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Our shared universe includes thousands of detailed characters to meet. There's over 2870 character pages (about 23% of the the wiki) including both player-made characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs) that are controlled by plot Game Masters (GMs) or Faction Managers (FMs) as needed.

Any player character and any named characters that appear in the roleplay are considered notable and should be included on the wiki so that their information can be used for future appearances and for historical purposes.

Types of Characters

On Star Army, there are two primary types of characters that appear in the roleplay: player characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs). characters are further divided into one of several character statuses:

  • Player Characters (character: namespace)
    • Active - played currently or recently
    • Inactive - player inactive for 30 days or more
    • Adoptable - flagged as available to adopt
  • Non-Player Characters (character:npc: namespace
    • In Use - A GM or FM is currently using or reserving this character
    • Available - GMs and FMs can post for this character as needed
    • On Loan - GM or FM has loaned this character to someone

Character Status is marked in the Struct field on their character page (visible during editing).

Player Characters

Player characters (PCs) are the characters whose speech and actions are controlled by players instead of by the GM. They're the “main characters” of the story. Maybe even the heroes. The storyline will follow them.

Role-Players put themselves in the role of player characters characters adventuring in the Star Army universe. Quite simply, a player character (PC) is a character that any player primarily controls in any sort of game setting. Usually, these are the characters you spend the most time developing in a roleplay setting because they are the ones that the story will revolve around.

Non-Player Characters

In contrast, non-player characters (NPCs) are controlled by a plot's Game Master (typical), a faction manager, or the creator of the roleplaying thread. They're are part of the imaginary environment in which the player characters are adventuring. Control of NPCs can be shared in some cases.

Create NPCs articles in the Character:NPC: namespace using the NPC Template. There are Random Generators 🎲 for NPCs available.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are characters that are part of the imaginary environment that the characters are adventuring in. They are controlled by a plot's Game Master.

Character Creation and Review

For character creation guides, see: Creating a Character

A Game Master is responsible for evaluation and approval of characters made for his/her plot.

  1. Be original. No characters from other media such as movie, books, and games.
  2. Put your character on the wiki.
  3. Use the provided template.
  4. Keep the page up to date.
  5. Until a character is approved by a Game Master or a Character Approver, the character is limited to the Open RP and Freeform RP forums.
  6. Once approved by a GM, a character can join that GM's plot.
  7. If you want your character to be related to an existing character, get permission from that character's player first.

Characters can be adopted too. See Character Adoption for details.

Character Directory

This is an automatically-updated list of characters pulled from the structured data on their wiki pages (see: Characters Schema).

