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Our shared universe includes thousands of detailed characters to meet. There's over 2948 character pages (about 23% of the the wiki) including both player-made characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs) that are controlled by plot Game Masters (GMs) or Faction Managers (FMs) as needed.

Any player character and any named characters that appear in the roleplay are considered notable and should be included on the wiki so that their information can be used for future appearances and for historical purposes.

Types of Characters

On Star Army, there are two primary types of characters that appear in the roleplay: player characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs). characters are further divided into one of several character statuses:

  • Player Characters (characters: namespace)
    • Active - played currently or recently
    • Inactive - player inactive for 30 days or more
    • Adoptable - flagged as available to adopt
  • Non-Player Characters (characters:npc: namespace
    • In Use - A GM or FM is currently using or reserving this character
    • Available - GMs and FMs can post for this character as needed
    • On Loan - GM or FM has loaned this character to someone

Character Status is marked in the Struct field on their character page (visible during editing).

Player Characters

Player characters (PCs) are the characters whose speech and actions are controlled by players instead of by the GM. They're the “main characters” of the story. Maybe even the heroes. The storyline will follow them.

Role-Players put themselves in the role of player characters characters adventuring in the Star Army universe. Quite simply, a player character (PC) is a character that any player primarily controls in any sort of game setting. Usually, these are the characters you spend the most time developing in a roleplay setting because they are the ones that the story will revolve around.

Non-Player Characters

In contrast, non-player characters (NPCs) are controlled by a plot's Game Master (typical), a faction manager, or the creator of the roleplaying thread. They're are part of the imaginary environment in which the player characters are adventuring. Control of NPCs can be shared in some cases.

Create NPCs articles in the characters:NPC: namespace using the NPC Template. There are Random Generators 🎲 for NPCs available.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are characters that are part of the imaginary environment that the characters are adventuring in. They are controlled by a plot's Game Master.

Archived Characters

Characters we don't expect to be played or use again may be moved into the Archived Characters namespace, which is hidden to most users. This helps avoid clutter in search results.

Character Creation and Review

For character creation guides, see: Creating a Character

A Game Master is responsible for evaluation and approval of characters made for his/her plot.

  1. Be original. No characters from other media such as movie, books, and games.
  2. Put your character on the wiki.
  3. Use the provided template.
  4. Keep the page up to date.
  5. Until a character is approved by a Game Master or a Character Approver, the character is limited to the Open RP and Freeform RP forums.
  6. Once approved by a GM, a character can join that GM's plot.
  7. If you want your character to be related to an existing character, get permission from that character's player first.

Characters can be adopted too. See Character Adoption for details.

Character Directory

This is an automatically-updated list of characters pulled from the structured data on their wiki pages (see: Characters Schema).

