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Lyrotih Fub'Uk'Zaado River New'Turlista

Lyrotih Fub'Uk'Zaado River New'Turlista
Species: Lorath
Gender: Female
Age: 58 (appears 29)
Family (or Creators): Father: Tri'Trant Vendetta Occhesta Mother: Stah'Trist Trust Occhesta Brother: Staly'Ythen Meadow New'Turlista.
Zodiac Sign: None
Height: 5'6โ€œ
Weight: 140 lbs
Organization: Lorath Matriarchy / United Outer Colonies
Occupation: Assembly Member

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6โ€ Mass: 140 lbs Bra Size: 24c Measurements: 32,27,33

Build and Skin Colour: A somewhat petite build with a creamy white complexion.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: A pair of the most startling blue eyes one can remember, framed in a rather calculating face and gaze.

Hair Colour and Style: Short cropped white hair, set to about the ears.

Distinguishing Features: Short of the eyes and her wings, there is little to distinguish her.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: A rather calculating woman, her emotions are as fickle as the natural body she is named after. At times serene and calm, a island of relative stability, she can at the same time be just as unexpected and brutal as a flooded river. The one soft spot about her is her brother. At times she becomes somber and saddened at the mention of her brother, and at other times, protective to the point of violence.



River was born to a rather normal family within the Occhestan household. Taught the tenants of Lorath society, taught how to use her abilities and how to serve her culture to advance it, River was a model child. Loving her parents deeply and always honoring their words of wisdom, she made sure to help her younger brother whenever the need arouse. Since the Yamataian contact though, she began to feel a rift grow between herself and her parents. Her brother, ever the dedicated one to her, followed along in her ideas. She never truly rejected nor hated the Yamataians. When the split came, the Occhestans leaving the Lorath, the rift that had been growing unseen until then suddenly tore open.

Having been receiving training to become a senator or ambassador, it was expected that she would follow her parents with the Occhestans. She wished to stay with the Matriarchy. This brought fight after fight, her brother siding with her while both her parents siding with the house. The Culmination of these fights finally broke in a open conflict between the parents and children. Using their bloodline abilities the parents, both Vendetta and Trust attacked their children mentally. Still younger and untrained as well as his parents and older sister, Meadow was left physically crippled. Before the killing blow could be dealt, River fought off both of her parents and made sure to secure both her, and her brother's mind. Since then, she hasn't heard whisper nor word of her parents.

With Aegis, the previous senator having stepped down and taken a early retirement from the political world, River has been called upon to become the Matriarchy's voice within the UOC goverment.

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