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Flannery O'Doyle

Flannery O'Doyle is a player character played by SirSPT.

Flannery O'Doyle
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Date of Birth: YE 4
Organization: National Police Force of Nepleslia
Occupation: DTR Assaultman
Rank: FO-3
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Build and Skin Color: O'Doyle stands at about 6'5โ€œ with a barely tanned, almost Amazonian body shape. Not exactly bristling with muscle, O'Doyle still has some noticeable muscles and broad shoulders but a feminine touch in her appearance with pronounces hips and a decent sized C-cup bust.

Eyes and Facial Features: O'Doyle's eyes are emerald green in color. She has a v-shape and slithery defined jawline with a petite nose.

Hair Color and Style: Her dark red hair is kept in a relatively short but voluminous pixie cut to not interfere with wearing any helmets or balaclavas.

Distinguishing Features: There are several extremely faded out tattoos on the upper parts of her arms and back.


O'Doyle is usually a warm and outgoing individual, always willing and dedicated to do her part for the force. She seems to be quite motherly to some of the other younger officers and especially protective of any of the other officers she's partnered with.

When deployed on a mission, all the pleasantries are dropped and she becomes a being of pure focus and determination. She'll rarely every utter a word beyond a word or two unless.

She seems hesitant to talk about her past before the NMX attack of YE 32, especially anything gang related. At most, she'll talk about about one of her failed marriages that have surprisingly not stunted her from romance. Except while on duty, of course.

  • Likes: Guns, gun-action movies, soul-jazz, Piรฑa Coladas
  • Dislikes: Yoga, gangs, Rom-Com movies, Yamataian Exceptionalism
  • Goals: The eventual eradication of crime throughout Funky City.


Flannery O'Doyle was born in YE 4 to a poor, struggling single mother in the slums of Funky City. Almost every day was met with violence and strife for the young girl. By YE 7, she had learned to walk and was already handling semi-auto rifles to fend off thieves. By YE 10, her mother was slain in the crossfire of a gang war and Flannery was moved to an orphanage for safe keeping. There she learned how to read and write, but she always felt on edge with the sounds of gunfire off in the distance.

In YE 18, she ran away from the orphanage and decided to live out on the streets on her own. Scrounging and living in abandoned buildings proved to be a meager existence and eventually lead her to join a small-time gang of thugs running with Black Syndicate within a couple years. She was, of course, brought into a life of violence again but the drugs they stole and the sense of belonging helped calm her down in between scores.

However, in YE 24, The Black Syndicate decided that her group had outlived their usefulness and set up the group on a suicide mission against the Nepleslian Reds. They were doomed to fail from the start and group was either killed or scattered and Flannery was left alone to wander about the outskirts of Funky City, addled by addiction to whatever high she could get.

Eventually, she was taken in by the Kathryn and Solomon Conroy and nursed back to health. With the help of the Conroy family, she overcame her addiction and found modest employment in retail. The feeling constantly being on edge seemed to die down. For once in her life, she felt calm and normal.

Then the NMX attack on the Planet Nepleslia in YE 32 occurred. Flannery's old instincts kicked in and she fended off several NMX attackers from the Conroys' home. She felt glad about being able to protect successfully someone for once and after the invasion, she signed up to join the National Police Force of Nepleslia to put her skills to better use at the 76th Precinct in Funky City.

After serving with eight years of relative distinction with the NPF in Funky City, Flannery was promoted to join one of the new Designated Tactical Response Teams that was being formed within the NPF in the city of Roger Wilco City.

Social Connections

Flannery O'Doyle is connected to:

  • Kathryn Conroy - Former roommate, almost foster parent.
  • Solomon Conroy - Former roommate, almost foster parent.
  • Jackson Tuvesh - Acquaintance

Skills Learned


Flannery knows how to read and write in Trade (language) and knows how to speak in Yamataigo (้‚ช้ฆฌๅฐ่ชž) albeit reluctantly.


Flannery is extremely familiar with firearms and has spent a great deal of her life using them for various reasons. Being the assaultman/breacher, she's been specially trained in using shotguns and SMGs. As for hand to hand combat, she knows the basics from NPF training but combines some of the brutality of fighting she learned from working with the Blacks.


Having to maintain a peak condition at almost all times as part of her DTR duties, Flannery stays in shape through a strict workout regimen every day. While not on par with an ID-SOL, she is quite strong, being able to kick-in and sometimes even rip off metal doors from hinges during breaching practice.


Despite her size, Flannery knows how to be quiet and step lightly during missions. She also seems quite skilled lockpicking most locks.


Due to her time with the Blacks along with some academy training, Flannery is quite the skilled driver, almost on par with an amateur street racer.


Flannery knows some basics and disarming simple explosives from DTR training, but she also has some experience with arming explosives and making explosives form her time in a gang.


Beyond basic first aid she was taught in the academy, Flannery knows a surprising bit about hallucinogens and narcotics.


Flannery has an almost extensive knowledge of the layout of Funky City from having lived and been around the city along with some knowledge of the other cities on Planet Nepleslia. She has a deep knowledge of some of the gangs around the planet, but she rarely shares that information.

Inventory & Finance

Flannery O'Doyle has the following items:

  • Black Trousers made from a fire retardant Nylon/Cotton polymer material.
  • Dark Grey short sleeve (Long sleeve variants available depending on climate and season) button up creased shirt made from the same material.
  • Black Leather gunbelt.
  • Black, Shined shin-high leather boots.
  • Dark Grey wool trenchcoat (Winter)
  • Black Patrol cap with the NPF badge emblazoned on the front and the officers name and rank on the back (Reccomended only in precinct house, Helmate advised while on patrol.)
  • Earbud radios
  • Plasticuffs
  • 6000 DA

OOC Notes

In the case SirSPT becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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