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Fian Vel Steyr

Fian Vel Steyr
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 28 Years
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 180 CM
Weight: 75 KG
Organization Star Army of Nepleslia
Rank Master Chief
Occupation Marine
Current Placement Power Armor Pilot,

Fian Vel Steyr in Roleplay

A Characters, he is controlled by Fian.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 180 Centimeters
  • Weight: 75 Kilograms
  • Build and Skin color: Average Built, fit, Flesh Coloured.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Light brown coloured eyes. Three moles on the right cheek.
  • Hair color and Style: Black above nose bridge length messy hair.
  • Distinguishing Features: Cybernetic ears.


  • Gile Vel Steyr (Nepleslian Father Dead)
  • Marie Vel Steyr (Geshrin Mother Unknown)

Psychological Characteristics


Fian is an honest, fair and helpful person who also deeply cares about people directly under his responsibility. He considers this a calling, and thinks the only way to defend the things he love is to be absolutely sure he has the ability murder the next thing that thinks otherwise. The fact that he (at least once) thought he had that ability is a source of pride and self-esteem. All this is tempered by a strict set of personal principles.

  • Likes: Power Armors, running a squad, looking for things to eat, reading, privacy, history, fancy dress
  • Dislikes: Hypocrisy, people overstepping their bounds, ignorance, people repeating the same point over and over again, complex mathematics
  • Goals: Being the meanest person in a Power Armor, enacting revenge on those behind the senate attack, finding some other higher purpose.


Fian was born on YE03 as a second son and child to a middle class merchantman and his housewife in the suburbs of Funky City, Nepleslia. Because the bulk of the family honor responsibilities rested on his elder brother Melchior Vel Steyr, Fian grew up as a dilettante partaking in both academia and the streets, resulting in a character quick in both mind and body. Despite and perhaps because of his experiences in the social strata disparity of Nepleslia, Fian maintained a developed a paradoxical cautious optimism that would become, in the general opinion, his defining trait.

As a bedrock to his physical and mental wanderings, Fian believed heavily in nuclear relationships, the first of which was his family and later what was left of it. The Vel Steyr siblings were close, even when the latter half of them were bastard children, and even when the legal parents separated taking with them none of the kids. Melchior and Fian took steps to ensure the living standards of the later Vel Steyr children, Karl and Elsa Vel Steyr, were maintained at least till they reached a self-sustainable age of majority, Melchior by taking on additional responsibilities at work that later cumulated in his appointment as CEO of the Neplslian Arms and Munitions company, and Fian by joining the then named Star Army of Nepleslia. Both decisions were however also heavily influenced by the inherent idealism of both siblings.

Like Melchior, Fian was met with (at least initial) successes in his chosen career. Fian served with distinction through the Nepleslian Civil War, various minor diplomatic scrapes and the Mishhu Invasion. Fian achieved the rank of Master Chief very early on in his enlistment due to his personal initiative and masterful command of small unit tactics. This was much aided by his personal rapport and care with each and every individual member of the squads under his command, treating them as contemporaries than people he simply outranked. This ensured a fighting espirit de corps in his squads, and knowing exactly their quirks and skills Fian positioned them to maximum effect. It was during this time encountered other colourful characters like Rico Sanroma, Kokuten Chiaki, Henry Morris, Ran Rui, Phaedra and Talbain. Fian also had the distinction of serving on the then premier flagship of the SAoY, the NSS Alliance.

It was also due to these reasons Fian ran into the glass ceiling. He was unable to reconcile with the strictly statistical and impersonal nature of Officership and was dropped from Officer School, twice. His overriding concern for the men and for the cause although resulted in spectacular mission results, were often against orders from up above and thus earned the enduring enmity of his superiors. In YE30 he accepted a posting on the NSS Acadia as a Power Armor Wing Commander and served with distinction, most notably participating in the Defense of Station Golding and the Evacuation of Rok'Veru. However during the 2nd Battle of Nepleslia in YE31 he was unable to prevent the attack on the Nepleslian Senate despite his best efforts, which resulted in the death of his elder brother Melchoir Vel Steyr. Deeply affected, he relinquished his command and was granted an honorable discharge. He severed contact with his remaining siblings out of guilt. Fian drifted for a few years before joining up with the IPG for a period of time to ease himself back into action. He re-enlisted in the SMoDIN in YE36 at his old rank.

YE37 was a period of peace in the Galaxy. While en route to a seemingly unexciting posting to a border planet called Francia, Fian was confronted by the Nepleslian Child Protection Services and a little girl. In the six years that he never spoke to whats left of his family, his last remaining brother Karl Vel Steyr had gone missing while on a trade convoy and the guardianship of his minor half-sister Elsa Vel Steyr now fell to him. It was an awkward reunion.


Fighting: Thanks to his trial by fire back at home and further training thereafter at home and at military school, Fian is skilled armed and unarmed fighting, with or without a power armor and specializing in CQC and Power Armor use..

Survival and Military: Although he had an easier time surviving on Neplesilia then other people, army training had brough Fian up to mark through vigorous and hard training.

Maintenance and Repair: Every machine operator is required to atleast be capable of servicing his own machine should there be no specialized personel, due to this Fian has learnt both from technical school and military school how to maintain and perform rudimentary repairs on his Power Armor and some other machines.

Demolitions: Army training requires combat personel to be familiar with identifying, handling and disposing combustionable material and explosives. He has not exercised this skillset in a while.

Communications: Not illiterate in any way, Fian is capable of reading and writing in English. His training also brings him up to the handling of communication devices and signalling, and also the use of shortform, army codes and acronyms. He has a preference for hand signalling.

Leadership: Although he didn't have much experience of this during his civilian years, Army training introduced to him the magic of squad level tactics and army manoeuvres that he took to heart. On a personal level however, Fian always looks out for probable ambush points and enviromental advantages. Later in his life he was found to be talented in strategy, more specifically in small squad tactics, flanking and ambushes.

Art and Vocations: Fian was made to play the Violin when he was young, he hasn't since.


Inner Ear Replacement: Fian's ruptured inner ears was replaced with a pair of high quality off the shelf replacements. They occupy the entire ear canal and provides the Vel Steyr with an improved sense of balance and normal hearing.

Outer Ear Replacement: The doctors loped off his outer ears in preparation for the installation of his inner ear cybernetics. The outer ear replacements are pair of circular convex discs which covers the ear canal and stumps. The discs attaches to the inner ear cybernetics and its panels can be switched with other colours to the user's whim. The replacement provides Fian with automatic dampening of loud noises, environmental noise filters, long range directional hearing and also functions as a traditional headset. Sliding a panel reveals buttons and ports to interface with the device.


Standard Issue Objects

  • 2 Pullover shirt, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate
  • 4 underwear, white
  • 2 Khaki cargo pants
  • 1 Beret, green, with flash patch
  • 1 pair gloves, leather, black
  • 1 pair boots, black (or khaki)
  • 6 pair boot Socks, white
  • 1 Belt, dark green (pants)
  • 1 Pistol belt, black, with holster
  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 Pistol, semi-automatic, .45 caliber, with 2 extra magazines

Personal Effects

  • 1 Plastic bag with different colored panels, warranty card and instruction manual for his cybernetics. Within this bag is another plastic bag containing his loped off ears.
  • 1 ESG, Plastic.

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