a successful businessman on Nepleslia. He was always in need of bodyguards. After few years he deemed normal Nepleslian bodyguard not enough and ordered himself special clones programmed mainly to guard his person. To ensure their loyalty he let them think that they are somewhat his daughters and sons. There were exactly five clones. Alpha One, Beta Two, Gamma Three, Delta Four and lastly Zeta Five. Their professional build was taken after Nepleslian marine, giving them proper skill that Mr. Miller sought.

Soon they replaced human bodyguards. Zeta was youngest of clones and she was treated as such. By this she was given a job of a driver. She very much cared for Mr. Miller and would do everything in her powers to keep him safe. Clones did their job properly for five whole years. Keeping Miller without scratch, but then they went out off luck. One gang was took up hit on Mr. Miller and they attacked him. The clones managed to save their master, but he took a bullet into his chest. Alpha and Delta lost their lives during the attack and Zeta's right arm was too damaged so it had to be amputated.

Mr. Miller thought that these clones aren't fit for bodyguard duty anymore and ordered himself new clones with ID-SOL genes.

Deemed as unnecessary old clones were thrown out with some pocket money to do what they want. Their psyches were changed to not care about Mr. Miller so they wouldn't try going back.

Three clones went they separate ways and tried to live their lives. Gamma joined Nepleslian Army and Beta joined some street gang.

Zeta suddenly alone firstly didn't know what to do. First she got to get money to get her cybernetic arm. There weren't many jobs she could do with only her left hand, so she started of as a telephonist for a cab company. After while she said she wants to drive, that she's got the skills and she can drive with only her left hand. After time of insisting she finally got a job and raising more money. After two and a half years she finally got herself fine cyber-arm. Civilian life was something new for Zeta who was programmed to think as a soldier. She spent days finding out new things and looking around Nepleslia, but it wasn't really much of a sight for her. After another eight years she wanted to see more. For that goal she has to set up into the space.


Zeta sought out the captain of ISC Phoenix Luca Pavone. He let her join the crew of the ship and they left the planet . She slowly started adapting to life on the ship and meet other crewmembers and Lucas guests. She befriendlied young technician by the name of Arin on the way to the Nepleslia Prime.

After landing and finding their accommodation, an Assasin attempted Lucas life while he was airsurfing on inflatable crocodile. Zeta hruried and she was able to catch the assasin with help of Enzo and others. Unfortunately Assasin committed suicide. Zeta Five

After that and little shopping spree in armory owned by Enzos uncles went for dinner. It was thwarted by one of Lucas adversaries and legions of his own clones. Every one but one clone were killed. Clone subdued by Zeta was then hanged from a lamppost while Enzo sang Neplesila anthemn.

Short after this Crew took a new job. Delivering a package to drift. Along the way they took in an Freespacer AI called Echelon which made nest in Arins Super Demon armour. Then when they stopped to buy food at Abwehrans space staion a little Neko called Naoko. Luca being nice as he is took her in too. When they got to Drift Luca met his pal from hist time in Star Army named Galar, who also called the shots in Drift. Soon after arrivel there was attempt at Lucas life, during which Galar was injured. It was over before Zeta could do anything but it lead to mercenary group called Jet Bulls. Of course it all lead into firefight, from which Zeta got some new sweet guns but all in all it all went good. Worse was when Ripper appeared in Jet Bulls HQ. It was killed by Neko assassin calle Black Widow who is apparently pal with Luca. It all went to NMX attacking Drift through Jet Bulls whoe were infected with Mishu parasites and smuggled some Mishu onto the board of the station. Luca alerted Galar about the attack and offered him help in defense. During the hard firefight which miracously everyone survived Zeta was beaten up badly by bunch of parasite zombies but she helped Enzo in gettin Luca to safety form swarm of Zombies. Whole crew was awarded medal (and lotsa monei) from Galar and they went on again.

Currently it looks like a dangerous game of DnD is before the crew.

Soon after playing some DnD, Luca ordered the ship to land on Dawn Station that housed the HQ of Origin. Origin was a company selling pretty much anything, from toilet paper to high-tech giant mecha-suits. It surely a nice place to visit, especially when Luca got greeted by no other then Aerin Tatst the CEO of Origin herself.

