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Truthfinder Ziggy Double-Oh 00-8559-1237 is a player character played by Navian.

Species & Gender: Type Three Freespacer Female
Year of Birth: YE 20
Organization: The Free State
Occupation: Special Agent/Detective
Current Placement: Skeleton Ensemble

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

5'10“ (178 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg). Ziggy's build is broad, muscular, and springy, though her age might make those springs a bit rusty. She has a large chest, small breasts, and powerful legs that are extensively augmented. Both her arms are artificial, though her upper left arm is not. Her original hair colour was golden, but has gone to grey prematurely, and is chin-length and self-cut. Her skin is fair, she has a blue eye, pointed ears, thin lips, and a high brow and cheekbones. Her other eye has been replaced with a green, cybernetic one. Her diatoms are also green, and are not laid in an orderly pattern. Her speech tends to be plain and perfunctory, but is spiced by low growls and whispering. She smells distinctly of fine oil and burnt plastic.


Ziggy is more idealistic and optimistic than a hard-boiled detective should be, but this doesn't keep her from surliness. Rare for Freespacers, she has a natural born daughter, named Near, and there is no higher priority in her life than keeping her daughter safe. However, her daughter is safe regardless, which leaves Ziggy a bit stumped. 'Empty nest syndrome' is part of her motivation, going forward.

Ziggy is less personable than her public image indicates, and while she had the look of someone to whom heroic feats came easily, they were hard-earned. She spends perhaps an undue amount of time maintaining her gear and cybernetics, and ruminating on them. She suffers from a dangerous addiction to meditation software, but tends to go weeks between cravings.

Ziggy tends to be patient, as she's seen enough trouble to shrug off most setbacks. She has a severe prejudice against freelance mercenaries, or anyone else she sees as simultaneously materialistic, violent, independent, and pleasure-seeking; she has not in all her years come across a combination of traits she could deem less desirable. In contrast, she highly values duty, asceticism, pacifism and sacrifice. Though, violence is in her nature, and she only truly lives up to the other three virtues.


Ziggy was born in YE 20, in deep space. Though her previous incarnation was known more for military service, the changing nature of first contact situations as her fleet proceeded drew her into the field of covert espionage. During the schism, she devoted more of her time and attention to internal security, and since then, conflict between factions, and corporate espionage, have been far more important than first contact.

Her 'homeworld', an icy colony with trace atmosphere, was conquered by felinoid aliens, where her previous incarnation led a futile resistance until she was the last woman standing, and after that, survived for three rounds in their fighting pits. Meanwhile, her mothership fled the area. Though previously somewhat greedy as Freespacers go, interested chiefly interested in gathering radioactives, they have been explorers for a generation since, due to the influence of an archaeologist hero-figure.

Though it put them deeper into disrepute, they took an isolationist stance during the genocide, and almost managed to profit from it. Still, they lost about three-fifths of their fleet, in the end, and have been struggling to make new allies and rebuild their economy, by any means necessary.

Due to her career objectives, Ziggy had no cybernetics save brainware, at first. Over time, she's had to replace more and more, usually due to injuries or illnesses suffered in the course of her duties. In order of addition, not including those she no longer possesses due to further replacements:

1: Advanced cyberarm, left (to elbow, includes sensors, grappling line, and personal automedic)

2: Cybereye, left (includes camera, and vision magnification functions)

3: Artificial heart (immune to stress and heart attacks, but vulnerable in other ways)

4: Total lower body replacement (everything below the liver and stomach, including kidneys, was replaced with new technology, including that which allowed her to bear a child)

5: Cyberarm, right (artificial materials, but no special properties)

6: Peripheral nervous system enhancement/replacement (faster reflexes)

7: Skin enhancement/replacement, with subdermal armour (fireproof, self-healing, light damage resistance)

8: Mobility enhancement/dual leg replacement (capable of feats of great agility, and inhumanly fast running speed–up to 30 mph/50 km/h, in a sprint)

Skills Learned

Ziggy has the following notable skills:

* Fighting: Ziggy's devotion to her laser rifle goes beyond simple mastery, she can shoot someone's wings off at ten kilometers. She is skilled with blades, as well, though not to the same level. She's not incompetent with pistols, either, and is effective with karate and judo. Her skills are not military, however; when heavy weapons and armour are deployed, she desperately wants to be elsewhere, nor does she have the morale and tactical training of a true soldier, in general.

* Communications: As an intelligence officer, Ziggy is an expert at writing reports, breaking encryption, using codes and ciphers, and keeping a poker face. She can speak several languages. She is less adept at acting and impersonation, but basically capable.

* Demolitions: Ziggy learned how to handle and disable nuclear weapons the hard way–on the spot, with hundreds of lives on the line. She'd prefer not to do it again. She can also use breaching charges to gain swift entry, though she has no experience with demolitions or mining explosives, per se.

* Entertainment: Ziggy had a brief career as a performance artist, when she was young and stupid. She can dance, recite poems, and please a crowd, all at once, if her duties require it.

* Humanities: Ziggy knows a lot about the behavior and attitudes of alien races, and criminal minds.

* Physical: Ziggy is adept at running, jumping, and climbing, swimming, and diving. Her body is a well-oiled machine, even not counting the parts that are literally that. She does not tumble, however, and avoids climbing or diving without good equipment. Mostly, she's good at running and jumping due to her augmented legs. She can throw accurately, and has good balance on moving platforms.

* Survival & Military: Ziggy is trained to survive on alien worlds much as any scout or soldier, and has lived off the land in the pursuit of her duties before, though having a Freespacer's physiology makes this an uphill battle. So far, she's been lucky enough to avoid having infected organs she can't replace.

Ziggy does not have starship operations skills, and she only knows how to maintain her own equipment–a task she gives an excess of attention. When posted to a starship, her most suitable role is to work as a communications officer–it's been that, or security 'redshirt'. Her use of technology is staid and conservative, compared to most of the Free State; she finds multimedia and graphical interfaces overwhelming.

Social Connections

Ziggy is connected to:

* Near (Daughter)

Ziggy is friends with a scout, a non-humanoid alien shaman, a foreign starbase administrator, and a foreign intelligence analyst–friends on the other side. Her enemies include an investigator, a merchant who wanted to marry her, the nuns of a convent she failed to infiltrate, a mercenary captain who betrayed his employers while she was on his ship, the administrator at a different starbase, a former independent friend who left her for dead, and a primitive cult who believes she's a demon.

Inventory & Finance

Ziggy has the following:

Laser Rifle


Zweihander (ceremonial)

Hurling Blades (x4)

Soft Boots

Gold cord belt

Ragged blue surcoat

Tights and undergarments

Duct Tape

Filter Masks


Voidwalker Suit

Maintenance Kit

Ziggy is currently dead broke, and in significant medical debt.

OOC Information

In case Navian becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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