#PageSpeciesFactionCharacter OwnerCharacter Status
1Amorette RinaldiIndependentSmokeEmpressInactive Player Character
2Bithut Morantha ZaasIndependentGrammarPaladinInactive Player Character
3Cranebeinn ThemistoIndependent
5Devon Heartstring, Birthname Waking LightInactive Player Character
6Devyat Pyatyy LitiyArsenic
7DoppelChris Young
8Egwene TaiIndependentWanthefloofInactive Player Character
9Lilith OakheartIndependentBloodyscarletInactive Player Character
10Manju DhawanIndependentLegixInactive Player Character
11Tange AmayaUnited Outer ColoniesAndrewPermanently Retired Character
12BeatriceLorath MatriarchyAltairkri PearlInactive Player Character
13AncillaNew Dusk ConclaveCharaaActive Player Character
14Comely SpiritNew Dusk ConclaveCosmickader
15Freethinker "Toji" 13-1731-3472New Dusk ConclaveJomberActive Player Character
16Kolorsha TasvanniNew Dusk Conclavesteeljaw36Inactive Player Character
17OriasNew Dusk ConclaveJack PineInactive Player Character
18Ten-kheiat Walidah-ae KusaremuNew Dusk ConclaveRawolfeInactive Player Character
19Zero ThreeNew Dusk ConclaveSirSkully
20Anthony BranstonFranklyInactive Player Character
21Blastmaster 04-6669-0774Priscilla
22Charley "Ice Queen" SnydersDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaAcewing13
23Clark ThompsonInactive Player Character
24David 'Speedy' HarbingerInactive Player Character
25"Deacon"Inactive Player Character
26Dylan LlewellynCy83r K0rp53Inactive Player Character
27Elina VanhanenDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaExhackInactive Player Character
28Ice PlainsviewDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliarazInactive Player Character
29Jack HaydenDemocratic Imperium of Nepleslia
30Jessie BieseckerDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaInactive Player Character
31John KarrelikDemocratic Imperium of Nepleslia
32Mystic Three FourDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaInactive Player Character
33Orchid AnsonDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaInactive Player Character
34Rex BridgesDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaFirebrandInactive Player Character
35Takeshi YeonDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaSirSkully
36Tweak Three SevenDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaInactive Player Character
37Lod'sha Atydl-Aløttrev ArbisKingdom of NeshatenPrimitive Polygon
38Ha'lei Tela'kuroYamatai Star EmpireSyaoranNPC Available for GM or FM use
39Lun'ia Ry'kenKingdom of NeshatenLiveemotion-pixelInactive Player Character
40Antibody Hollowpoint Five Seven 57 8449-2815IndependentPrimitive PolygonNPC In Use By GM or FM
41Unknown AntagonistIndependentWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
42Wanjyu NganInterstellar Kingdom Of KuvexiaDemibearWork In Progress
43Andoru SukaiYamatai Star EmpireDurrutiInactive Player Character
44Anna Ee'ithYamatai Star EmpireZekec
45Anne Ee'ithYamatai Star EmpireZekecInactive Player Character
46Apesael EmrysYamatai Star EmpireInactive Player Character
47Arete Surinus (Alt)Yamatai Star EmpireArbitrated
48Ariel RemoraOrion
49Arik LezatielYamatai Star EmpireInactive Player Character
50Arnold Fritz Jr.Inactive Player Character
51AtikaYamatai Star EmpireSobanActive Player Character
52Aurora ClaudiusYamatai Star EmpireDemibearWork In Progress
53Aurore BranardYamatai Star EmpireYangfanPermanently Retired Character
54Chiaki SaoriYamatai Star EmpireOrion
55Ciara KinsleyYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
56Shinichi Deguchimizunoyoroko
57Elise YoungYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
58Emma ShakespeareYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
59Erika ElsterYamatai Star EmpireSunny DActive Player Character
60Fareed El-Sayidredboi
61Cintanisa FrasnaYamatai Star EmpireKyleInactive Player Character
62Hideyoshi AyumuYamatai Star Empire
63Jadg WolfYamatai Star Empirejadg_wolfInactive Player Character
64Jinja EmiYamatai Star EmpireRizzoNPC In Use By GM or FM
65Kaosu DasantekiWolf WardInactive Player Character
66Ketsurui KikyoPermanently Retired Character
67KipYamatai Star EmpireNPC Available for GM or FM use
68Koizumi ArataniAmetheliana
69Mari TanakaYamatai Star EmpireKaiNPC Available for GM or FM use
70Masuyo InoueKaiInactive Player Character
71Minami AnaiiHAMnJAMInactive Player Character
72Munkata YaekoYamatai Star EmpireGabriel
73Kaida NagamiraDragonNovaInactive Player Character
74NagashunYamatai Star EmpireSobanActive Player Character
75Nakane KamatariBloodyscarletInactive Player Character
76Neko, NijiValiantvanInactive Player Character
77Nora ShinakoMsb16Inactive Player Character
78Oihan MiekoYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
79Okane EveImmortal CyanInactive Player Character
80Illustrious OnyxWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
81Sakura TajiYamatai Star EmpirePermanently Retired Character
82Scott KaineYamatai Star EmpireJimmyInactive Player Character
83Shigekazu, YukiomanlawmakerInactive Player Character
84Shinja FujitaYamatai Star EmpireNashobaNPC In Use By GM or FM
85ShōkoYamatai Star Empire5tarInactive Player Character
86TakakoYamatai Star EmpireSean_ODuibherInactive Player Character
87Taki JiraiYamatai Star EmpireNashobaNPC In Use By GM or FM
88Thrashnog BloodfistYamatai Star EmpireWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
89Senator Tofuku RinEistheidPermanently Retired Character
90Yosef ElowhimYamatai Star EmpireDoshii JunPermanently Retired Character
91Adelheid VogelAbwehranAbwehran Star EmpireScotInactive Player Character
92Augustus DietrichAbwehranAbwehran Star EmpireSamuelInactive Player Character
93Benedikt AdlersAbwehranAbwehran Star EmpireNevaronInactive Player Character
94Caecilia ObersteinAbwehranAbwehran Star EmpireMatthewInactive Player Character
95Drachenbaum HufschmiedAbwehranAbwehran Star EmpirekeiretsuInactive Player Character
96Erna LöwenherztAbwehranAbwehran Star EmpireMatthewInactive Player Character
97Gunther SteinAbwehranAbwehran Star EmpireWhitehartInactive Player Character
98Hannelore FuchsAbwehranAbwehran Star EmpireShotJonInactive Player Character
99Sir Heimerich LangeAbwehranAbwehran Star Empireabwehran_commanderInactive Player Character
100Hetzer Johannes ThalbergAbwehranAbwehran Star EmpireBilgecrankInactive Player Character

For a list of all characters page on the wiki, see Character Directory

Character Namespaces

  • characters: 2948 pages
    • characters:archived: 66 pages
    • characters:fictional: 2 pages
    • characters:freespacers: 21 pages
    • characters:independent: 267 pages
    • characters:iromakuanhe: 52 pages
    • characters:lorath: 29 pages
    • characters:mishhuvurthyar: 13 pages
    • characters:ndc: 105 pages
    • characters:nepleslia: 326 pages
    • characters:uesureya: 2 pages
    • characters:yamatai: 1274 pages

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