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There's a huge number of characters in the Star Army Universe, that include both player-made characters and non-player characters (NPCs) that help populate the Setting. We keep track of them on the wiki, where there are currently 2793 character articles! You can create new a character using the Creating a Character guide, or adopt and existing character (see Character Adoption for details).

Character Directories

Any player character and any named characters that appear in the roleplay are considered notable and should be included on the wiki so that their information can be used for future appearances and for historical purposes.

The character directory is split into sub-pages for each of the major factions due to the sheer number of characters in Star Army (2793). Please choose a faction-specific character list from the pages below.

For all characters, see Character Directory

Types of Characters

There are two primary types of characters that appear in the roleplay: player characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs).

Player character bio pages should go in the character: name space. Non-player characters should go in the character:NPC: namespace.

Player Characters

Player characters (PCs) are the characters whose speech and actions are controlled by players instead of by the GM. They're the “main characters” of the story. Maybe even the heroes. The storyline will follow them.

Role-Players put themselves in the role of player characters characters adventuring in the Star Army universe. Quite simply, a player character (PC) is a character that any player primarily controls in any sort of game setting. Usually, these are the characters you spend the most time developing in a roleplay setting because they are the ones that the story will revolve around.

Characters not played by role-players are non-player characters (NPCs); NPCs are controlled by a plot's Game Master.

Non-Player Characters

In contrast, non-player characters (NPCs) are controlled by a plot's Game Master (typical), a faction manager, or the creator of the roleplaying thread. They're are part of the imaginary environment in which the player characters are adventuring. Control of NPCs can be shared in some cases.

Create NPCs articles in the Character:NPC: namespace using the NPC Template. There are random generators for NPCs available.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are characters that are part of the imaginary environment that the characters are adventuring in. They are controlled by a plot's Game Master.

NPC Tools

Random NPCs

Character Creation and Review

For character creation guides, see: Creating a Character

A Game Master is responsible for evaluation and approval of characters made for his/her plot.

  1. Be original. No characters from other media such as movie, books, and games.
  2. Put your character on the wiki. Use the provided template. Keep the page up to date.
  3. Until a character is approved by a Game Master or a Character Approver, the character is limited to the Open RP and Freeform RP forums. Once approved by a GM, a character can join that GM's plot.
  4. If you want your character to be related to an existing character, get permission from that character's player first.

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