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Sen’yhty "Fate" Fyunnen

The former High General and Commander-in-Chief of the Fyuunen clan of the Lorath Matriarchy, Fate is a tall, imposing woman who rarely shows her true self due to a severe personality quirk. Prior to rebelling, she answered exclusively to the Queen and High Priest in military matters. Though she was the commander, the impute of the Judicial and Executive Branches 'allowed her to do her job properly'.

General Information

Sen’yhty “Fate” Fyunnen
Species: Lorath
Gender: Female
Birthdate: YE -31
Age: 701)
Height: 7 Feet (2.13 Meters)
Weight: 450 Pounds (204 Kilograms)2)
Measurements: 38-26-40 38H

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: She is a woman who is extremely large and tall. Though her body is lean like a ballerina's when not including her bust, she is as solid as a tank despite only appearing to be very well toned. Her skin is normally a dull gray, but is lightly tanned due to the extended time she has spent in the sun during training and in combat.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Fate’s face has largely been spared any scars save a few small nicks and scratches. Her expression’s almost always dower and her eyes are slate gray, adding to her cold and fearsome countenance.

Hair color and Style: Fate keeps her silvery white hair cut short save for the ear tail on her left side. That, she has grown until it has come to rest on her shoulder, and is braided with the lower third dyed a sharp shade of red.

Distinguishing Features: Fate’s body is covered in scars from sparring, combat, and something else. Her eyes are particularly intense and cold.

Cybernetics: Fate has undergone extensive medical surgery, mostly having non-magnetic metal grafts to about 95% of her skeleton, and various other treatments to augment her baseline body so she could be faster, stronger and tougher. A hidden neural stimulant implant is installed at the base of her neck.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Serious to a fault, unwavering, ambitious. Fate is a woman who doesn’t take 'no' for an answer. She never smiles and she never laughs. It can be said that Fate has seen too much war and carnage in her life, and forgot how to be happy

Likes: Training, Fighting, Destiny, Cooking Dislikes: Tomoe, Losing Goals: To build a new promised land for her people's remnants


Born into the Fyuunen clan in a position of no notable standing, Fate's family was all taken by war when she was very young. As a result, she has no real memories of them, and later on, considered the young Queen and High Priest her family for a time. Initially, Sen'ythy was raised to be just another warrior, but through happenstance, became friends with Shim' Tal' Riknu. It was from here that she met the woman's daughter, Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lita, and found herself often assigned in close proximity to her. Alongside Destiny and Tomoe, the three grew up together as friends; during this time, Fate underwent the normal hardships expected of those in the Fyuunen clan, hardening and preparing for war. When they had reached adulthood, the three still didn't drift apart despite their drastically different duties often separating them from one another.

As Fate dealt with matters of warfare and violence, she clung onto the thought of her childhood friend for support during the hardest times, and as the years went past, and the time for Harr'Ikke to become the next Xiaah came, the Fyuunen woman felt great pride and hope, believing she would become a great ruler. Following her friend's ascension however, Fate often found herself closer to home, and as a result, was present when Yamatai forced on to Lor an unjust treaty. Despite this, she was given the position of High General to quell the resulting civil war when her friend was defiled by Hanako. Over the years though, she served the Lorath Matriarchy loyally as its Commander in Chief.

When the United Outer Colonies fell, Destiny gave her life in order to save as many Jiyuuians from the Mishhuvurthyar onslaught in YE 33. This hurt Fate badly; not only did she lose her childhood friend, but she felt that it should have been her that had died. However, due to her assigned duties, she was not able to accompany Destiny, and only heard of her death some time after it had occurred. This served as a turning point in her life however, as she began using brute force less, and relying more on cunning, guile and diplomacy. When the Yugumo Cluster became a point of contention with Yamatai, Fate was the one charged with ensuring things did not go out of hand while inconveniencing the Yamataians and Task Force Lantern as much as possible. It was during this time that she made contact with then Morioka Naoko, the Admiral in charge of the sector and came to a tacit understanding of one another's position.

This wasn't the end of what changes Fate would go through however. In her grief, and without Destiny, she had slowly come to question the orders she was given, and ceased to follow them blindly. As a result of this, she learned the full scope of the leadership's latest scheme, and rebelled to stop it. However, the Star Army of Yamatai and the Gartagen Union became involved, her rebellion against the leadership failed, and in YE 39, the Lorath Matriarchy departed this dimension with the bulk of the Lorath people. It was then that she was taken into captivity by the Gartagen Union before being released.


Honed since birth, Fate is a superb soldier and warrior. However, her abilities don't end there.


If there’s one thing Fate knows, it’s how to fight. Her skills with melee weapons, favoring heavily with swords, axes and lances, are nearly unparalleled and only matched by her hand to hand skills. She has learned and mastered nearly all forms of combat. Her hand to hand styles mainly revolve around a defensive stance where she baits her opponent to attack before exploiting their vulnerabilities with various holds and grapples to crush and choke her opponents. As of current, the only person who is even a match for Fate’s prowess and power, is her own student, Destiny. With more modern weapons, Fate is a quick and fast dead-shot, with the augmentations she has been given only enhancing her speed and precision.


As the former High General and Commander-in-Chief of the Fyuunen Clan, a rank of great esteem and power within the Warrior house, she once commanded the entire Fyuunen-centric army of the Lorath Matriarchy. As a result of this, her ability to lead and inspire is only matched by a very select few. Despite her cold attitude and her apparent lack of emotion, she exudes an aura of authority which has her soldiers following her without fail or question.


Physical fitness is something Fate once had an unhealthy obsession with. She has been known to, and has been seen, doing between four and six hours worth of exercise and weight training before she even eats her first meal of the day. She puts great emphasis on physical fitness and has even requested the queen pass a mandatory daily exercise decree. Due to more pressing concerns in recent times however, her current activities are more tame, but remain something to be in awe of.

Survival and Military

Survival skills are mandatory for anyone serious enough to live as a soldier. Knowing one’s terrain and the flora and fauna therein are absolutely necessary for formulating tactics, traps, food, first aid, and shelter. Fate makes routine survival trips into the wilderness of the worlds she is in charge of to keep her skills up to par, and closely reviews findings from the field whenever this is not possible due to hostilities.


In her youth, Fate had to make extensive use of her tactical know-how to come out victorious in the numerous fights she has been in. However, as she moved up the ranks, her focus has become more on the broader view of things in the battlefield; strategy. She can read the ebb and flow of a battlefield and know how to affect it with her own actions as a result.


Fate is capable of using all Lorath communication technology as well as knowing extensive call signs and coded languages. In addition, she has, in her spare time, familiarized herself with both Star Army and Star Military technologies.


Fate, despite her fearsome appearance, is fairly skilled in domestics. She can cook quite well, sew, clean, and perform various other mundane household skills. When not pursuing her duties, she finds chores somewhat relaxing.

OOC Notes

  • Due to Fate's player, Chris Young having been banned, she has been removed from active status and restricted to NPC status.
  • 4/14, control of the character had been given to cadetnewb by DocTomoe, but cadetnewb was banned.
Ages at half the rate of humans
ultra dense musculature and reinforced bones

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