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Our shared universe includes thousands of detailed characters to meet. There's over 2948 character pages (about 23% of the the wiki) including both player-made characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs) that are controlled by plot Game Masters (GMs) or Faction Managers (FMs) as needed.

Any player character and any named characters that appear in the roleplay are considered notable and should be included on the wiki so that their information can be used for future appearances and for historical purposes.

Types of Characters

On Star Army, there are two primary types of characters that appear in the roleplay: player characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs). characters are further divided into one of several character statuses:

  • Player Characters (characters: namespace)
    • Active - played currently or recently
    • Inactive - player inactive for 30 days or more
    • Adoptable - flagged as available to adopt
  • Non-Player Characters (characters:npc: namespace
    • In Use - A GM or FM is currently using or reserving this character
    • Available - GMs and FMs can post for this character as needed
    • On Loan - GM or FM has loaned this character to someone

Character Status is marked in the Struct field on their character page (visible during editing).

Player Characters

Player characters (PCs) are the characters whose speech and actions are controlled by players instead of by the GM. They're the “main characters” of the story. Maybe even the heroes. The storyline will follow them.

Role-Players put themselves in the role of player characters characters adventuring in the Star Army universe. Quite simply, a player character (PC) is a character that any player primarily controls in any sort of game setting. Usually, these are the characters you spend the most time developing in a roleplay setting because they are the ones that the story will revolve around.

Non-Player Characters

In contrast, non-player characters (NPCs) are controlled by a plot's Game Master (typical), a faction manager, or the creator of the roleplaying thread. They're are part of the imaginary environment in which the player characters are adventuring. Control of NPCs can be shared in some cases.

Create NPCs articles in the characters:NPC: namespace using the NPC Template. There are Random Generators 🎲 for NPCs available.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are characters that are part of the imaginary environment that the characters are adventuring in. They are controlled by a plot's Game Master.

Archived Characters

Characters we don't expect to be played or use again may be moved into the Archived Characters namespace, which is hidden to most users. This helps avoid clutter in search results.

Character Creation and Review

For character creation guides, see: Creating a Character

A Game Master is responsible for evaluation and approval of characters made for his/her plot.

  1. Be original. No characters from other media such as movie, books, and games.
  2. Put your character on the wiki.
  3. Use the provided template.
  4. Keep the page up to date.
  5. Until a character is approved by a Game Master or a Character Approver, the character is limited to the Open RP and Freeform RP forums.
  6. Once approved by a GM, a character can join that GM's plot.
  7. If you want your character to be related to an existing character, get permission from that character's player first.

Characters can be adopted too. See Character Adoption for details.

Character Directory

This is an automatically-updated list of characters pulled from the structured data on their wiki pages (see: Characters Schema).

