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Gran Keats

Gran Keats
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 23 years
Zodiac sign: Pices
Height: 6' even (183 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs. (82 kg)
Organization: Star Army of Nepleslia
Rank: Soldier 3rd Class
Occupation: Technical Sentry
Current Placement: Star Base Ayenee

Gran Keats is a gear-head who tries to keep his mouth shut.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6' Even
  • Mass: 180 lbs.
  • Build and Skin color: Semi-muscular build with rather tan skin.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Brown, shaved face.
  • Hair color and Style: Brown hair, naturally curly, normally kept short-ish but he's been letting it grow lately.
  • Distinguishing Features: Great smile.


  • John Keats (Father)
  • Elizabeth Keats (Mother, Geshrin)
  • Kurt (Brother)
  • Cody(Brother)
  • Shawn(Brother)
  • Bryan(Brother)

Psychological Characteristics

  • Personality:

Gran loves to be around people, even though he doesn't like the attention to be focused on him. Gran tries to stay quiet as much as possible. Gran knows he has nothing to hide but he has grown into the habit of keeping to himself, having lived with so many brothers for so long.

Gran enjoys listening to other people's stories, as long as those people aren't in the business of self-gratification. He has a hard time keeping his mouth shut when someone is continuously going on and on about how great they are, especially when the story is exaggerated, or if it is at other people's expense, even more so when it is people Gran knows.

Gran tries to stay as casual as possible, preferring to dress in cargo pants and loose shirts. He also tries to keep himself basically presentable, hair trimmed, nails clipped, face shaven, but sometimes lets his hair grow long and bushy.

Gran certainly feels an attachment to the machines that he works on. He takes splendid care of whatever is placed under his supervision. He also guards his possessions quite strongly, afraid anyone but himself might break something. He loves tasks other would consider mundane, he has no problem sitting in one place for hours working on problems that others have long given up on.

Gran has always loved his parents unconditionally and gives them credit for all of his achievements throughout life. He often thinks about them and does everything he can to impress them, even though he knows they could never be disappointed in him.

  • Likes: Humility, humor, and BBQ
  • Dislikes: Know-it-alls, sleeping in, people disobeying authority
  • Goals: Gran wants to become well know by people far and wide and to be remembered even after his death.



Gran was the second son of a Middle class family on Nepleslia, he was followed by three other brothers at about three year intervals. His father worked at an odd-jobs repair company and his mother spent all her time making sure the house stayed together. Gran's early life was spent mostly on school. He put a lot of effort into his early schooling, trying to make his parents proud. Gran tried to stay out of the crime business as much as possible, due to his mother's request.

In his spare time, he would often try to help, or at least watch, his father when he was repairing or tuning machines of all kind, from vehicles to implants. He would constantly pressure his father to teach him how to fix things. For Gran's 12th birthday, his father gave his an old, broken motorbike, so the he could learn to fix it. Gran learned a lot from his father and has retained all the information he learned very well.

Gran ended up spending a lot of time just traveling around town on his bike, when he fixed it of course. He would often run across the military types, they always seemed so respectable and magnificent to him. He tried talking to them about their exploits into battle, but they were often very busy and didn't have time to share. Gran began to feel unimportant, like he wasn't contributing anything to society. He decided to join the army, hoping that he would be able to do something important, or at least entertaining.

VR Simulations

Gran played as part of the defense team during the first round. Their objective was defending a cave network replicated from the recently aquired Planet X. Gran, along with Kokuten and Fian and the gaggle of other marines, did their best to defend the caves. Gran scored several kills along with his fellow teamates. However, as the timer counted down to the last seconds, the objective was lost in a huge fury of explosions.

The second round went very differently. Gran, Fian, and Kokuten were now set to defend a virtual NSS Alliance against the other team. Gran moved himself and some marines down to the engine room to protect the delicate insides, leaving the bridge to his other teamates. Gran pulled a rather stellar move when he used the ships zero-point enginges to swing the ship like a bat, smashing a dozen ro so armors of a squad that had climbed over the outside of the ship and were breaching into the engine room. The round was won by a comfortable margin, at least that's how it felt to Gran.