#PageSpeciesFactionCharacter OwnerCharacter Status
1001-A-984 "Nix"AndroidYamatai Star EmpireshadowwalkerActive Player Character
2Aala DashIromakuanheIromakuanhe Astral CommonwealthAmethelianaInactive Player Character
3Aayliah FurvenElfYamatai Star EmpireBloodyscarletNPC Available for GM or FM use
4Abart'huse TheisilisSepara'ShanYamatai Star EmpireBRindustriesActive Player Character
5Abdullah bin "Ben" Al-husseinHumanNew Dusk ConclaveSobanActive Player Character
6Achilles SlitherSepara'ShanCharaa
7Adam EdisonNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaWhitehartInactive Player Character
8Adelphress SvenghouliSepara'ShanYamatai Star EmpireZekecInactive Player Character
9Aden DrakeNepleslianInactive Player Character
10Adi PineRandom AlienNew Dusk ConclaveNoodlewerferActive Player Character
11Adria PineRandom AlienNew Dusk ConclaveNoodlewerferActive Player Character
12Adrian DecaneDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaInactive Player Character
13Adrian TsukaiNH-22C YamataianIndependentloonyInactive Player Character
14Aendri Shasos'SholNH-22C YamataianYamatai Star EmpireAendriInactive Player Character
15Aeon AllisonNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireNashobaNPC In Use By GM or FM
16Aeon JessicaNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireNashobaNPC In Use By GM or FM
17Aeon JodiNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireNashobaNPC In Use By GM or FM
18Aeon MisaNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireNashobaNPC In Use By GM or FM
19Aeon TashaNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireNashobaNPC In Use By GM or FM
20Aera MarenAnthroYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC In Use By GM or FM
21Aerlia Lei'ShelaSepara'ShanYamatai Star EmpireEtherealNPC Available for GM or FM use
22Aesa ArashiNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireIzokia78Inactive Player Character
23Aeta KurosakiNekovalkyrjaCharaaNPC In Use By GM or FM
24Agrippina RossaMinkanYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
25Ahn Ha-neulMinkanYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC In Use By GM or FM
26Ahrim Ehrish Anyu Cu'SeddirIromakuanheIromakuanhe Astral CommonwealthSoresuInactive Player Character
27Aida La RostislavovnaShukaren Daur (Sub-Species)IndependentRawolfeActive Player Character
28Aidan BuchananMinkanYamatai Star EmpirecirnechInactive Player Character
29Aika KakoNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireKittyInactive Player Character
30Aikawa KiyoshiNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireMatthewInactive Player Character
31Aisupetaru KurisutaruNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireValona LongweaveInactive Player Character
32Ajit LysanderNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaSobanActive Player Character
33Aka AkiHumanYamatai Star Empireohm195Inactive Player Character
34Akamaru DatenshiNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireSageshooterActive Player Character
35Akamaru ReikoNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireWolf626Inactive Player Character
36Akamine BrynhildrNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireZekecInactive Player Character
37Akane SiskoNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireSobanActive Player Character
38Akechi MinoruNH-22C YamataianYamatai Star EmpireAnfortasInactive Player Character
39Akechi Shika (あけち しか)NH-22C YamataianYamatai Star EmpireWesInactive Player Character
40Akiashiro AikikoIndependentSamanthiaInactive Player Character
41Akimoto AkiraNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireNPC Available for GM or FM use
42Akimoto MichikoNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireFayInactive Player Character
43Akio NoboruNH-22C YamataianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaTeslaTornadoInactive Player Character
44Akira SasakiNH-22C YamataianYamatai Star EmpireEric R. SelvidgeInactive Player Character
45Akitoku YuaNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireKyokiInactive Player Character
46Akiyama TakashiMinkanIndependentLegixInactive Player Character
47Akuma KageNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireSirSkullyActive Player Character
48Alara BotkidHumanNew Dusk ConclaveCharaaNPC In Use By GM or FM
49Alastair BelmontMinkanYamatai Star EmpireSpaceeyeActive Player Character
50Alaster LangfordID-SOLDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaSoresuInactive Player Character
51Albert SteinerHumanIndependentCommissar FarziActive Player Character
52Alec WyrickNepleslianYamatai Star EmpireKyoshiroInactive Player Character
53Aleksandra VoloshynMinkanYamatai Star EmpireSensualCoderInactive Player Character
54Alena VolontanySepara'ShanYamatai Star EmpireSobanActive Player Character
55Alex PattonHumanNew Dusk ConclaveAlex HartActive Player Character
56Alexander MathewsHumanYamatai Star EmpiregekkidoInactive Player Character
57Alexandr FederovichNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaThekrimsonwulfActive Player Character
58Alexia AsellioCaelisolanElysian Celestial Empireclub24Inactive Player Character
59Alfonzo DiligenzaHumanYamatai Star EmpireBullroarerInactive Player Character
60Alfred BuscemaMinkanYamatai Star EmpireMorrs13Active Player Character
61Alfsigr UehashiNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireThemidnightdameInactive Player Character
62Alice CasdanHumanNew Dusk ConclaveJack PineActive Player Character
63Alice MacyMinkanYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
64Alice MasonNH-22C YamataianYamatai Star EmpireShotJonInactive Player Character
65Alicia CasdanNekovalkyrjaIndependentKyahActive Player Character
66AlimaHumanIndependentSobanActive Player Character
67Aliset KōunSentiYamatai Star EmpireMadi HarperActive Player Character
68Alpheaus NasicaNepleslianNew Dusk ConclaveThekrimsonwulfActive Player Character
69Alpin LupaieQaktoroPoku Saeruo DegonjoEnanselInactive Player Character
70Altair KhorvashIromakuanheIromakuanhe Astral CommonwealthAlex HartActive Player Character
71Althea DornseifHumanHotelkiloInactive Player Character
72Alva LenasdottirNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireKaylaInactive Player Character
73Alyona KhlebovNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
74Alyse Du’tonnHelashioDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaSirSkullyInactive Player Character
75Alyx EunecteSepara'ShanYamatai Star EmpireSobanActive Player Character
76Amara HazzelMinkanYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC In Use By GM or FM
77Amaterasu AkiNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireArchanderInactive Player Character
78Amaterasu EmiNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireArchanderInactive Player Character
79Amatsukaze NoaNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireGrammarPaladinInactive Player Character
80AmayaJennPermanently Retired Character
81Amaya ShioriNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireAndrewNPC In Use By GM or FM
82Ambriel CinnaPatricianYamatai Star EmpireaendriInactive Player Character
83Amethyst FirebirdNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireNashobaNPC Available for GM or FM use
84Ami Yim TeliphIromakuanheIndependentAceActive Player Character
85Amy SidoneNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaZonr 0Inactive Player Character
86Anastasia BarlowCaelisolanYamatai Star EmpirePancakeiActive Player Character
87Anderson, TomasNH-22C YamataianYamatai Star EmpireNashobaNPC Available for GM or FM use
88Angela HartbrookNepleslianJack Pine
89Angela HitomoNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireSpartan ClonedInactive Player Character
90Angelica "Angel" BelmontElfYamatai Star EmpireValona LongweaveInactive Player Character
91Anna BotenNH-22C YamataianYamatai Star EmpireAendriInactive Player Character
92AnneHelashioYamatai Star EmpireShotJonInactive Player Character
93Anslen VolontanySepara'ShanYamatai Star EmpireSobanActive Player Character
94Anthiathia "Thia" KeslieNepleslianIndependentHyraltActive Player Character
95Antibody Hollowpoint Five Seven 57 8449-2815IndependentPrimitive PolygonNPC In Use By GM or FM
96AntoinetteHumanNew Dusk ConclaveNoodlewerferActive Player Character
97Anzai SayaNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC In Use By GM or FM
98Aoba AkasaMinkanYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC In Use By GM or FM
99Aoba KuranosukeMinkanYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC In Use By GM or FM
100Aoi SiskoNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireSobanActive Player Character

For a list of all characters page on the wiki, see Character Directory

Character Namespaces

  • character: (old) 1852 pages
  • characters: 1020 pages
    • characters:yamatai 903
    • characters:ndc 5
    • characters:nepleslia 96

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