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Zylis Darkjasper

Zylis Darkjasper is a player character played by Archander.

Zylis Darkjasper
Personal Information
Species: Minkan (Jiyuuian)
Gender: Male
Age: 22 (Born Mid YE 15)
Height: 5'8“ (~173cm)
Wingspan: 5'10” (177.8cm)
Weight: 148lbs (67kg)
Build: Swimmer, well defined
Hair: Jet Black: straight, shoulder length well kept and thick
Eyes: Frost Blue
Career Information
Organization: Formerly UOCPF Formerly IPG
Occupation: Freelancer
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Zylis is built like a swimmer, with broad shoulders, slender waist and a wider arm span than he is tall. He has a very well defined musculature and powerful legs without being bulky. He stands at a modest 5'8“ (172.72cm) with lightly sun-kissed tan skin, equally proportioned between his upper and lower body.

Eyes and Facial Features: Zylis has ethereal frost blue almond shaped eyes that despite their clear icy cold appearance contain an uncanny warmth. He has slightly angular features to his face while retaining a subtle softness, with an average yet slender rounded nose framed by heart shaped face.

Ears: His Elven ears are long and elegant, tapering to a narrow point as they sweep upward at an angle and back, not sticking out much.

Hair Color and Style: Zylis has thick shoulder length straight jet black hair that he maintains very well, usually kept pulled back except for a lock he keeps loose on the right side of his forehead. When he's nervous or tense, he tucks the lock behind his right ear.

Distinguishing Features: Swimmer build, blue eyes, elven ears.

Psychological Attributes

Personality: Zylis tends to be pretty quiet and reserved, thinking first before speaking or acting. He’s a firm believer in the old proverb “Speak softly, and carry a big stick”, feeling that his actions should speak louder than his words. Sometimes he lacks confidence in himself, which can be made worse if he entertains doubt. He does however take great pride in his work and makes it a point to give his very best regardless of the situation. His inclination with technology and electronics is not only a product of his natural talents but is very much a point of enjoyment.

As a former UOC Peacekeeper, Zylis still remains fiercely loyal to the Jiyuuian cause and hopes to one day see the United Outer Colonies rise from the ashes once more. While he is grateful for being rescued by the Star Army of Yamatai and for the efforts and sacrifices made by the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, he doesn't really hold either in any special regards for differing reasons.

Reasons against Yamatai Star Empire include his mother's choice to stay with Yamatai instead of keeping their family together when the UOC defected, as well as the fact that the UOC wasn't supported in rebuilding after the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and was instead re-absorbed. The major problem with Nepleslia really is against the Intelligence and Pacification Group for their disregard for the concerns of various agents within his assigned unit.

  • Likes: Bleeding Edge tech, UOC independence, Jasmine Blackhawk, reading, pushing his limits
  • Dislikes: Failing at anything, being unprepared, being used
  • Goals: To have his family walk within the UOC again.



  • Azryn Darkjasper - Father - Jiyuuian (NH-22C)
    • Killed in action YE 32 - Age: 42 (would be 47)
  • Kyra Darkjasper - Mother - NH-33S (Stealth)
  • Aurora Darkjasper - Sister - Jiyuuian (NI-ARIA, Type 1)
    • Recently relocated back to Jiyuu III (UOC Home) from Nepleslia - Age: 26 (Twin sister to Aurana Darkjasper)
  • Aurana Darkjasper - Sister - Jiyuuian (NI-ARIA, Type 1)
    • Recently relocated back to Jiyuu III (UOC Home) from Nepleslia - Age: 26 (Twin sister to Aurora Darkjasper)
Significant Other


Born mid YE 15, Zylis Darkjasper was originally born as a Human, the last of three children born to Azryn and Kyra Darkjasper. His family had moved to Jiyuu III (Jiyuu) from Planet Yamatai about six years prior, which was only two years before the birth of his twin sisters. The family was readily accepted among their neighbors from day one, and had become a prominent fixture in the years that followed.

Azryn worked as a freighter to support his family while Kyra was mostly involved with militia and planetary defense force work. As such the progeny of the Darkjaspers were often looked after by members of their community when it was required for both parents to be away. As Zylis' older sisters grew closer to their teenage years, this was needed less and less but was still appreciated none the less. In YE 27, the entire family made the change to NH-22C Yamataian bodies.

He was a solid student and excelled but was not the top of the top. Early in his life it was discovered that he had a knack for computers of various types and was supported by those around him to reach even higher throughout his schooling. He was also active in a number of individual sports, which only further highlighted his athletic appearance. The only thing that was a detractor was his lone wolf tendencies among his peers. For the most part life was easy, and Zylis lived a pretty normal childhood. That is until the United Outer Colonies decided to split from the Yamatai Star Empire.