Elysian Diplomacy

Gran was assigned, alongside Rico, to escort their resident diplomat, Soreta, on the surface of Elysia. There were some tense moments at the beginning, however, and things were smoothed over and negotiations were carried out.

Return to Planet X

Gran continued his combat duty as the NSS Alliance returned to Planet X to retreive supplys. They were ambushed by Reds and a small skirmish followed. The Reds escaped by burrowing into the ground and sealing the tunnel behind them. Gran also escaped the battle with minimal damage.

The Freespacers

The NSS Alliance came across a mysterious transmission and went to investigate. This led to the discovery of a race of people who lived in a highly radioactive environment and called themselves the 'Freespacers'. Gran, along with many other soldiers, were allowed to tour their ship inside their PA's. After many questions, the soldiers returned to the Alliance with a few Freespacers, returning the favor of the tour. A Freespacer by the name of 'Moral' made some interesting advances on Gran and got him alone. She then stabbed him and threatened to kill him if he didn't get her a PA of her own. Adrian happened by the two and pulled Gran away. Gran received medical attention and Moral was sent back to her ship. Relations between the races were patched up and both proceeded with their normal lives.


  • Fighting: Gran studied Aikido while he was young, and followed it for a reasonable time, learning much about using an opponent's momentum and movement against them. Gran also gained flexibility from this martial art. Gran also learned much about projectile weapons from his early military training. Gran has trained to handle most standard issue weapons. He prefers long range weapons where applicable.
  • Physical: Gran's military training has kept his body reasonably toned. His aikido keeps his body limber.
  • Survival: Gran's military training has taught him how to survive for reasonable amounts of time in wilderness conditions. He knows which plants are safe to eat and can construct a fire from gathered materials. He has had little skill and hunting and doesn't mind eating gathered foliage.
  • Communication: Gran has been trained how to receive, respond to and send messages on his armor suit's comm. He has also studied basic cryptography along with encryption.
  • Armor Pilot: Gran has been militarily trained in piloting armor suits. He has learned squad importance and maneuvers along with space drop procedures. He has also trained in basic weapons use and battlefield tactics.
  • Engineering: Gran has learned the concepts that drive most basic machines. He loves to tinker with things, always trying to squeeze that last ounce of power out an engine, or amplify a radio's signal, even if only for a few feet. Gran has spent much time studying his power armor, learning how to tweak many functions from basic movement limitations to more advanced functions, such as IFF recognition speeds. He considers himself to be quite adept in almost everything mechanical, but he would never brag about it.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Gran's early childhood has provided him with a good background for most repairs to common components (basic electronics, motors) and more specific components (vehicle drive trains, computer circuits). His experience is mostly limited to domestic applications, mostly vehicles, and some power armor. He is constantly tying to improve his range of skill, trying to broaden his knowledge to cover every problem that could possibly come up.



Gran has moddified his assigned AIR2 armor in multiple ways:

He has replaced the standard joint servos with cilivilian equipment: these are slightly more fragile, but it gives him more flexibility when fine-tuning for fast reactions.

Gran has replaced the UCF-3 generator with the UFC-3u generator, standard for the power hungry FIRE armor. He also had to attach the much larger coolant system and cover it with plating, his armor now looking like it has a large hunchback, or backpack.

Gran intends to attach a PFC, a plasma chaingun, to the armor, giving the armor some much needed mid range weaponry and firepower. However, he hasn't had the time for this modification.


  • Yamataian Jeep: Wheeled vehicle which is currently boxed in parts.
  • Gp-1 x 2: An old rifle. A few boxes of ammo and cases for both.
  • Money:
    • Starting:
      • 3000 DS
    • Expenses:
      • Armor parts: 784 DS
      • Gp-1: 30×2 : 60 DS
      • Jeep: 300 DS
    • Current:
      • 1856 DS

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