#PageSpeciesFactionCharacter OwnerCharacter Status
101Alex YoshinagaHumanTaishou89Active Player Character
102Alexander CrossNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaSUBLIMEinalInactive Player Character
103Alexander MathewsHumanYamatai Star EmpiregekkidoInactive Player Character
104Alexander ReamsNepleslianPotato-chanInactive Player Character
105Alexander WolfNepleslianGunhand4171NPC In Use By GM or FM
106Alexandr FederovichNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaThekrimsonwulfInactive Player Character
107Alexandra MayhewNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaShotJonInactive Player Character
108Alexia AsellioCaelisolanYamatai Star Empireclub24Inactive Player Character
109Alfonzo DiligenzaHumanYamatai Star EmpireBullroarerInactive Player Character
110Alfred BuscemaMinkanYamatai Star EmpireMorrs13Inactive Player Character
111Alfsigr UehashiNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireThemidnightdameInactive Player Character
112Algol MaridaIromakuanheIndependentAmetheliana
113Alia JyotsnaIromakuanheIromakuanhe Astral CommonwealthChris YoungInactive Player Character
114Alice CasdanHumanNew Dusk ConclaveJack PineInactive Player Character
115Alice GrangerHumanNew Dusk ConclaveInactive Player Character
116Alice MacyMinkanYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
117Alice MasonNH-22C YamataianYamatai Star EmpireShotJonInactive Player Character
118Alicia CasdanNekovalkyrjaIndependentKyahInactive Player Character
119AlimaHumanIndependentSobanActive Player Character
120Alina ShanuiNorianTsenlanNakshatraActive Player Character
121Aliset KōunSentiYamatai Star EmpireMadi HarperActive Player Character
122Alistair ThornNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaGunhand4171Inactive Player Character
123Aliza ScornHumanDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliadharkmatterInactive Player Character
124Allen LowellNepleslianInactive Player Character
125Allen Sarrow KellyNepleslianInactive Player Character
126Allie JohanssonHumanNew Dusk ConclaveLocked 0utActive Player Character
127Alonzo ScottNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaEspatierInactive Player Character
128Alpheaus NasicaNepleslianNew Dusk ConclaveThekrimsonwulfInactive Player Character
129Alpin LupaieQaktoroEnanselInactive Player Character
130Alrik WolfNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaAusGreInactive Player Character
131Altair KhorvashIromakuanheIromakuanhe Astral CommonwealthAlex HartInactive Player Character
132Althea "Amber" RivelHumanIndependentFayNPC Available for GM or FM use
133Althea DornseifHumanHotelkiloInactive Player Character
134Alva LenasdottirNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireKaylaInactive Player Character
135Alyona KhlebovNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
136Alyse Du’tonnHelashioDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaSirSkullyInactive Player Character
137Alyssa TaylorHumanIndependentFalconsfans08
138Alyx EunecteSepara'ShanYamatai Star EmpireSobanActive Player Character
139Amara HazzelMinkanYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC In Use By GM or FM
140Amari Al-SumedIromakuanheIromakuanhe Astral CommonwealthSoresuInactive Player Character
141Amaterasu AkiNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireArchanderInactive Player Character
142Amaterasu EmiNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireArchanderInactive Player Character
143Amatsukaze NoaNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireGrammarPaladinInactive Player Character
144AmayaRandom AlienYamatai Star EmpireJennPermanently Retired Character
145Amaya ShioriNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireAndrewNPC In Use By GM or FM
146Amber OrmaundNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaWolfe WhitehornInactive Player Character
147Ambriel CinnaPatricianYamatai Star EmpireAendriNPC In Use By GM or FM
148Amelia "Amy" JensenNepleslianAendriInactive Player Character
149Amelia ByrdNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireHotelkiloInactive Player Character
150Amelia StroudNepleslianIndependentFoxtrot813Inactive Player Character
151Amelia WeynoltNepleslianNPC In Use By GM or FM
152Amethyst FirebirdNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireNashobaNPC Available for GM or FM use
153Amethyst StockfordNepleslianYamatai Star EmpireSodaInactive Player Character
154Ami Yim TeliphIromakuanheIndependentAceInactive Player Character
155AmitHumanNew Dusk ConclaveReadllieaInactive Player Character
156Amorette RinaldiIndependentSmokeEmpressInactive Player Character
157Amy HalseyHumanPenguinmafiaInactive Player Character
158Amy SidoneNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaZonr 0Inactive Player Character
159Anabel GhentCaelisolanYamatai Star EmpireSmokeEmpressInactive Player Character
160AnalieseNepleslianIndependentSmokeEmpressInactive Player Character
161Anaska DePolanskayaShukaren Daur (Sub-Species)Kingdom of NeshatenSirSkullyInactive Player Character
162Anastasia BarlowCaelisolanYamatai Star EmpirePancakeiInactive Player Character
163Anastasia KuznetsovaNepleslianNepleslian RedsDemibearNPC In Use By GM or FM
164Anatevka KuznyetskiNepleslianpaladinrpg
165AncillaNew Dusk ConclaveCharaaActive Player Character
166Andar NovalMinkanNew Dusk ConclaveWhisperInactive Player Character
167Andariel VokosPatricianElysian Celestial EmpireOrionNPC Available for GM or FM use
168Anderson, TomasNH-22C YamataianYamatai Star EmpireNashobaNPC Available for GM or FM use
169Andoru SukaiYamatai Star EmpireDurrutiInactive Player Character
170Andrea CarverMinkanYamatai Star EmpireShotJonInactive Player Character
171Andrea Perla QwertyNepleslianHyralt
172Andrej KuznyetskiNepleslianCharmaylarg
173Andrew WilsonHumanKingdom of NeshatenBman142Inactive Player Character
174Andromeda HalifaxSepara'ShanYamatai Star EmpireRadioactiveInactive Player Character
175Angela HartbrookNepleslianNew Dusk ConclaveJack Pine
176Angela HitomoNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireSpartan ClonedInactive Player Character
177Angela “Angel” Giovanna ManciniNepleslianCatoTheElderInactive Player Character
179Angelica "Angel" BelmontElfYamatai Star EmpireValona LongweaveInactive Player Character
180Anna BotenNH-22C YamataianYamatai Star EmpireAendriInactive Player Character
181Anna Ee'ithYamatai Star EmpireZekec
182Anna HorizonNepleslianKingdom of Neshatenclub24
183Anna KaineNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaNakshatraActive Player Character
184AnneHelashioYamatai Star EmpireShotJonInactive Player Character
185Anne Ee'ithYamatai Star EmpireZekecInactive Player Character
186Annelise StrixdottirNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireCute FuzzActive Player Character
187Anselm WyattNepleslianCy83r K0rp53
188Anslen VolontanySepara'ShanYamatai Star EmpireSobanActive Player Character
189Anthiathia "Thia" KeslieNepleslianYamatai Star EmpireHyraltActive Player Character
190Anthony BranstonFranklyInactive Player Character
191Antibody Hollowpoint Five Seven 57 8449-2815IndependentPrimitive PolygonNPC In Use By GM or FM
192Antibody Revenant 77-1493-4302FreespacersIndependentWafflesActive Player Character
193Antibody Scarlet One-One 11-2189-8731FreespacersEthereal
194AntoinetteHumanNew Dusk ConclaveNoodlewerferActive Player Character
195Antonia StarkNepleslianDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaYoshiInactive Player Character
196Antonius CastorElysianYamatai Star EmpireMETA_mahn
197AnyaAndroidInactive Player Character
198Anya KastanavaAnthroDemocratic Imperium of NepleslianiniActive Player Character
199Anzai SayaNekovalkyrjaYamatai Star EmpireAndrewNPC In Use By GM or FM
200Aoba AkasaMinkanYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC In Use By GM or FM

For a list of all characters page on the wiki, see Character Directory

Character Namespaces

  • characters: 2948 pages
    • characters:archived: 66 pages
    • characters:fictional: 2 pages
    • characters:freespacers: 21 pages
    • characters:independent: 267 pages
    • characters:iromakuanhe: 52 pages
    • characters:lorath: 29 pages
    • characters:mishhuvurthyar: 13 pages
    • characters:ndc: 105 pages
    • characters:nepleslia: 326 pages
    • characters:uesureya: 2 pages
    • characters:yamatai: 1274 pages

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