When the secession happened, for the first time and only time Zylis had seen the division of his parents. Where as Azryn was largely in support of Jiyuuian independence and Kyra was equally in favor of Yamatai. This put a huge strain on the family as his mother actually took things a step further and left to join the Star Army of Yamatai. Behind the scenes, Zylis' parents had been at odds over the growing dissension and their polarized stances. This was for the most part completely hidden from their children until just a few months before the UOC broke off.

Zylis' twin sisters soon left for school on Tange, and Azryn forced himself back to work leaving Zylis to struggle with the idea of his mother just abandoning the family. This really soured things for him and marked the beginnings of independence along with a streak of rebellion. In YE 31 just after his 16th birthday, Zylis forged documents to allow him to join the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces. They accepted him into their ranks with open arms largely based on his aptitude scores and his capabilities with computers, assigning him to the expeditionary forces.

Including his training, Zylis had been a peacekeeper for almost two years, having attained the rank Peacekeeper First Class pretty quickly. The Second Mishhuvurthyar War however had brought an end to everything Zylis held dear. Late in YE 32, news reached Zylis about the death of his father as the freighter and all its passengers were killed during their ill-fated shipping run. Then in YE 33 the end of the UOC came about with the NMX devastating nearly everything.

En route back to Jiyuu, Zylis and other Peacekeepers on the Ayana-Class Escort UCS Ryujin when they were attacked by NMX forces. They fought bravely but the ship was badly damaged and Zylis was terribly wounded. When he awoke almost a month later, he was at a Star Army of Yamatai hospital where he found he had been transferred to Minkan body instead of the then discontinued Yamataian series. All attempts to reach his sisters who were on Tange were fruitless which left the young Peacekeeper distraught. Worse yet, his mother had come to pay him a visit sporting an NH-33S (Stealth) body and wearing a black paneled uniform of a SAINT Operative. She even looked young enough to be his older sister.

Terrible confusion overwhelmed Zylis for everything that had befallen him in recent months. News of the fall of the UOC, the death of his father, not knowing if his sisters survived, and the return of his mother as a full on Neko nearly crushed his psyche. During this time, Kyra had tried numerous times to get him to enlist in the Star Army, citing they could be a family again and that she wouldn't abandon him again, and it almost worked until one day mid YE 34 Zylis received a message from his sisters who had been saved by Operation Dynamo that were living in a Jiyuuian refugee camp.

It was then hope was restored on being with his true family once again, which gave him the clarity of thought to tell his mother he wouldn't be joining her and that he would be leaving for Nepleslia. She was taken aback by his turnabout, and threatened him, citing she was still his mother and he needed to respect her wishes. He shook his head, with a bit of a smirk and replied to her, “My mother left years ago, and she likely died some time thereafter. The woman that stands before me is an imposter, a fake, a replica that believes they are someone they are clearly not. You are dead to me, she is dead to me.”

A week later he was reunited with his sisters and took up living with them for a short while. Things weren't the greatest but it could have been much worse. Near the end of YE 34 Zylis was contacted by the Intelligence and Pacification Group as they couldn't pass up a former UOC Peacekeeper with skills like his for their ranks. Feeling indebted to Nepleslia as a whole for rescuing his sisters, he decided why not and transferred to join the organization. Initially he started out as an Intelligence/Counter-Intelligence Agent but was pushed into Commando Training after only a year. All in all, he spent little over 2 years in the IPG.

During his time as a member of a special IPG task force, Zylis had been smitten by and fell head over heels for another Agent he had the pleasure of working with, one Jasmine Blackhawk. Things didn't start out picturesque for the duo, but it wasn't long before the two became something of an item, which seemed to draw ire from the higher ups. The final straw for Zylis came after they threatened to reassign him from his current unit to another, but was in fact caused by an incident involving Raphael Castiel and his exit. This incident led to the exit of Zylis from the IPG, and Jasmine as well with fears of being marked potential enemies of the state due to the way they abruptly left. Zylis, known for his hacking skills within the team would have the one mostly affected by this. However, due to unforeseen events that unbeknownst to the three, they were for the most part released without any large issues.

Months passed, and for the most part Zylis had kept a low profile along with Jasmine while attempting to aid Raphael in his search for the Elysian's missing mother. However Raphael had brought with him a piece of information that would hopefully lead him to her, but the catch was he would have to join the The Black Vipers to get it. Zylis as well as Jasmine decided to give it a shot and attempt to help their friend anyway possible.