Zeta and Luca noticed familiar person and soon realised it was none other then Malice, the evil goo lady that tried to kill Luca before. They did nothing with it at the time, since they were in place clustered with civvies.

Next day team went on their merry bussiness. Luca and few other went ship-shopping while rest of the crew went with Origin salesman going by the name of Mr. Smith. Zeta was quite interested in many origin weapons and other equipmen like Impulse PA. While shopping and meeting rather comic duo of mecha test-pilots the alarms went off. It appeared that NMX parasites were on the station and one of the factories was under attack of unknown origin. Phoenix Team did not waste time, borrowed some Origin weaponry to do proper testsing and assaulted the Factory.

Factory was full of small strange goo-like creatures, who disliked hot plasma. Combat ensued and team was having a lot of fun, trying not to think of all the dead factory employees. The Team was winning, even managed to save a woman from those goo-creatures called Angers. Then one of the older Luca's enemy appeared. The original Goo-monster VItriol. Team was about to attack VItriol as Luca jumped in with Dynamic entry. The match went on as team fought the monster. When they were abotu to win, the woman they saved before changed into Malice and tried to kill Luca, only to be crushed by Mr. Smith who used Microwave oven in a new and very invasive way.

In the end they won, put Vitriol and Malice in secured containers. Luca then disappeared for a night only to show up next day very very tired. Strangely enough Aering Tatst was nowhere to be found that night too. Team then boarded their new ship, the Origin Courier and were on their happy and dangerous way to bring justice somewhere else in the universe.



Zeta knows how to work properly with communication devices and know how to operate them. This is one of skill programmed into her upon her creating. She speaks trade and yamatai-go.


Zeta Five is properly trained in hand-to-hand combat and military martial arts. She is a good marksman. Power Armor piloting is also programmed in her consciousness but she had almost no experience with it. Also part of marine programming.


Although she lived all her life in a city, survival skills are deeply programmed in her mind. With it she should be able to survive in wilderness.

Strategy (Tactics/discipline)

Being a bodyguard, Zeta had to work as a team and do her job properly. She knows basic tactics and can use them if needed. This skill is based on basic protection tactics of marine corps.


Zeta is very good driver. She can drive almost every ground vehicle there is, but she is also doing a good job with hovercrafts. She has theoretical knowledge about piloting mecha but she hasn't actual sat in one of them.


Zeta is fast runner and is capable of some acrobatic moves. She learned it upon gaining life experience, she likes running and being on the move.

Maintenance and Repair

Being a driver, Zeta has to know how to keep her machine together. She is capable car mechanic. She learned basics while driving for Mr. Miller, his limo and hovercraft. More got into her head while working as a taxi driver and helping out in workshop that was part if taxi company and repaired cabs.

Mini skills

  • Iron stomach : Zeta likes to eat spicy food and chilly is her best friend.
  • To the bottom: Drinking a lot built a very good alcohol resistance within oneself.


Zeta Five is currently a in the . She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
6000 DA 750 Bought Standard energy pistol + holster
5250 DA 10 000 220 received part bounty, paid holiday expenses
15030 DA 1383 Shopping spree at Enzos uncles.
13647 DA 56 000 Getting paid for help in Sector 72
69647 DA 27 370 Bought PA, weapons and ammo at Origin.
42277 DA 750 Bought SIZI revolver.
24308 DA 17969 Payment to Deidre NicAlasdair.
59 308 DA 35 000 Getting paid.

Weapons, Weapon Accessories



  • (300) .45
  • (200) Caseless 6.35mm NAM
  • (90) 17mm Gyrojet
  • (46) 17mm Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot
  • (600) Gauss rifle ammo
  • (3) Gauss rifle magazines, 75 rounds
  • (1) Gauss rifle Sickle magazin, 300 rounds

Other Inventory

  • (1) Black syntheric leather jacket
  • (2) Black suits
  • (2) White shirts
  • (2) Black Ties
  • (1) White tank-top
  • (1) Gray Trousers
  • (1) Black Boots
  • (1) Pair of Sky Blue Bikini
  • (2) Khaki Cargo pants
  • (1) Khaki Shirts
  • (7) Panties
  • (5) Black brassiere
  • (1) Drift Medal

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