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Dana Fetch

Dana Fetch is a player character played by Buglet.

Dana Fetch
Species: Nepleslians
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Height: 5' 11โ€œ
Weight: 80kg
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Explorer
Rank: None
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. The Wayward

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 11โ€
  • Mass: 80kg
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Dana has a lean build and possesses very disappointing muscles. By all means he is fit and healthy, but by no stretch of the imagination is Dana strong. His strength relies more on his running and movement speed.

Dana's skin is pale with a clear complexion. He has no notable marks other than three parallel scars running across the side of his neck, similar to scratch marks. His skin has begun to show signs of ageing; his eyes are starting to droop and a few wrinkles have began appearing between his eyebrows.

Eyes and Facial Features: Dana has blue eyes that sit close together. Rarely looking at anything in particular, Dana's eyes have a habit of wandering across his surroundings idly. His face is somewhat asymmetrical and haphazardly carved: his nose is bent to one side and his mouth is slanted up to one side. Were it not for his even-set eyes, one would think he'd been in some sort of accident. Dana's cheeks are well defined and, in some lighting, cause him to appear gaunt. His head is rather thin.

Ears: Dana's ears are, contrary to the rest of his head, neat and slim. They don't stick out, nor are they folded back like wings. They reside idly on either side if his head.

Hair Color and Style: Explorers have little type to style themselves and thus his hair is often unkempt. His brown locks often grow a little longer than smart and his lack of a comb is apparent in his hair's scruffy style. Tangled, knotted, and randomly spiked, his hair reflects a distant mountain range.

Distinguishing Features: When idle, Dana walks with a certain carelessness. His steps barely resemble a stroll and more-so reflect his tired and malnourished nature.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Dana is riddled with introverted personality traits. He thinks more than he speaks and will rarely say anything unless it is needed - an exception to this rule is a joke; Dana will always tell a joke whether the situation demands it or not.

He studies philosophy in his spare time and prides himself in being well-versed in a number of the universe's existential issues.

Slow to anger, quick to befriend, Dana is often too busy thinking and talking to himself to let others know more about him.

  • Likes: Exploring planets and abandoned places, philosophy, ship design.
  • Dislikes: Confrontation, a boring place, being given orders relentlessly.
  • Goals: To make a major exploration discovery.


Family (or Creators)

Dana left his family at a young age to go exploring. He has never contacted them since.


Dana left his family at the age of fifteen, having bought his own very cheap ship. Through his exploration he was able to earn his way through the cosmos - selling his stories of abandoned stations and hostile planets to major media corporations, he made a tidy keep and began upgrading his ship and, in the process, became interested in ship design.



Dana has a keen eye when it comes to visiting previously unexplored areas of space. He is knowledgable regarding planet surfaces, atmosphere, EVA activities, and tracking. Having once been lost on a planet surface (unable to find his ship) for over three weeks, he learned how to explore the hard way!

Ship Design

In his exploration, Dana had little use for money and thus spent all his earnings on his ship. Keen on getting the best deal for money, Dana would often buy second-hand and broken parts and fix/fit them himself to his ship. Thus, he learned via his own accord the in's and out's of ship design and maintenance. Of course, he shouldn't be trusted to maintain a functioning ship - but he could fix a broken thruster or a locked landing strut.


Exploring was a very singular vocation for Dana, and in his solitude he started to study Philosophy. He would spend hours at a time mulling over, inside his head, the existential issues of the universe. As a result, he is now very reflective and knows much about the conundrums of existence itself, and its subjects such as morals and religion.


Many philosophical writings found in the universe date back thousands of years and are, thus, often written in unknown and forgotten languages. Dana dedicated a large proportion of his time to studying such languages so he could further improve his philosophical prowess. He is well-versed in ancient languages and understanding cryptic messages.


Dana's way with words rarely present themselves verbally due to his introverted nature. Instead, he allows himself to write frequently - mostly on philosophy, but also less often on other subjects such as ship maintenance and languages.


Having catered for himself for many years, Dana is proficient in cooking and (more importantly) identifying edible materials in otherwise hostile environments.


Dana's love of hostile planets presents itself in his ability to survive on them. His experiences have taught him the trades of camouflage and navigating unknown territory, both on surface and in space.


Dana Fetch has the following items:


Dana Fetch is currently a None in the Independent.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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