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Corro Adlich

:!: The following character is dead.

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General Information

Species: Nepleslian Gender: Male Age: 23

Father: Dyson Adlich Mother: Silvia Adlich Sister (Older): Jess Adlich Sister (Younger): Helena Adlich (Deceased)

Faction: Star Army of Yamatai Occupation: Commander of Namiko Carrier Wing Rank: Taisa

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' 3โ€œ / 1.91 m Mass: 193 lbs. / 87.54 kg

Build and Skin Color: Broad, but muscular. Skin is a light tan color. Face and Eye Color: His face is light tan, much like the rest of his body. His eyes are a dark brown color. Hair color and Style: Black hair that is rather short and tends to lie flat all the time.

Distinguishing Features: Corro's most distinguishing feature is his cybernetic replacement for his right arm and his cybernetic power assisters on his legs.

  • Cybernetic Arm: Corro lost his right arm in a gang shootout years back. Without high quality medical treatment it would have never worked properly again. With what little the Adlich's had they had Corro's right arm replaced with a 3rd generation cybernetic arm. The unit is rather bulky and awkward to look at. The largest portions being the forearm and the shoulder connector. The servos are open to the air and because of that requires careful maintenance. The beauty behind the arm is that it requires little electronics maintenance, being from the 3rd generation. The forearm provides a hardpoint for various service packs which include repair (mounts tools), computer (mounts a standard computer), and combat (mounts weapon systems). It also has increased strength compared with a normal arm. Corro has had several refits on the arm, vastly improving is maneuverability and combat potential.
  • Cybernetic Power Assisters: Essentially cybernetics attached to, and inside, the users legs. It works with the muscles to increase the amount of strength generated. It helps Corro achieve a better running speed, to keep up with more advances species, as well as higher jumps. Like his cybernetic arm, Corro's power assisters require constant maintenance.


At first Corro seems like a simple Nepleslian, concerned only with himself and looking for the next bite of life. He does have tendencies to think about the now instead of looking at the future, as well as having a nasty temper. But inside Corro has deep seeded feelings for his family and friends. He holds a gruff, no-nonsense exterior, but given the moment he can become a crying wreck.

Likes: Good food, people being straight with the facts Dislikes: Art, lies, pacifists


A Nepleslian Ex-patriot is the easiest way to describe Corro. Corro Adlich was born on Nepleslia. His parents ran a small restaurant in one of the worse sections of the planet. Corro had always planned to work there once he had finished his basic schooling. However things ran afoul when two rival gangs began a shootout near the family store.

Corro and his younger sister, Helena, were just walking back from a supply pick up when a gang member mistook them for the rival gang and unload an entire clip into the then 16-year-old Corro and his 11-year-old sister. Corro's right arm and legs were struck several times, while his sister was hit in the stomach and far lower torso. The two siblings were left to bleed to death until emergency personnel were able to break up the shootout and reach them. By then, Helena had bled out and Corro was going into shock. They were able to revive Corro, but due to his injuries, unable to restore proper function to his legs and right arm. The Adlich family paid what they could to a friend to provide Corro with the cybernetic arm and power assisters.

But Corro's mind never recovered from the attack. He became disillusioned with Nepleslia and its government. He worked several jobs for the next 3 years in order to attain money for an off planet flight. He had heard of the Star Army of Yamatai, and about their programs. He saw it as an opportunity to put his skills with his cybernetics to use and possibly earn enough to send his family and friends away from Nepleslia.

During his time in the 5th Expeditionary fleet, Corro attained the leadership of an entire power armor wing as well as a scout ship. He also survived the tragedies of fleet mutiny and a surprise attack by a rogue AI. These events left him sobered as he took up his next task as Commander of the Namiko Carrier Wing. However during his assualt on the planet Murf, he was defeated and captured by SMX forces. The extent of his torture and interrogation is unknown and his current wherabouts are unknown, but he is presumed KIA.



In basic, Corro was taught how to use certain communication devices and radios. His work in the family restaurant gave him the necessary experience to communicate with others.

Fighting and Physical:

Corro was an avid boxer and wrestler in his schooling. The military conditioning program has also added to his skills. He is able to use his cybernetics as weapons and combat enhancers. He's also a veteran of several close-quarters combat experiences through his service in the 5th.

Information Technology:

One of the jobs Corro worked to earn enough to leave Nepleslia was as a computer assistant at a local shipping firm. He used computer to keep track of inventory and has a basic understanding of troubleshooting.


Most of Corro's math skills come from his schooling. His military condition has added more complex subjects to his knowledge.

Maintenance and Repair:

Learned from another job of repairing hovercars and cycles. Corro also has had to perform regular maintenance on his own cybernetics for the longest time. It isn't easy for him, but it can be done.


While in military conditioning, Corro applied himself to most facets of combat to provide a well-rounded soldier. This includes being train with and how to handle explosives and similar materials.


Corro, wasn't just a waiter/usher at his family's restaurant. Corro also developed into a full-blown chef. He was planning on attending culinary school before the accident occurred. Having been far from home and not allowed in the mess kitchens, Corro's skills have diminished.

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