Zylis can speak, write, and read Yamataigo (邪馬台語) and Trade (language) fluently with a slight knowledge of Ly'thir. Trained both by the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces as well as the Intelligence and Pacification Group, Zylis can send and receive communications as necessary with a wide array of systems.

Technology Operation

Between his time as a Peacekeeper and being an agent of the IPG, Zylis has had considerable experience as a Tech Specialist. He has become a hacker of considerable skill, which is both a blessing and a curse. He is proficient with a growing number of systems, mostly those of Yamatai, the now defunct UOC, and Nepleslia, but can figure out lesser known systems with relative ease.


Zylis is well trained in the areas of unarmed and armed combat, firearms (both conventional and energy), and to a lesser extent, Power Armor usage. While not a master in any of these areas, he is sufficiently capable of defending himself and others.


Zylis strives to maintain impressive physical prowess, often testing and even pushing his limits whenever he can. Especially in times when he is under stress or self-doubt, he can be found working out with or without a facility.

Maintenance and Repair

As the Tech Specialist within the IPG, Zylis was usually the go to guy for fixing or modifying his unit's gear. This originally included gear issued by the IPG, but over time has branched out into a more generalized scope.


Even from an early age, Zylis had a great understanding of math which helped when it came to using computers in much more advanced applications as well as for his ability to both hack and counter hack. He has had schooling including algebra, trigonometry, calculus and quantum mathematics.


During his time with the IPG, Zylis found himself more and more inclined to tinker with gear and even design a few minor pieces of his own. He is still very much a novice, but given enough time he could possibly figure things out.


Zylis Darkjasper has the following items:

Currently Carried Personal Equipment


  • 1 Black knee-length trench coat, SynAraS with internal zippered pockets for pistols and ammo
  • 2 Black SynAraS short sleeve dress shirts, breathable
  • 1 Dark blue SynAraS short sleeve dress shirt, breathable
  • 1 White Silk long sleeve dress shirt
  • 1 Black silk long sleeve dress shirt
  • 5 White Short sleeve undershirts
  • 5 Black SynAraS tailored dress pants, breathable
  • 2 Sets of unmarked paragon_bdu
  • 3 Silk ties (1 Silver, 1 Blue, and 1 Black)
  • 5 Black pairs of boxers
  • 1 Blue and silver pair of swim trunks
  • 1 Black Speedo (Rarely worn)
  • 2 Grey sleeveless workout tees
  • 2 Black workout shorts
  • 1 Black pair of designer dress shoes
  • 1 Pair of running shoes
  • 2 Pair black steel-toe SynAraS combat boots
  • 5 Pair black socks, 3 pair cotton, 2 pair wool

Weapons and Equipment

  • Custom ehbr (Complete Matte Black finish)
    • Rebuild Kit
    • Heavy Barrel
    • 4 Extended Mags/2 Standard Mags
    • 2 Suppressors
    • 100 rounds MHC-T1 (Standard FMJ)
    • 100 rounds MHC-T2 (High Velocity)
  • GP-13 Pulse Pistol (Unregulated/Original Model)
    • 3 BU-P50R Rechargeable batteries
    • 1 Repaired 5 Battery Capacity Charger
    • 1 Box of Forty, .460 'White' FMJ Spitzers (Hybrid Ammo)
    • 2 Boxes of Fifty, 'Silver' Rounds (Mass Driver Ammo)
  • 1 Black fitted SynAraS ballistics vest with durandium trauma plates
  • 1 Black custom double holster pistol belt with ammo pouches (holds the HHG on the left and the GP-13 on the right)


Stored Gear


Zylis Darkjasper is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
2000 HS Starting Funds
1000 HS 1000 HS Purchase of GP-13 as UOC Peacekeeper
0 HS 1000 HS Destruction of UOC
6000 DA 6000 DA Signing Bonus from IPG
4260 DA 1840 DA Purchase of X-Type Quantum Computer
3560 DA 700 DA Purchase of Emrys Dusk Suit
3360 DA 200 DA Purchase of AwesomeCorp DataJockey
2371 DA 989 DA Purchase of Deidre Special HHG
971 DA 1400 DA Purchase of Custom Zen Arms Enhanced Heavy Battle Rifle
811 DA 160 DA Purchase of 2 Set of Paragon Battle Dress Uniforms
400 DA 411 DA Purchase of Various Clothing items
330 DA 70 DA Purchase of HHG Ammo

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