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Henry 'Hal' Vanlith

Henry 'Hal' Vanlith is a player character played by Oddball.

Henry 'Hal' Vanlith
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: YE21
Organization: Self Employed
Occupation: Smuggler/Trader
Rank: 'Captain'
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Henry is 6 foot tall, and is relatively well built. He has short dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and is usually clean shaven. He is white. He has a small, 3cm long scar on his lower right cheek. His face is angular, with a prominent jawline. He usually smells of metal and oil, from working and living within his ship most of the time.


Henry is a charismatic and outgoing individual. This presents as a warm and kind atmosphere to those he considers friends, and an arrogant and overbearing individual to those he dislikes. He is quick to humour in the most dire circumstances.

He is a hard working and resolute individual, determined to live his life how he sees it, independent of the empires and nations of space, seeking to buck authority for better or for worse. He enjoys the company of anyone who has a similar outlook, and anyone who accepts his morals and values of freedom, integrity and honesty. He is close with most of his crew, and generally enjoys their company and working/living alongside them.

He is motivated almost solely by a desire to make money, keep moving and live his life of freedom.


Henry 'Hal' Vanlith was born in YE21.

Born on Nepleslia, Henry was orphaned at a young age. His mother and father remain a mystery to him. That is not to say, however, that he had no childhood at all. Far from it in fact. His childhood was that of an orphanage in the sprawling metropolis of Roger Wilco. From an early age he chose to disobey authority, as the other orphans singled him out and routinely bullied him, verbally and physically. The authorities did nothing, and this shaped Henry early on.

Later, when it came time to leave and escape this hellhole, Henry had few options. He chose what he considered the best of a bad batch, joining the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps. Though he had a clear problem with authority, the chance to escape and travel pulled him to the Corps. He spent the next few years in the Corps, developing his skills and seeing some minor combat throughout the sector. However, eventually the strict order and regimenting of his life reached a boiling point, and he chose to sign off.

Alone, with no direction and no goal, Henry took up a career that, in hindsight, seems like the obvious choice. A smuggler and trader, flying about the galaxy selling this thing to those people, scavenging, trading and taking whichever job paid best.

Social Connections

Henry 'Hal' Vanlith is connected to:

Skills Learned


Routine military communications, as well as having learnt Freefolk language as part of his military service.

Small arms

A proficiency with all basic small arms used in the marine corps, particularly the High Hybrid Gun and the Styrling Shot 12 shotgun.

High level of physical fitness

He continues to utilise his training to maintain a relatively high level of physical fitness.

Fighting skills.

Base level fighting skills taught to every marine, both hand to hand and in firefights.

Minor survival skills

Base level survival skills taught to every marine.


A relatively experienced flyer, owing to his years as a smuggler and trader.

Medical skills

Base level medical skills.

Inventory & Finance

Henry 'Hal' Vanlith has the following items:

Courier 1A, equipped with basic supplies e.g. medical, engineering, and a crew of 4. A variety of civilian small arms.

OOC Notes

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In the case Oddball becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
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